Wilson & Henry Co., TN and Trigg & Lyon Co., KY

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Thanks to all those in Grand Rivers, Kentucky who made my brother Craig and me feel so welcome during our visits there years back for the O'Bryan Family Reunion. The Land Between the Lakes area certainly is beautiful. It reminds me a great deal of some places in New England. While there, we visited graveyards and courthouses and were able to gather more information on this line, which I've added to this page..........Doug Showalter

Generation 7:
JOHN O'BRYAN may have been born in NC; his wife MARY - - - - apparently was born in NC too. One wonders if her last name was HURLEY, because a John Hurley and Elizabeth Hurley were very close to this O'Bryan family in legal matters. John O'Bryan appears to have bought land in Wilson Co., TN by about 1816. John died in 1825 and his estate was settled in Wilson Co., TN. His will mentions their son, John W. O'Bryan [who also married a Mary].

Generation 6:
JOHN W. O'BRYAN was born abt 1815 in NC; his wife MARY [Magdalene?] EDWARDS was born abt 1818 in Louisiana, or possibly Mississippi. John's middle name appears to have been Whelis/Wheelis/Whelus. John is said to have been known as Henry. This couple were the John Whelis O'Brien and Mary Edwards who were residents of Wilson Co., TN at the time they married in that county on 9 May 1834. If cemetery records for Newby Cemetery in Lyon County are accurate, Mary's middle initial was "M."


In 1818 Tennessee received land from the Chickasaw Indians which was considered to be the western part of Stewart Co. In 1819 the first settlers came to this western part, followed by a flood of other settlers from Stewart Co. and elsewhere. Many of these early settlers had been in central NC during the 1700's--and particularly Nash Co. and Edgecombe Co. during the late 1700's. On 7 Nov 1821, Henry Co. was created from Stewart Co.'s western section. By 1830, the population of Henry Co. was up to 12,249.

--1823 Tax Records for Henry Co., TN indicate that a Laurence Obrian [who had no other attachable possesions in that county--likely he didn't live there] owed taxes on 228 acres of land there -- Entry 354; Range 5; Section 8; District 13; Sheriff's Fee 1.00; Clerk's Fee 1.40; Prs Fee 1.50; Tax 1.14; TOTAL cts 5.04. [Henry Co. Court Records, p. 36-37] Other than this record, this Obrian does not seem to show up in Henry Co. deed books.
[Who was this Laurence Obrian? Did he have any connection to John W. O'Bryan?]

--1833 [5 Mar] James Winfrey appears on jury duty in Henry Co., TN. [Could he or his family be the source for the "Winfr{e}y" name in the O'Bryan line?"]

--1834 [9 May] John OBrien and John Organ signed a Wilson Co., TN bond for the sum of $1,250 for the marriage of John OBrien and Mary Edwards. All are said to be residents of Wilson Co,, TN.
[So far, I've found no family connection between those men, except that both served as teachers at some point in their lives and the 1836 Wilson Co. Tax list shows them owning property in the same 11th District. John Organ's parents seem to have been Ennis Organ and Dicey Robertson who married in Halifax Co., VA in 1799 and who came to Wilson Co., TN in 1819 or at least by 1830.]

--1834 [9 May] John Whelis OBrian and Mary Edwards are wed in Wilson Co., TN by Justice of the Peace [J. C ?] Williford of Wilson Co., TN.
[I believe the appearance of the middle name Whelis on this marriage document, strengthens the case that this is, in fact, the John W. O'Bryan of later Lyon Co., KY. I also wonder if the JP was the same person who was a witness to O'Bryan's land sale in 1836.]

--1834 [December Term] Wilson Co., TN Probate records indicate that Mary Obrien, through a note with interest, owed a total of 26.87 1/2 to the estate of Dr. James Fraser of Wilson Co., who had died in 1831/32.
[Was this John O'Bryan's new wife, Mary? Or, could she have been John's mother?] [Tennessee, Probate Court Books, Wilson Inventories, Wills, 1834-1837, 63, 65]

--1836 Tax Records for Wilson Co., TN indicate that Jno. W. Obryan owned 233 acres of land valued at $1000 there in the 11th District as well as four slaves. He also was not charged a poll tax, which may indicate that John was not yet 21 years of age at the time that tax was computed.

