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Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter --

I am seeking information on the following MOTHERAL/MODRELL families. The Motherals were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians from Ireland [likely the northern part, possibly Donergal or Down County] who likely immigrated through the port of Philadelphia as early as 1713. They first settled in Lancaster Co., PA, in the vicinity of adjacent Martic and Drumore townships. Chestnut Level is in the latter. It seems that the surname was first Motheral, but then changed to Modrell with various spellings.

The earliest record I have found is of a MARY MOTHEREL, wife [presumably 2nd] of Robert Middleton who settled in the vicinity of Martic in 1713, but then moved to Donergal township in 1716. This couple owned land adjacent to the Donergal Presbyterian Church, founded 1721. After Robert's death in 1731, his wife went by the surname Motheral [her maiden name?]. In 1747, Mary Motheril assumed guardianship of her niece, Katherine Hale, orphan child of James Hale. In 1754 Mary Motheril "widow and relict" of Robert Middleton received money from the estate of George Middleton.

----Time Line----
My descent is through Robert Motheral and his son George Modrell. Also, George's older brother Adam is an interesting figure.

==1754 Francis Mathereall appears on Tax List of Chester Co., PA, possibly near Octorara Creek. In 1758 Francis was granted a license to run a tavern in Oxford Twp in Chester Co., PA. In 1789 Francis Motherill of Oxford's intestate noted in county records.

==1757 Robert Mathroll appears on tax list for Martic/Providence townships of Lancaster Co., PA.

==1757-1765 Likely in this period that Robert Madrell moved to York Co., PA, which bordered Lancaster Co. on the west.

==1769 Thomas Motheral & Son appear on tax list of Drumore Co. township of Lancaster Co., PA for owning 100 acres of land.

==1770 Thomas Moderwell married Jane Turner in Lancaster Co., PA.

==1773 John Moderwell married Nancy Ann Buchanan in Washington Co., PA. This John was born in Londonderry, Ireland and died in Washington Co. on 16 Feb 1818. He was a Private in PA Line in Revolutionary War and drew a pension.

==1775 About this year, Robert Motheral and family moved from York Co., PA to Mecklenburg Co., NC.

==1776-7 This midwinter Adam Modrell had a record of his age [a Bible record?], which was left in Logan's Fort, KY when it was captured by Indians. That fort was also called St. Asaph's.

==1777 Robert Moderwill enlisted as a Private under Capt. David Arell's command, VA. Also, a Robert Moderwell is noted as a Private in 3rd Va Regiment.

==1778 [14 Apr] Robert Motheral signed his will in Mecklenburg Co., NC, which notes the following--Wife: Elizabeth
Sons: Adam, George, Robert, John. Money owed from PA to be divided between son William and daughter Sarah.
Daughters: Martha (widow w/children), Margery, Elizabeth.
Three youngest children: Rebecca [not yet 13], Robert, John [youngest son, not yet 21].
Plantation originally purchased from William Manson. Smith tools.
Exec: Wife and son William. Wit: John McCullough, Rebecca Motheral, William Motheral
[The wife of Robert's son William was Rebecca McCullough, and John was likely her brother. John McCullough {b: 17 Jan 1755, Lancaster Co., PA} He served in the NC Militia. He enlisted 1776 in York Co., PA, and in 1777 he enlisted in the "Regulators" from Mecklenburg, NC. His pension claim was S.32404.]
==1778 About this time, Adam Motheral left Mecklenburg Co., NC to reside for a month or two in Lincoln Co., KY, then on to Jefferson Co., KY [the part known as Nelson Co. in 1835].

==1779 Tax List for Lancaster Co., PA shows Thomas Motherwel and Adam Motheral.
==1779 [27 Aug] John Motheral married Margaret Cannon in PA, county unknown.

==1780 Adam Modrell voluntarily entered the Militia of KY in the Co. of Capt. Lewis Hickmean, in the Brigade of George Rogers Clerk. They rendezvoused at the Falls of Ohio about July 1, 1780, then marched to Chillicothe and Puigua Indian towns. [This was a force of 1,000 KY riflemen.] Capt. Hickman deserted in battle at Pigua in August, and was killed by Indians. Adam then was under the command of Capt. James Davis. He marched to the Salt River in KY to combat Indians, but finding none he was dismissed in November.
==1780 Thomas Matheral appears on tax list of Drumore Co. township. Also, Adam Motheral appears on list as a freeman.

