Adultery after 4 months of marriage

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Posted by Mike on August 27, 1998 at 19:25:49:

I am Christi's husband Mike and I must say that I'm very moved by the wonderful responses you've given to my wife. There is nothing I can say to anyone who reads this to excuse the fact that I am an adulterer. However, I do know what the Lord expects of me and where my life needs to go. I have given Him my life and have no expectations. Where He leads I have pledged to follow, be faithful, and do the work He lays in front of me. I always thought I was smart enough and capable enough to live my life and be a "good" person. I know I'm not a good person and only through the grace of Jesus will I ever be sanctified.

I love my wife and only hope that whatever her decision is, it will involve getting to know the man I am today and forever will be. I cannot say anything to make the pain go away, I can only offer myself to her honestly and let her see who I am now. No one is to blame but me; nothing from childhood has made me commit adultery. I have simply recognized that without the salvation of Jesus my life would be ruined. I have opened up everything in my life to Christi and will hide nothing from her. My only hope is that in time she will come to believe in me again.

Christi, I love you. In front of the entire world I admit my adultery against the sanctity of our marriage. Please find strength in the Lord and calmness in your heart so that you may see into the trueness of mine. I could never betray your trust for I would betray God. Please forgive me, I am sorry.


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