--1836 [15 Jan] John W. O'Bryant and Mary O'Bryan of Wilson County sold 234 acres of land [the same land as above] to George A. Williford of Wilson County for $1,000. That land was described as "being in the County of Wilson and waters of Jennings fork, of Round Lick Creek." [Deed Book Q, 458] That appears to be in the vicinity of Watertown, TN today. The witnesses to that sale were James C. Williford and James Bundy, who likely was James' son-in-law.]

--1836 Tax Records for Henry Co., TN: No O'Bryans in list of all tax payers.

--1839 [6 Sept] John W. and Mary O'Bryan appear in a Henry Co., TN Deed Book. They owed 200 dollars on October 1, 1839 to John S. Gainer [who is known at one point to have served as Sheriff and Tax Collector of Henry Co.]. In this deed the O'Bryans sell a "life long" slave, named Thomas, about 18 years old, to A. G. Cherry for the immediate sum of five dollars. If the O'Bryans' debt to Gainer is not paid by the due date, this slave is to be sold by Cherry at public auction to pay it off. The auction is to be publicized in the 15th District of the county--northeastern most district of county and adjoining Tennessee River. John signs his name to this Deed and Trust; Mary makes her mark. Those witnessing the deed and attesting to personal acquaintance with John and Mary are: Virtue Sweat and Andrew Gould [Henry Co. Deed Book F, 1837-1841, F 472] John and Mary do not seem to appear elsewhere in Henry Co. Deeds or Court Records. Virtue Sweat appears in District 14 of 1845 Henry Co., TN tax list.

--1840 [15 July] George A. Williford sold the land he bought from John O'Bryan in 1836 to John Palmer for $1,400. Both Williford and Palmer are described as being from Wilson County [Deed Book S, 528].

--1840 John, Mary, and family seem to appear in the 1840 Henry Co., TN census, 434. There is a second adult female in the household, age 60-69. She doesn't appear in any later census with the family.
See the 1840 census results below. Was that second adult female a mother of John or of Mary? If she was John's mother, there's at least a possible that she was buried in Henry Co., TN, as noted in the 1843 listing below."

--1840-42 John and Mary moved to KY, possibly to Livingston Co. where their son J.W.H. O'BRYAN was born.

--1843 [3 July] Henry Co. Court Minute Book shows the following: "Ordered by the court that William L. Owen be allowed the sum of four dollars for making a coffin for Mary OBrian a pauper to be paid out of any money in the county treasury not otherwise appropriated." [Henry Co. Court Minute Book 1836-49, p. 228]

--1845 Tax Records for Henry Co., TN: No O'Bryans in list of tax payers.

--1850 by this year, John W. and Mary moved to Trigg Co., KY.

--1854 Up to this year, when Lyon Co. was formed, no O'Bryan deeds appear in Trigg Co. Deed books.
[Note: Inadvertently, we may not have checked Trigg Co. deeds between 1854 and 1870 for an O'Bryan transaction. Is anyone in a position to do that?]

--1870 John W. and Mary are in Lyon Co., KY by this time.
--1870 [28 Feb] John W. O'Bryan bought about 53.5 acres of land in Lyon Co. on the Tennessee River for 230 dollars. John W. purchased it from Berry Bridges. The whole portion of land [of which John bought one-half] was originally patented on 27 July 1835 to: Nancy, Polly, David S., Berry I., and Elizabeth Bridges, and Susan Bannister. O'Bryan's portion was beside that owned by R. J. Bridges. 70 dollars of the payment for this land was in the form of promissory note between John W. and Barney Orr. Witnesses to the deed were David Cassidy and George Lester. [Lyon Co., Deed Book D., pp. 143-144]

--1876 [1 Jan] Samuel H. Cassidy, partner in the firm of W. D. Dyers [sp?] and S. H. Cassidy of ----berg, Crittendon Co., KY convey about 50 acres of land to John O'Brien in Lyon Co. for 400 dollars. [Lyon Co., Deed Book E., p. 521]

--1878 [14 Sept] Land purchased in 1870 from Bridges, sold by O'Bryan and wife Mary to Newton Higgins for the sum of 65 dollars. [Lyon Co. Deed Book F, p. 470].

