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Generation 7
ZADOCK E. [EDWARD?] F. [FORD?] MITCHUSSON [b: 1807-09] --m: NANCY M. [Mayfield/Monroe?] JOHNSON [b: abt 1818, TN] on 19/20? Mar 1833 in Trigg Co., KY by Rev. W. McWaters. Was her father Gregory H. Johnson? Also, was her middle name Monroe? Family tradition says name Monroe was passed down through this branch of the family. Zadock served on the Trigg Co. Circuit Court jury which convicted the first man in county to be executed [arraigned for trial 7 July 1841, executed 30 July 1841]. Along with other jurors, Zadock was referred to as "staunch old gentleman."
[Presumably Zadock was named after Zadok Ford [Sr.], a SC Revolutionary War soldier who knew Wm. Mitchusson and sat on the first grand jury of Spartanburg, SC with Edward Mitchusson, or his son, Zadock Ford [Jr.], who married Cassandra Chew, daughter of John Drury Chew of SC, who died in Revolutionary War, 1780. Edward Mitchusson subsequently became Cassandra's guardian in SC, before moving to Livingston, KY in 1799.]
The children of ZADOCK and NANCY are said to have been:

1. WILLIAM [Willie] ANN J. MITCHUSSON [female] [b: abt 1837-40] --m: George W. Phillips on 13 Aug 1861 in Trigg Co., KY. Willie's child is enumerated with Zadock's family in the 1860 census.
----------Houston M. Mitchusson [b: 5 Feb 1858, Trigg County, KY] Birth record lists Houston's mother as: Willie Ann Mitchuson. No father listed. --m: [1] Ida M. Duncan [b: 7 Oct 1859 d: 30 Jan 1895; bur: Long Creek Baptist Church] on 31 Jan 1886 in Trigg Co., KY, and [2] Elizabeth Crump [b: abt 1870] on 3 Oct 1896 in Trigg Co., KY. Elizabeth's parents were John A. Crump [b: 1830, KY] and Mary A. Etheridge [b: Jun 1838, KY]. Mary later married man named Phillips. Houston appears with wife Crumpie and mother-in-law Mary in the 1900 Humphreys Co., TN Census.
-----------------------------Meddie Mitchusson [b: 7 Nov 1886; d: 10 Oct 1888; bur: Long Creek Baptist Church. Child of Houston and Ida.
-----------------------------William M. Mitchusson [b: Nov 1897, KY], presumably child of Houston and wife Elizabeth.

2. EDWARD W. [WILLIAM?] MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1839: d: 25 May 1856, Trigg Co., KY]

3. NANCY C. MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1840: d: 15 Feb 1856, Trigg Co., KY] --m: [?] Griffin

4. GREGORY HARRISON MITCHUSSON [b: 1842, KY; d: 1924; bur: Newby Cemetery, Lyon Co., KY] --m: Charity M. Flynn [b: abt 1847, Christian Co., KY; d: 21 Aug 1902] on 1 May 1865 in Trigg Co., KY. Charity's father was Patrick Flynn [b: Ireland]; her mother was Matilda Higgins [b: SC?; bur: Higgins Cemetery #1, Trigg Co., KY] who was first married to David Mitchell on 14 Apr 1835. Charity was buried near her husband. The 1880 Trigg Co. census shows aunt Cassandra Shepherd, age 70, living in the house with Gregory and Charity. Gregory was a Pvt. Co. L 8 Ky CAV in Civil War--as was his younger brother Zedric. Gregory's tombstone gives the name as "Gragory." Gregory and Charity's children are said to have been:
----------Lige Tim Mitchusson [b: 24 May 1867, KY] --m: (1) Mattie Colson on 11 Mar 1889 in Trigg Co., KY, and (2) Mariney Fulks.
----------Thomas Mitchusson [b: 1875, KY; d: 6 June 1950] --m: Darley Cornelia Higgins [b: 1894; d: 8 Apr 1952] Tom was her second husband, first may have been Spurrier. Tom was a school teacher and served in the Army in WWII. Both Tom and Cornelia are buried at Higgins Cemetery, Trigg Co., near Oak Ridge school.
----------Lyman E. Mitchusson [b: 1880, Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY; d: 15/24 Dec 1956; bur: Newby Cemetery, Lyon Co., KY] --m: (1) Roseline Ingram [b: 1878, Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY; d: 15 Jul 1942, bur: Newby Cemetery, Lyon Co., KY] and (2) Clara Duncan.