==1781 Adam Modrell voluntarily entered the Militia of KY undre the same Capt. James Davis in the regiment commanded by Colonel Floyd. They again rendezvoused at the Falls of Ohio, then marched to Pigua and Chillicothe Indian towns, which they destroyed for the second time. Then they marched to French town on the Miami River.

==1782 [abt March] Adam Modrell returned home from his military service.
==1782 [5 Mar] Early settlers of Jefferson Co., KY, including Adam Moddrel and Rebecca Moddrel, received 400 acres of land per order of a court decree. [Was Rebecca the widow of Adam's brother William?]
==1782 George Mothrel appears on tax list for Augusta Co., VA--no mark for "Poll" or "Slaves" categories.
==1782 [August] Adam Modrell voluntarily re-entered his previous military group, under the same officers. They marched to Squire Boone's Fort on Begner's Creek where they were stationed for one month before marching home. After two months at home, he marched again, under the same officers, to Sovereighns Valley to confront Indians, but found none. He then returned home. Adam's total service time was 10 months and 2 weeks.
==1782 [24 Oct] Agnes Motherel married John Reed in Lancaster Co., PA.

==1783 [26 July]George Motherell fined for absence at muster of Capt. Finely's militia, in VA.
==1783 About this time Adam Modrell moved to Augusta Co., VA from Jefferson Co., KY.

==1786 [23 Aug] George Modrel served as surety to the marriage of Nathan Jameson and Martha Page in Albemarle Co., VA.

==1787 [27 Nov] Adam Modrel married Jane McCord, Spinster, in Albemarle Co., VA. Bond provided by Adam Modrel and Nathan Jameson. In 1805 [June 12] in Pulaski Co., KY, Nancy McCord married, receiving permission from her "stepfather," Adam Modrel. The clerk was Robert Modrell.
==1787 Augusta Co. VA tax list shows neither George or Adam.
==1787 [Aug 30] a Robert Modrell was one of 54 passengers [out of 300] on the ship "Alexander" from Londonderry, Ireland whose name was listed in a newspaper ad, thanking the captain of the ship for his fine treatment during the voyage.

==1790 Adam Motherel appears in the census of Drumore Co.--Males: 1 (16+), 1 (under 16); Females: 5
==1790 Thomas Modderwell record in Lancaster County Will Book [F 1 262].
[Thomas Motheral born before 1748, died 1790.] Early on there was a sickle mill at Moderwell's on a branch of the Octorara river in Drumore Twp. Sickle making was a big industry in the area. Made with iron from Martic and Black Rock forges, they were sold through Philadelphia and Baltimore distributors.

==1799 [25 June] Robert Modrell [Sr.] made Justice of Peace of Pulaski Co., KY.
==1799 [22 July] Robert Modril received Land Grant [South of the Green River], 200 acres in Pulaski Co., KY on Pitman Creek [Bk 14, p. 65]
==1799 [23 July] Robert Modrell [Jr.] married Jane Evans. Surety: Robert Modrell Sr.

==[abt 1799??]Adam Modrel received a land grant (South of the Green River). It was 100 acres in Lincoln Co., KY on BR Pitman Creek [Bk 18, p. 127].

==1800 Pulaski Co., KY tax list shows: Robert Modral Sr. [28 July] and Robert Modrall [18 July].
==1800 Lancaster Co., PA census shows:
John Moderwell p. 55 00010-00010-00 [John: 26-45]
Adam Modnell p. 159 31001-32020-00 [Adam: 45+]

==1801 [23 Feb] Robert Modrel commissioned Ensign, 44th Regiment of KY "Cornstalk" Militia.
==1801 [16 May] Robert Modrel Sr. commissioned Major, 2nd Battalion, 44th Regiment of KY "Cornstalk" Militia.
==1801 Robert Modrel was the Sheriff of Pulaski Co., KY this year.