--1882 John's wife Mary died and is buried in Newby Cemetery, Lyon Co. KY.

--1892 [17 Oct] J. W. O'Bryan served as a witness to marriage of A. W. Nichols and Miss Lizzie M. Wilcox conducted by J. J. Fowler at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church in Lyon Co. Other witness: T. B. Kane. Bond on 15 Oct 1892. Surety E.U. Wilcox. Groom, age 21, 1st marriage, farmer, born KY and lives in Trigg Co., KY. His parents born KY. Bride age 19, 1st marriage, born Ky and lives in Lyon Co. Her parents born in KY.


Generation 5:
John and Mary's children were:

--MARTHA ELIZABETH O'BRYAN [b: abt 1835, TN]--m: (1) James Melvin Franklin on 11 January 1853 in Trigg Co., KY. He died later that month on 31 Jan. [Source: https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:2:SRKB-34M]
Martha [listed as Mrs. James Franklin] then married (2) William M. Bryant on 9 Jul 1853 in Caldwell Co., KY.
The book "Marriage Records from the Vital Statistics of Lyon County, KY" indicated that Martha E. Obrian married Wm. M. Bryant on 10 Jul 1853 in Lyon Co. Notes in that book added the following description of that couple:
WM. M. BRYANT, living at Cumb. River, 25, S, birthplace: Henry Co., TN
MARTHA E. OBRIAN, living at T. R. Cald. Co., KY, 17, S, birthplace: unknown.
[Familysearch.org indicates that Lyon Co. marriage took place on 10 Jul 1854. I will note that Lyon Co. was formed from Caldwell Co. on 14 Jan 1854.]
I assume the above records refer to the same Martha and William and that there was duplication in this record keeping, due to the creation of Lyon Co. at that time.

--SARAH JANE O'BRYAN [b: abt 1838, TN]-- possibly married James E. Smith on 13 Aug 1853, Stewart Co., TN.

--HENRY CLAY O'BRYAN [b: 30 June 1844, Lyon Co., KY; d: 25 May 1902, TN: bur: Birmingham, KY]--m: Alcey Childers [b: 18 Aug 1859, Lyon Co., KY; d: 10 Dec 1901, Birmingham, KY: bur: Birmingham, KY] on 21 March 1874, by J. B. Rice, Justice of the Peace, at Clerk's Office in Lyon, Co., Ky. Surety was W. F. Cochran. Witnesses were W. E. Wilcox and M. P. Molloy and Perneca Fulks. Henry of Lyon Co., 31 years, 1st marriage, farmer, born in KY. Henry's father born in NC; his mother born in MS. Alcey of Lyon Co., 16 years old, 1st marriage, born in KY. Her father was born in KY; her mother born in KY. [Note birthplace discrepancy for Mary O'Bryan.]

In the 1900 census Henry and Alcy appear in the Birmingham District of Marshall Co., KY. Henry was disabled in some way, perhaps a problem with one of his feet. Both are buried in Birmingham. This couple had at least seven children.
--------William Louis O'Bryan
--------Mary Elizabeth O'Bryan--m: Robert Lee Sellers
--------George Pleasant O'Bryan
--------John Wheelis O'Bryan
--------Leonard Lonzo O'Bryan
--------Frances Deliah O'Bryan
--------Willis Oliver O'Bryan

