Bertie Co., NC and Caldwell/Christian/Trigg Co. KY

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Generation 9:
ROBERT RHODES of Bertie Co., NC, very likely was the father of Ephraim Rhodes. Robert may have been a member of Bertie Co.'s Sandy Run Baptist church in 1776. [SEE ROBERT RHODES PAGE] Robert's Feb 1808 will in Bertie Co. mentions the following children:
--Abraham Rhodes
--Isaac Rhodes
--Jacob Rhodes
--Ephraim Rhodes --m: Nancy Cole
--Elizabeth (Rhodes) Glison
--Henry Rhodes
--Elisha Rhodes
--Robert Rhodes
--Wm. Rhodes.

Generation 8:
EPHRAIM RHODES of Bertie Co., NC and his wife NANCY COLE very likely were the parents of Robert Wiley Rhodes. Ephraim brought his family from NC to western KY by 1810/1812. He lived in the Ferguson Springs area of what became Trigg Co. in 1820 [source: "A History of Trigg County"].


The 1810 Caldwell Co., Tax List shows:
ELISHA RHODES, 100 acres of land [Flinsfork--WILLIAM RHOADES holds 200 acres there]
The 1820 Caldwell Co, KY census in KY shows the following families:
WILEY RHOADS [Likely Robert Wiley Rhodes b: 1794]
The 1820 census for Trigg and Christian counties KY show no Rhodes.


Apparently Ephraim Rhodes died abt 1813. After his death, Nancy married William Husk on 21 Apr 1814 in Christian Co., KY. At a Christian Co., KY Court session on 1 Jan 1816, William Husk was appointed guardian for Robert Wiley Rhodes. In 1823 there were court actions in Trigg Co., KY to provide guardianship for Nancy and Jane Rhodes, minor children of Ephraim Rhodes, then deceased. Information on Ephraim's wife and children appears in "Rhodes-Barnett and Mitchusson-Ingram" by Norma Jean Ladd [Simmons Historical Publications, Melber, KY 42069, 1998, p. 2], who in turn credits Micki Weaver for it. Their children are said to be:

--Robert Wiley Rhodes [b: Bertie Co., NC] [see generation below]
--Littlebury "Berry" Rhodes [b: abt 1794, Bertie Co., NC; d: 18 Jan 1853]
--Elizabeth Rhodes [b: Bertie Co., NC] --m: Daniel Savells
--Mary Rhodes [b: Bertie Co., NC] --m: (1) Thomas Doles [SEE THOMAS DOLES PAGE]
--Nancy Rhodes [b: abt 1810, Bertie Co., NC] --m: William Hogan
--Jane Rhodes --m: Augustine W. Holland

Generation 7:
ROBERT WILEY RHODES [b: abt 1794, Bertie Co., NC; d: abt 1853, Trigg Co., KY] in about 1812, settled in that part of western Kentucky [Caldwell Co./Christian Co.] which became Trigg Co. in 1820. On 2 January 1817 he married LOUISA THOMAS [b: abt 1802, Bertie Co., NC; d: by 1853] in Hopkinsville, Christian Co., KY. Robert was often known as "Wiley." His will was proven in the Trigg Co., KY court on 31 Mar 1853. Louisa's parents were ZADOCK THOMAS and DICEA BAZEMORE, also of Trigg Co., who were married in Bertie Co., NC on 12 Jan 1793. Zadock's parents are unknown, thus far. Dicea's parents were JESSE and FRANCES BAZEMORE of Bertie Co., NC. [SEE DOLES and BAZEMORE PAGES]

Generation 6:
Robert and Louisa's children were:

--ROBERT RHODES [b: abt 1818]--m: Nicy Jane Higgins in 8 October 1840 in Cadiz, Trigg Co., KY.

--EPHRAIM RHODES [b: abt 1821]--m: Virginia J. Mitchell 2 March 1844 in Trigg Co., KY.

--THOMAS RHODES [b: abt 1822]--m: (1) Elizabeth J. Doles on 21 May 1845 and (2) Elizabeth Bryant in Trigg Co. on 19 Sept 1853. [My descent is traced through Thomas and his first wife, Elizabeth J. Doles]

--DICEA RHODES [b: abt 1830]--m: (1) William Henry Ingram on 16 April 1852 in Cadiz, Trigg Co., KY and (2) F. J. Hughes on 22 June 1868.