---[?]DRURY C. MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1844/5] ??I suspect this was not another child of Zadock and Nancy, but just an alternate name for Zedric D. [below] in the 1850 census.

5. ZEDRIC D.[DRURY?] MITCHUSSON [b: 5 June 1845; d: 5 Feb 1877, Trigg Co., KY] --m: Emeline Nickell on 28 Aug 1864. My line is traced through this couple. SEE GENERATION BELOW

6. MARTHA M. MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1848: d: 21 Dec 1858 in Trigg Co., KY]

7. BENJAMIN MAYFIELD MITCHUSSON [b: 8 Aug 1852, Trigg Co., KY; d: 18 Jan 1929, Trigg Co., KY] --m (2) Nancy (Nannie/Mary?) A. Calhoun [b: abt 1854, Trigg Co., KY; d: 4 Aug 1923; b: Matheny Cemetery] on 29 Jan 1880. Benjamin and Nancy's children may have been:
----------Jimmie S. Mitchusson [b: abt 1887, KY]
----------Annie F. Mitchusson [b: abt 1890, KY]

8. GEORGE ANN MITCHUSSON [b: 2 Jul 1854, Trigg Co., KY; d: 20 Nov 1856, Trigg Co., KY]

9. AILCEY EVELINE CEBELLE (E.C.) MITCHUSSON [b: 10 Oct 1855; d: 12 Nov 1931] --m: [1] John T. Bloodworth [b: 10 Aug 1847; d: 1 Dec 1895, Trigg Co., KY] on 19 Sept 1872 in Trigg Co., KY and m: [2] Thomas W. Bush on 19 Dec 1898. At the time of their marriage, John was age 23, and E. C. was age 17. His parents were from TN. Her name appears as A.E.C. on the marriage license. Cebelle and John are said to have had the following children:
----------William Thomas Bloodworth [b: 5 Oct 1872, KY; d: 2 Feb 1942, Trigg Co., KY; bur: Ross-Turner Cem., Trigg Co., KY] --m: [1] Caroline Elzada Fulks [b: 18 Mar 1877, Lyon Co., KY; d: 27 Mar 1898: bur: Newby Cem., Trigg Co., KY], daughter of John Fulks and Docia Barnett and m: [2] Leonia L. Rowland [b: 24 Feb 1877; d: 18 Feb 1968] on 1 Apr 1899 in Trigg Co., KY. Leonia was the daughter of James Rowland and Frances --?--.
----------Benjamin H. Bloodworth [b: 22 Mar 1877; d: 3 Jun 1966] --m: Emma H. Taylor on 9 Feb 1898, Trigg Co., KY.
----------Fatie B. Bloodworth [b: 27 Dec 1879] --m: John H. Boatwright
----------Kenneth B. Bloodworth [b: 31 May 1881; d: 2 Sep 1934]
----------Mont Bloodworth [d: 2 Sep 1935]
----------Zed Bloodworth --m: Ada DePriest
----------[??]Charlie Bloodworth
----------[??]Della Bloodworth

NOTE: It is said that a WILLIAM MITCHUSSON executed a will in Caldwell Co., KY in the 1850's and then died a few years later. Comments about this Will are found in the Quarterly online [Volume 3, Number 4] of the Franklin County, Kansas Genealogical Society of Ottawa, Kansas. Apparently the will indicated William's wish to provide a farm for his slaves and to free them. However, surviving family members did not follow through on his wishes. My question: Which William Mitchusson was this? And does anyone have a copy of that Will or know its exact date?