The following children were listed as "infant dependents" [under age 21?] in Lyon Co. Court Records, on 11 Dec 1903, when [Atty.] R. L. Shermnell [sp?], statuatory guardian for them, appeared in court in case: H.C. O'Brien Adm vs. His Heirs & Creditors. [Lyon Co., KY Civil Order Book M, p. 351]
--------Lon [Leonardo?]
--------Lydia [Frances?]
--------Mary Elizabeth

--JOHN WINFRY HENRY O'BRYAN [b: 15 Mar 1847 Livingston Co./Lyon Co., KY]. The name "Winfry" is seen in several generations of this O'Bryan family and may be spelled "Winfrey." Is this a surname from a previous O'Bryan marriage? Also, his third name may have been Howard instead of Henry. JWHO married three times and had children with all his wives, as listed below.
(Wife 1) Martha S. Rhodes [b: 1847, Trigg Co., KY; d: 1893; bur: Newby Cem., Lyon Co., KY], married on 2 March 1869. [See Gemeration 5 below for their children.]
(Wife 2) Miss Almenzie Morris married on 26 Apr 1894 at the home of W. R. Morris in Lyon Co., KY. J.J. Fowler presided. Witnesses were J. J. Yates and Wheelus O'Bryan. Bond was placed 25 Apr 1894. Surety was James Woodruff. John W. was age 46, 2nd marriage, farmer, born Ky, lives Lyon Co., father born TN and mother born KY. Almenzie was age 19, 1st marriage, born KY and lives in Lyon Co., KY. Her parents were born in KY. [Note discrepancies re: birthplaces of John's parents. Check against 1st marriage of his sister Ventura Frances, which is likely more accurate and consistent with census records.]
--------Maude Evelyn Geraldine O'Bryan
(Wife 3) Mrs. Mary Frances "Fanny" (Marchbanks) Sutton married on 8 Jun 1897 in Perry Co., KY. They had child:
--------John Alfred O'Bryan
--------Aaron Howard O'Bryan

--MARY ELLEN O'BRYAN [b: abt 1849, KY: d: after Jun 1889]

--E. J. O'BRYAN [female--b: abt 1856, KY]

--VENTURA FRANCES O'BRYAN [b: abt Jul 1859 KY] m: (1) James Henry Nickell on 3 July 1878 in Lyon Co., KY. The service was conducted by B.F. Smith, Justice of the Peace, and at the home of John W. O'Bryan. Surety was Samuel Childers. Witnesses were Samuel Childers and M. C. Nickell. James of Lyon Co., 19 years old, 1st marriage, farmer. James' parents born in KY. Ventura [transcription says "Matura"] was of Lyon Co., 18 years old, 1st marriage, born in KY. Indicates her father was born in NC, her mother in LA.

She married (2) Leonard W. Culp on 14 Jan 1889 in Lyon Co., KY. James died about 1888 in Lyon Co. and was buried in Nickell Cemetery there. Frances was known as "Fanny."

She appears with the following children [first four listed as "Nichols"] in the 1900 Livingston Co., KY census [p. 216B]:
--FANNY CULP, [b: Dec 1862, KY] widow
--John W. Nickell [b: Jun 1879, KY] [marked "widow"] --m: (1) Sena B Culp on 1 Jan 1898 in Lyon Co., KY, then divorced before 1900. He then married (2) Cora Benton on 23 Dec 1902 in Lyon Co., KY.
--Newton R. Nickell [b: Feb 1881, KY] --m: May Lee 24 Dec 1900 in Lyon Co., KY] Possibly moved to MO.
--Thomas Jefferson Nickell [not listed in census, for whatever reason] [b: 10 Dec 1844, Lyon Co., KY; d: Sept 1964, MD] --m: (1) Bertie E. Lee on 24 May 1901 in Lyon Co., KY and (2) m: Mattie Cash on 13 Dec 1910 in Lyon Co. This marriage record lists his home as Sikeston, MO.
--James Henry Nickell II [b: Aug 1886, KY] --m: Georgia Jones on 19 Jan 1905 in Lyon Co.
--Rinaldo Madison Nickell [b: Feb 1888, KY] --m: Mary Singeler
--Mary Culp [b: Nov 1889, KY]
--Ida Culp [b: Apr 1893, KY]
--Hollis Culp [b: Jun 1896, KY]