==1803 [12 Feb]George Moodril appears as a witness to the Will of John McManney ["Money due me in VA and all else to William Mann."] in Sumner Co., TN. The estate of Robert Motheral is recorded in Sumner Co., TN on 29 Aug 1803. Robert's mother is listed as Ann Greer, his brother as John Motheral. Her estate in 1810 [Aug 6] in Sumner Co., TN lists--Sons: John, Samuel, Joseph, and James Grier, and Daughters: Mary, Margaret, and Joan.
==1803 About this time Adam Modrell moved from Augusta Co., VA to Pulaski Co., KY and lived there for the next 20 years.

==1804 [22 Oct]George Modrell approved by an act of the Legislature for improving vacant lands--400 acres on Pittman Creek in Pulaski Co., KY.

==1805 [12 June] Nancy Modrell married Harry Farmer in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1805 [12 June] Nancy McCord married Francis Henry in Pulaski Co., KY. Permission for her to marry was given by her "stepfather"--Adam Modrell. Clerk: Robert Modrell
==1805 Robert Modrell was deeded land from Francis McClure.

==1806 This year or earlier, Robert Modrel (Jr.) and wife Jane (Evans) were members of the Pisgah Presbyterian Church in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1806 [21 Feb] Mary Moderwell died the previous Tuesday, she was the wife of John Moderwell of Lancaster Co., PA ["Lancaster Journal"]

==1808 [11 Nov] George's daughter, Polly (Mary) Modrill married Nicholas Elon Massie in Pulaski Co., TN.

==1809 [9 Jan] Polly Modrell married Robert McCullough in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1809 [29 August] Elizabeth Modderwell christened in Quarryville at Middle Octorara Presbyterian Church.

==1810 Census for Pulaski Co., KY shows:
ROBERT MODRAR--Males: 1 (26-45), 1 (10-16), 2 (under 10); Females: 1 (26-45), 1 (10-16), 1 (under 10).

==1814 [6 Jan] George's daughter, Betsy Modrell married Abraham Massey in Pulaski Co., KY.

==1815 [15 Apr] Elizabeth Modrell married Isaac Cowen in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1815 Adam Modrell received "apps." from Easter Teratie Baker by Clerk in Pulaski Co., KY.

==1816 [31 Jan] George's son, Andrew Modrell [b: 1794; d: 1846] married Hannah Modrell. Hannah [b: 1795, KY] was the daughter of George's brother Adam and Jane McCord. They later moved to Owen Co., IN with other members of the Modrel family.
==1816 [18 Mar] George's daughter, Jane Modrell married Ezekiel Campbell. Clerk: John Modrel.

==1818 [1 Jan] Mary Modrel married Samuel Evans in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1818 [7 Oct] George's daughter, Polly Moderell married Burk McKinney [names reversed?] in Pulaski Co., KY.

==1820 [10 Jan] Robert Modrel Jr. married Nancy Rogers, consent of Ezekiel Rogers [possibly in Pulaski Co., KY?].
==1820 Pulaski Co., KY census shows 6 Modrel households: Andrew [26-45], John [26-45], Robert [26-45], Robert Sr. [45+], Robert Jr. [16-25], and Adam [45+] as follows:
ADAM MODREL p. 057 000011-00211000

==1821 John Moderal first mentioned in tax lists of Owen Co., IN.

==1822 [22 Apr] Jane Modrell married John Rodgers in Pulaski Co., KY. Surety: Robert Modrel.

==1823 Andrew Modrell deeded land from John Kelly in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1823 [Sept 23] Ellender Moderell married George Burk in Pulaski Co., KY.

==1827 George Modrell, Robert Modrell Sr., and Robert Modrell, first mentioned in tax lists of Owen Co., IN [Owen Co., IN tax list for 1826 is missing.]
==1827 [13 Mar] George's son, George Modrell married Rebecca Mitchell (license).

==1828 Adam Modrell first appears in Owen Co., IN tax list.