--WILEY ROBERT RHODES [b: abt 1835]--m: Clarinda M. Cook on 20 August 1853 in Trigg Co., KY. Clarinda was the daughter of William W. Cook and Nancy Doles. [SEE DOLES PAGE]

--CHARITY RHODES [b: abt 1839]--m: (1) William H. McQuade on 2 July 1853 in Dover, Stewart Co., TN and (2) Thomas D. Lofton on 27 November 1865 in Trigg Co., KY. Thomas was born abt 1840 in Franklin Co., MS/MO. The children of Charity and William were:
--S.H. McQuaid [b: abt 1854]
--H. McQuaid [b: abt 1855]
--Mary Ann McQuaid [b: abt 1857]
--Lutitia McQuaid [b: abt 1860]
--Nancy L. M. McQuaid [b: abt 1862]
The children of Charity and Thomas were:
--Jamila Lofton [b: Jan 1867, KY; buried in Higgins Cemetery, Land Between the Lakes, Trigg Co., KY]--m: Henry Andrew Jackson Higgins [b: Sept 1863; d: 1923 and buried in Newby Cemetery, Land Between the Lakes], son of James Higgins and Willie Fulks.
--Lou Lofton [b: Jan 1867, KY]
--Benjamin F. Lofton [b: abt 1870]
--John Lofton [b: abt 1874]
--Robert Thomas Lofton [b: 15 March 1877; d: 30 Dec 1934]--m: OCIE O'BRYAN [b: Feb, 1882; d: 8 Dec 1869, Marshall Co., KY] on 22 August 1900 in Trigg Co., KY. Both Robert and Ocie are buried at Isaac Gray Cemetery, Land Between the Lakes, Lyon Co., KY. [SEE O'BRYAN WEB PAGE]

--ELIZA ELLIOTT RHODES [b: abt 1845] may have died young.

Frances Cole had a will in Trigg Co.., KY, dated 23 Nov 1821, which named the following people and their relationships to her:
--Executor: friend ABSOLAM SAVELLS

Here are the surmised identities of those named in the will:

--NANCY HUSK was originally Nancy COLES, who married Ephraim RHODES, then she married William Husk on 21 Apr 1814 in Christian Co., KY.
--GRACY HOLLAND likely was originally Gracy RHODES . Her husband and daughter may be, respectively, the D. C. HOLLAND and ELIZABETH HOLLAND mentioned in France's will.

--ELIZABETH SAVELLS was originally Elizabeth RHODES. She married Daniel Sivels on 17 Feb 1814 in Christian Co., KY., who likely is the Daniel Savills who served as a Testator for Frances' will.
--ELIZABETH HOLLAND was likely a daughter of Gracy?
--MARY DOLES was likely originally Mary RHODES, daughter of Ephraim. She married Thomas Doles, who likely is the Thomas Doles who appears as a Testator for Frances' will. Thomas died by Oct 1823 leaving minor children, according to Trigg Co. court records. By July 1824 Mary had married again, to Daniel Davis.
--NANCY RHODES was a daugher of Ephraim Rhodes. She married William Hogan in 1823.
--JANE RHODES was a daughter of Ephraim Rhodes. She later married Augustine W. Holland in 1824.

regarding the disposition of Frances' will:

Monday, 16 June 1823--p.113: William Husk, Absalom Savells, Moses McWaters, John Warton appointed Comrs. on motion of William Hogan to allot & set apart to Jane Rhoades & other heirs of Ephraim Rhoades, deceased, their equal part of real & personal estate of said Ephraim Rhoads.

Page 114--and also to divine & set apart their equal shares of the land willed to said Nancy wife of said Hogan & said Jane by their aunt, Frances Cole, deceased. Court adjourned. William Scott. J.P. [Unless I am missing something "to said Nancy" is not referred back to earlier in the court record of that day.]

Page 118--Monday, 15 September 1823: Comrs. appointed to set apart to the heirs of Ephraim Rhoades their parts of said decedent's estate & also to the lands willed by Frances Cole, decd, to Nancy & Jane Rhoades, this day made their report, same examined and approved, etc. On motion of William Hogan who intermarried with Nancy Rhoades one of the heirs of Ephraim Rhoades it is ordered....

Page 130--Monday 16th day of February 1824: ZADOCK THOMAS granted license to keep a tavern.

Page 132--On motion of Augustine W. Holland who intermarried with Jane Rhodes one of the heirs of Ephraim Rhoades, it is ordered...


A MALE Frances Coles appears in the 1820 Trigg Co. census beside the household of Zadock Thomas. Who is this Frances? It seems there may be a mistake in the gender listed here. This Frances is listed as a household of 1 white male 45+, no white females, and with the mark "1" in a far right column, the category of which I cannot decipher:

Louisa Thomas was the daughter of Zadock Thomas and his wife Dicea Bazemore. Louisa married Robert Wiley Rhodes, son of Ephraim Rhodes.

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these RHODES families:

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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