[Question: Who was Nancy O'Brien who married E. R. Doles on 3 Mar 1874 at home of E. R. Doles at Fulton Furnace, Lyon Co., service by S. Duncan, Esqur? Surety was W. C. McWaters. Witnesses were Jacob Stephens and Thomas Lucy. Doles of Lyon Co. was 54 years old, 3rd marriage, Ohio Bank Manager, his parents born KY. Nancy of Lyon Co., 35 years old, 2nd marriage, her parents born KY.]

[Question: Who was John H. O'Brien? Was he possibly a son of H.C. O'Bryan? This John married Elizabeth Jane Ray pm 14 Apr 1886 at home of J. C. Church in Lyon Co., W.A. Kinsolving presiding. Surety was J. C. Church. Witnesses were J. C. Church and E.R. Cummings. John was of Lyon Co., 25 years old, 1st marriage, farmer, his parents born in KY. Elizabeth was of Lyon Co., 28 years old, 1st marriage, she and her father born in KY, her mother born in IL.]

[Question: Trigg Co. records show Rev. John O'Bryan and Miss Mary Lou Melvgin being married on 28 Jan 1892 by Rev. T.M. McConnell. Who was this John?]

[Question: Who was Nannie F. O'Brien who married W.T. Paton on 25 Apr 1894 in Lyon Co., Rev. J. W. Oliver presiding at the home of the bride's mother? Witnesses were J. N. Easley and M. L. Patton. Bond was given 23 Apr 1894. Surety was Geo. T. Garrett. Groom was age 31, 1st marriage, farmer, born KY, lives in Crittenden Co. Groom's father born TN, his mother born VA. Nannie was age 29, 1st marriage, born KY and lives in Lyon Co. Her parents were born in KY.]

[Note: Apparently there was also a John O'Brien in Lyon Co., formerly of Crittenden Co., KY. His wife was Sarah McElroy. They had a son Benjamin O'Brine b: 29 Mar 1878, Lyon Co., and a son, J. C. O'Brien, who died of pneumonia in Lyon Co., at age 8 on 27 Dec 1878, born in Crittenden Co., KY. --Also, a few additional O'Bryans appear in early Lyon Co. records, but do not appear to be a part of this family.]

Generation 5:
JOHN WINFRY H. O'BRYAN and MARTHA S. RHODES. Martha was born in 1847 in Trigg Co., KY, the daughter of THOMAS RHODES and ELIZABETH J. DOLES [see Rhodes and Dole pages on this web site]. John died 11 January 1933 at Briensburg precinct of Marshall Co., KY and is buried at Newby Cemetery in Lyon Co., KY. Martha is be buried there too, beside him.

Generation 4:
John and Martha's children were:

--THOMAS WHELUS O'BRYAN [b: 20 February 1870, KY; d: 28 Jul 1956, near Cumberland, KY; bur: Woodson Cemetery, Lyon Co., KY]--m: Kate Warren Murray [b: 23 Sept 1873; d: 18 June 1918; bur: Woodson Cemetery, Lyon Co., KY] on 4 Sept 1892. [Published transcription of marriage certificate shows Thomas' middle name as "Wheeler," but likely that is a misreading of the records.] They were married by J. J. Fowler at home of bride's father, Robert E. Murray in Lyon Co., KY. Witnesses were T. B. Kane and Wilson Franklin. Bond was made 2 Sept 1892. Surety was James Woodruff. Whelus was age 22, 1st marriage, farmer, born and lives in Lyon Co. Indicated that Whelus' father born in Marshall Co., KY, and his mother born in Trigg Co., KY. Kate was 19, 1st marriage, born and lives in Lyon Co. Indicated that her father's birthplace was unknown; her mother born in Lyon Co., KY. At one point this couple lived near Cumberland, KY. As of 1900 Lyon Co. Federal Census Kate had had four children, three of whom were living.
--------Luther T. O'Bryan [b: 23 Sept 1893, Lyon Co., KY]--m: Lina McWaters on 2 June 1913 by Justice of the Peace W. J. Budges in Trigg Co. Luther's birth record indicates that his parents were living in the 3rd District of Lyon Co. at the time.
--------Floyd O'Bryan
--------Theodore O'Bryan
--------Clyde O'Bryan
--------Annie O'Bryan
--------Fannie O'Bryan