==1829 Andrew Modrell first appears in Owen Co., IN tax list.
==1829 Robert Modrel record [possibly probate] appears: I+A 1829 Book 3, p. 747

==1830 Pulaski Co., KY census shows:
==1830 Owen Co., IN census shows:
ADAM MODRELL p. 262, Males: 1(80-90), 1(20-30); Females: 1(70-80), 1 (40-50)
ANDREW MODRELL p. 265, Males: 1(30-40), 1(10-15), 2(5-10), 2(under 5); Females: 1(40-50), 1(15-20), 1(10-15)
JOHN MODRELL p. 258, Males: 1(30-40), 1(5-10); Females: 1(20-30)
NANCY MODRELL p. 267, Males: 1(30-40), 1(10-15), 2(5-10), 2(under5); Females: 1(40-50), 1(15-20), 1(10-15)

==1830 Clark Co., IL census shows:
GEORGE MOTHERAL p. 070 and ROBERT MOTHERAL p. 070. [Is this a different George, possibly George's son?]

==1831 George Modrell died.
==1831 [6 Aug] Nancy (Rogers) Modrell estate sale, wife of Robert Modrel, Jr., deceased. [Possibly 1820 probate record in Pulask Co., KY re: Robert Modrel is pertinent here.] George's son, Andrew Modrell, was administrator, and became guardian of the children of Robert and Nancy. as follows:
--William M. Modrell [b: 1818, KY; died 1850 Owen Co., IN]
--Sarah K. Modrell [b: 1821, KY; died 1850 Owen Co., IN]
--Alexander Modrell [b: 1822]
--John W. Modrell [b: abt 1824]
--Allen Modrell [b: 1827]
==1831 Samuel Modderwell's intestate record in Lancaster Co., PA Court [F 1 90].
==1831 Adam Modderwell's record in Lancaster Co., PA will book (Q 1 87)--76 years. Adam may have been a son of Thomas who died in 1790.

==1832 [15 Oct] Adam Moderell made his declaration of Revolutionary War service in Owen Co., IN. It was attested to by John MCullough, Andrew Moderell [Adam's nephew], and Andrew Evans, Revolutionary soldier living in same neighborhood with Adam. Adam was granted Pension S 31869, otherwise filed under Indiana 26614.

==1835 [10 Jan] The will of Adam Modrell was recorded in Owen Co., IN.
Wife: Jane; Executors: John M. Fain, Samuel Evans; Witnesses: John Brown, Mary McCord.
==1835 [21 Sept] Robert Modrell and John Jasper, executors of will of James Hamilton in Pulaski Co., KY. Witnesses: John Modrell and Robert Modrell.

==1840 Owen Co., IN census shows: Andrew Modrel (Montgomery Twp).
==1840 Buchanan Co., MO census shows: Robert Modrel (Crawford Twp).
==1840 [2 Aug] George's son, William N. Modrell married Edney Jane Minnick in Owen Co., IN.

==1843 [11 Feb] James P. Modrell married Anna Bishop in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1843 [4 Dec] Robert Modrel Will recorded in Buchanan Co., MO.
Wife: Jane; Children: John, Wilson, Elizabeth (deceased, wife of Isaac Cowen); Ex: John Modrell, James Gilmore.
==1843 [14 Dec] James C. Modrell married Kitty Ann Barnes in Buchanan Co., MO.
==1843 [24 Dec] John Modrell married Elizabeth McCullough in Buchanan Co., MO. Their children are said to have been:
--John W. Modrell [b: 26 Jan 1848/9; d: 7 Apr 1833 in Garretsburg, Buchanan Co., MO]
--Robert Thomas Modrell [b: 1851?]
--Rebecca Jane Modrell [b: 29 Apr 1856; d: 11 Mar 1926 in Buchanan Co., MO]
--Elizabeth Modrell -- m: Isaac Cowen

==1844 [21 Jan] Estate of Jane Modrell in Buchanan Co., MO.
Children: John, Wilson, Elizabeth (deceased, wife of Isaac Cowen); Granddaughters: Jane Montgomery, Rebecca Cowen; Nephew: Games Gilmore.
==1844 [20 July] Amelia Ann Modrell married Joel M. Woods in Pulaski Co., KY.
==1844 Will of Elizabeth Motherell of Upper Oxford in Chester Co., PA records.

==1846 Andrew Modrell will recorded in Owen Co., IN [Book 1, p. 407].
Wife: Hannah; Oldest son: William N.; daughter: Elner (unmarried at this time); Exec: Jacob Massie, William N. Moddrell; Wit: James A. Steele, George Walker.