--STEPHEN WINFRY O'BRYAN [b: 9 February 1873 in Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY; d: 1 Jan 1945; bur: Oak Grove Cem., section 30, plot 133, Section A-E, Paducah, McCracken Co., KY]--m: Julia Ann Mitchusson [b: 20 Dec 78, Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; d: 26 April 1959; bur: Lot 185, Maple Lawn Cem., Paducah, McCracken Co., KY] on 2 Jan 1898 by J. J. Fowler at the home of Emily Mitchusson in Lyon Co.--mother of bride. Witnesses were T. H. Crain and W.T. Fefan. Bond given 31 Dec 1897. Surety was L.M. Thomas. Stephen was age 23, 1st marriage, farmer, born in KY, lives in Lyon Co., also parents born in KY. Julia was age 22, born in KY and lives in Lyon Co., her parents born in KY.

Julia was the daughter of ZEDRIC D. MITCHUSSON born 5 June 1845 in Ironton, Trigg Co., who died of war wounds following service in the Union Army, and EMELINE NICKELL born 7 May 1848 in Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY.

Stephen was the tallest and only child in this family with auburn red hair. He served churches in Frankfort and Bowling Green areas of KY. He last served Pleasant Hope Baptist Church on the road to Newby Cemetery in Lyon Co., KY. He eventually gave up church work, moved to Benton, KY, then to Memphis, TN, then last to Paducah, KY where he worked in a basket factory. His last church and his home, both on the road to Newby Cemetery were razed--as were all other buildings in that area.
--------Carrie B. O'Bryan [b: 20 Dec 1893; d: 22 Oct 1936, McCracken Co., KY; bur: Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Boaz, Graves Co., KY.] --m: Howard Gilbert Park [b: 1877; d: 1943; bur: Mount Pleasant Cem., Boaz, Graves Co., KY] in 1919. Carrie's death certificate shows her birth as 20 Dec 1893, whereas her cemetery stone gives her birth year as 1894.
--------Clarence Winfry O'Bryan [b: 17 Oct 1898; d: 30 Dec 1977, Mayfield, Graves Co., KY; bur: Masonic section, Mayfield Memorial Gardens, Mayfield, Graves Co., KY] --m: Laura Mitchusson in the Spring of 1922 at Metropolis, IL. Clarence retired from auto industry in Detroit, bought farm in Land Between the Lakes region, then one in Farmington, Graves Co., KY.
--------Dora Lena O'Bryan [b: 3 Nov 1901 in Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY; d: 1 Apr 1989, bur: Cedar Grove Cem., New London, New London Co., CT.] --m: James Gordon Mayfield [d: 1936; bur: Cedar Grave Cem., New London, New London Co., CT] on 12 Jan 1920 in Metropolis, IL. He was a Navy submariner from Knoxville, TN, and a widower. They corresponded. He came to Grand Rivers, KY to get Dora. He rented a buggy and set off to get her. She set off, likely from Star Lime Works, on a horse, probably with someone else on horseback. They met near the Shodie [sp?] place on the old River Road [now under Kentucky Lake]. Then, together in the buggy, they headed to Grand Rivers, then they went across the state line, to Metropolis, IL to get married. [DORA LENA O'BRYAN, who went by the name "Jean," was my maternal grandmother.]
--------Nettie Viola O'Bryan [b: 3 Jul 1907; d: 21 Mar 1981; bur: Maple Lawn Cem, Paducah, McCracken Co., KY] --m: (1) Bud Harbin and (2) Richard Elvis Brown [b: 1902, d: 5 Jun 1984, bur: Maple Lawn Cem., Paducah, McCracken Co., KY] in Paducah, KY.
--------Mary Magdalene [said to be a child of Stephen's, died young, buried in Newby Cemetery]