==1849 [28 Nov] Andrew Gilmore Moddrell married Martha J. Bryan in Ray Co., MO.

==1850 Pulaski Co., KY census shows:
EDWARD MODRELL p. 63, Somerset
JAMES MODERAL p. 58, Somerset
JACKSON MODERAL p. 58, Somerset
==1850 [17 Mar] James W. Modrell married Mary Jane Roop in Buchanan Co., MO.

==1853 [24 May] Charles W. Modrell married Sarah A. W. Jones in Buchanan Co., MO.

==1855 [15 Nov] Wilson Modrell intestate recorded in Buchanan Co., MO.
Wife: Mary Modrell; Children: John Modrell, Robert Modrell; Admin: James J. Gilmore.

==1857 [2 Mar] Wilson Modrell estate, Gilmore resigned administratorship in Buchanan Co., MO.
Heirs noted: Mary Modrell, John Modrell, Robert and Rebecca Modrell, all of Buchanan Co., MO.
==1857 Mary Modrell [widow of Wilson] married Hardin Riddle.


Generation 9
ROBERT MOTHERAL [b: abt 1723, Ireland] married ELIZABETH --?-- [b: abt 1727, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA]. Robert died 1778 in Mecklenburg Co., North Carolina and left a will.

Generation 8
The children of Robert Motheral and Elizabeth are said to have been:
WILLIAM MODRELL [b: abt 1749, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA; d: abt 1781, near Guilford Court House, NC]--m: Rebecca McCullough [b: abt 1751, near Philadelphia, PA]. They are said to have had the following children:
--Robert Modrell [b: 12 Jun 1775, near Philadelphia, PA]--m: Jane Evans [b: 1777 or before, possibly near Philadelphia, PA] on 25 July 1799. An LDS Ancestral File indicates their children were [or "Modrell"]:
----------John Modrall [b: 16 May 1806, TN; 15 Mar 1879]
----------Polly Modrall [b: 1802 or before, TN]
----------Rachael Modrall [b: 1804 or before, TN]
----------William E. Modrall [b: 1808, possibly Lincoln Co., TN]
----------Nelson Patterson Modrall [b: 13 Apr 1811, Lincoln Co., TN; d: 11 June 1880, Gainesville, Cooke Co., TX] Nelson was a noted Cumberland Presbyterian minister who served churches in Corsicana and Jefferson, TX. He was buried abt Jun 1880 in the Fairview Cemetery, Gainesville, TX. "The Encyclopedia of Texas" by Davis, Ellis Arthur & Grobe, Edwin H., 1922, p. 89, in its description of the town of Corsicana, notes the following:
"The first church was built some years later near where the Will Gordon residence now stands between Second and Third avenues; it was built and controlled by the Cumberland Presbyterians, but was donated to and used by all denominations at agreed times. The Rev. N. P. Modrall was the first preacher of that denomination; he died a much beloved and respected man, whose influence was then and continues to be a blessing to the town. In the outskirts of the city there is a small cemetery bearing his name in which many of the early settlers are buried; little is known of this old burial ground by the average citizen of today, but a visit there will be found of interest to those who love tradition."
----------Jane Modrall [b: 1813 or before, possibly Lincoln Co., TN]
----------Margaret Levenia Modrall [b: 1815 or before, possibly near Philadelphia, PA]
----------Nancy Adaline Modrall [b: 1817 or before, possibly near Philadelphia, PA]
--Peninah Modrell [b: abt 1777, Mulberry Road, Guilford Court House, NC]
--Rebecca Modrell [b: 1779, Mulberry Road, Guilford Court House, NC]
SARAH MODRELL [b: abt 1751, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA]
MARTHA MODRELL [b: abt 1753, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA] Widow with children by 1784.
ADAM MODRELL [b: 5 Jul 1755, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA; d: 10 Jan 1835, Owen Co., IN]--m: Jane McCord [b: abt 1773, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA] in 1787 in Albemarle, VA. Adam was buried in Bethany-Surber Cemetery, Owen Co., IN. Adam was a Revolutionary War soldier. Adam and Jane are said to have had the following children:
--Hanna Modrell [b: 1795, VA; d: 1873, Owen Co., IN]--m: Andrew Modrell, son of Adam's brother George.
--Robert Modrell [b: 1792, VA]
--Elizabeth Modrell [b: abt 1788, Albemarle, VA]
--Nancy Modrell [b: abt 1790, VA?]
GEORGE MODRELL [b: abt 1757, PA?; d: bef 1832]--m: NANCY PAGE [b: abt 1772, near Knoxville, TN]. He is buried in Owen Co., IN. [My line is traced through George]
ELIZABETH MODRELL [b: abt 1759, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA]
REBECCA MODRELL [b: abt 1761, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA]
ROBERT MODRELL [b: abt 1763, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA]
JOHN MODRELL [b: abt 1765, Chestnut Level, Lancaster Co., PA]

Generation 7
The children of GEORGE MODRELL and NANCY PAGE are said to have been:
ANDREW MODRELL [b: 1794, Pulaski Co., KY?; d: Owen Co., IN]--m: Hannah Modrell [b: 1795, VA]. She was Andrew's first cousin, the daughter of Adam Modrell and Jane McCord. Andrew and Hannah are said to have had the following children:
--James P. Modrell [b: 3 Apr 1816, Pumpkin Hollow, Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY; d: 15 Oct 1893, Buck Creek, Pulaski Co., KY]
--William N. Modrell [b: 1818, Pulaski Co., KY; d: 1872; buried: Gosport, Owen Co., IN]--m: Edna Jane Minnick 12 August 1840 in Owen Co., IN.
--Elner Modrell [b: abt 1821, KY]
--Robert A. Modrell [b: abt 1822, KY; buried: Gosport, Owen Co., IN]
--John G. Modrell [b: 1824, KY]
--George L. Modrell [b: 4 Oct 1826/8, KY]
--Andrew G./H. Modrell [b: abt 1827/1831, KY/IN]
--Mary Elizaeth Modrell [b: abt 1835, IN].
MARJORIE ["Mary"] MODRELL [b: 16 Jan 1796, near Knoxville, TN; d: 27 Nov 1876]--m: Samuel Evans [b: 2 Apr 1795, near Knoxville, TN] on 1 Jan 1818 in Pulaski Co., KY. Newspaper account says she and her husband were born within a few miles of each other. Samuel Evans moved from the Knoxville region to Pulaski Co., KY about Sept 1796. Samuel entered Samuel Tate's KY Milita in August 1813. He was at the taking of Canada by Gen. Harrison and Gov. Shelby. Samuel was a witness for Adam Modrell's will in 1832. This couple moved to Owen Co., IN on April 1820, and was said to have lived there until 1871. Marjorie is buried in Hudson Hill Cemetery, Owen Co., IN. This couple is said to have had the following children:
--Jesse Lewis Evans [b: 1829, Owen Co., IN]
--Mary Elizabeth Evans [b: 1832, Owen Co., IN]
--Alexander William Evans [b: 1834, Owen Co., IN]
--William Finley Evans [b: 1836, Owen Co., IN]
--Leonard Maddox Evans [b: 1836, Owen Co., IN]
--Andrew Henderson Evans [b: Owen Co., IN]
--Samuel Anderson Evans [b: Owen Co., IN]
--John Fain Evans [b: Owen Co., IN]
--Jane Campbell Evans [b: Owen Co., IN]
ELIZABETH ["Betsy"] MODRELL [b: abt 1796, near Knoxville, TN]
GEORGE MODRELL [b: abt 1798, near Knoxville, TN]
JANE MODRELL [b: abt 1800, near Knoxville, TN]--m: EZEKIEL CAMPBELL on 18 Mar 1816 in Pulaski Co., KY. [My line is traced through this couple.]
JINNY MODRELL [b: abt 1802, near Knoxville, TN]
MARY ["Polly"] MODRELL [b: abt/bef 1804, near Knoxville, TN]--m: Burk McKinney on 7 Oct 1818 in Pulaski Co., KY.
PEGGY MODRELL [b: abt 1805, near Knoxville, TN]


With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these MODRELL families:

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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