--ROBERT HENRY O'BRYAN [b: 28 March 1878, Lyon Co., KY] --m: Marcella Goodrich on 8 Apr 1900 at the house of J. J. Woodruff, Rev. R. E. Murray presiding. Witnesses were J. J. Woodruff and T.T. Murray. Robert age 22, 1st marriage, farmer, born KY and lives Lyon Co., parents born KY. Marcella age 18, 1st marriage, born KY and lives in Lyon Co., her parents born in KY. [Robert's Lyon Co. birth record indicates both his parents born in Lyon Co.--part of Trigg Co. became Lyon Co. in 1854.]

--OCIE B. O'BRYAN [b: Feb 1882; d: 8 Dec 1969, Marshall Co., KY; bur: Isaac Gray Cem., Lyon Co., KY]--m: Robert Loften [b: 15 Mar 1877; d: 30 Dec 1934; bur: Isaac Gray Cem., Lyon Co., KY] on 22 Aug 1900 at Trigg Co., KY.

--[Twin children died at birth. They are buried at Newby Cemetery overlooking KY Lake.]

Census Records

Names in a census are spelled correctly or misspelled, depending on the census taker.

1840 HENRY CO., TN Census:
JOHN W. O'BRIEN, 1 male (20-29); 1 female (20-29); 2 females (under 5); 1 female (60-69); 1 female slave (36-54)

1850 TRIGG CO., KY Census, taken 20 Sept, p. 371:
JOHN W. O'BRIEN, 34, M, School Teacher, b: NC
MARY O'BRIEN, 33, F, b: LA, attended school within the year
MARTHA E. O'BRIEN, 15, F, b: TN, attended school within the year
SARAH J. O'BRIEN, 12, F, b: TN, attended school within the year
JOHN W. H. O'BRIEN, 3, M, b: KY
MARY E. O'BRIEN, 6/12, M, b: KY
[The sequence of households in this census is: Bannister, John Doles, Robert Huggins, John W. O'Brien, Isaiah Huggins, James H.(?) Huggins, Urbin L. Huggins.]

1860 TRIGG CO., KY Census, p. 6:
JOHN W. O'BRYAN, 45, M, Farm Hand, Personal Property: 200, b: NC
MARY O'BRYAN, 42, F, b: LA
H.C. O'BRYAN, 16, M, Farm Hand, b: KY
J.W.H. O'BRYAN, 13, M, b: KY
MARY E. O'BRYAN, 11, F, b: KY
E. J. O'BRYAN, 4, F, b: KY
V. F. O'BRYAN, 11/12, F, b: KY
[Living right next door in this census is THOMAS RHOADES, his wife ELIZABETH J. RHOADES, and their daughter MARTHA J. RHOADES, age 13, who later married J.W.H. O'Bryan.]

1870 LYON CO., KY Census, District 3, Post Office: Eddyville, p. 16:
JOHN OBRYAN, 55, M, W, Farmer, 230, b: NC
MARY _____, 54, F, W, H Keeper, b: MS
HENRY C ____, 26, M, W, b: KY
VENTURY F ____, 10, F, W, b: KY

1880 LYON CO., KY Census, Ladies Spring District 3:
[Family of John W. H. O'Bryan and Martha Rhodes]
JOHN O'BRYAN, W, M, 32, married, farmer, b: KY, father b: TN, mother b: LA
MARTHA _____, W, F, 32, married, housekeeper, b: KY, father b: KY, mother b: KY
THOMAS _____, W, M, 10, son, b: KY
STEVEN _____, W, M, 6, son, b: KY
ROBERT _____, W, M, 2, son, b: KY

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