Generation 6
ZEDRIC D. [DRURY?] MITCHUSSON [b: 5 June 1845, Ironton, Trigg Co., KY; d: 10 Feb 1877, Trigg Co., KY] --m: Emeline Nickell [b: 7 May 1845 {On 7 Mar 1891 Pension application, Emeline swore she was age 41}, Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY; d: 9 Dec 1920, Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; bur: Pinegar Cemetery, near Ironton, Trigg Co., KY] on 28 Aug 1864 in Lyon Co., KY, service done by Rev. Robert Murray.

Zedric enrolled [possibly drafted] in the Union Army as a Private in Company L, 8th Regiment of KY Calvary volunteers. He enrolled 14 Aug 1862 at Trigg Co., KY, reported at Henderson, KY on 13 Sept 1862, was hospitalized with measles on 2 Dec 1862, and after more service was finally discharged honorably on 23 Sep 1863.

Emeline made pension claim #368304 on 12 May 1888 and 7 Mar 1891. However, she received pension #334234. War and Pension records show Zedric's surname spelled "Mitchuson or Michuson." One of Emeline's pension applications indicates that Zedric died of "inflammation, resulting from broken collar bone, incurred by a fall in the U.S. Service + line of duty." At the time of her death from "chronic indigestion," Emeline was living in Energy, Trigg Co., KY at the home of her son William Edward Mitchusson, whose wife Nellie cared for her.

Zedric and Emeline were said to have the following five children, all of whom are mentioned in the 18 Feb 1888 pension application made to the Lyon Co., KY court, as being under age 16 at the time of Zedric 's death:

--WILLIAM HAGGARD MITCHUSSON [b: 15 Mar 1866, Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY: d: 1909] --m: Lou[isa] Ada Bloodworth, possibly on 31 Dec 1898 in Trigg Co., KY. William also known as "Henry" Haggard. Had a son: Zed Jack Mitchusson.

--DORA ANN MITCHUSSON [b: 10 Jan 1868, Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; d: 11 Apr 1945] --m: George Wheeler Landram on 18 Nov 1888 at Marion, KY.

--NANCY ELIZABETH MITCHUSSON [b: 11 Jan 1870/19 Feb 1871, Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; d: May 1895] --m: William Alfonzo Higgins [b: 21 Nov 1869, Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY; d: 17 Jun 1930, Star Lime Works; bur: Newby Cemetery, Lyon Co., KY] on 4 Jul 1887 in Star Lime Works. William was the son of Newton Higgins and Mary Virginia Saville. After Nancy's death, William married Happa Cora Fulks on 2 Jul 1896. William and Nancy are said to have had two female children:

--BENJAMIN MAYFIELD MITCHUSSON [b: 10 May 1871/73, Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY] --m: Nola Walker.

--JULIA ANN MITCHUSSON [b: 26 Oct 1872/27 Dec 1875, Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; d: 26 Apr 1959] --m: Stephen O'Bryan on 15 Jan 1886. Julia's birth is listed differently on different pension applications of her mother. My Line Is Traced Through This Couple

--BARNEY BOYD MITCHUSSON [twin] [b: 10/15 Apr/Sept 1885/88, Ironton/Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; d: 11 Aug 1963 of Congestive heart failure in Trigg Co., KY; bur: Matheny Cemetery, Trigg Co., KY] --m: Nancy Newton [b: 6/7 Aug 1882/5, Ironton, Trigg Co., KY; d: 11 Oct 1927 of Typhoid fever in St. Louis, MO; bur: Oak Hill Cemetery, St. Louis, MO] on 18 Sept 1904 in Dover, Stewart Co., TN by James M. Ross. Nancy was the child of John W. Newton and Maria Mathews. Emeline's child Barney born after Zedric died, his father said to be Doss Calhoun. Boyd and Nancy said to have had 9 children, including:
----------Gilbert Mitchusson [b: 6 Jun 1905, Ironton, Trigg Co., KY; d: 23 Sep 1948. He lived in Afton [?], MO.

--GOLDIE MITCHUSSON [twin] [b: 15 Apr/Sept 1885, Ironton/Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; d: 1887]. Emeline's child Goldie born after Zedric died, her father said to be Doss Calhoun. Goldie said to have burnt to death at age 2.

--WILLIAM EDWARD MITCHUSSON [b: 8/10 May 1888/86, Star Lime Works, Lyon Co., KY/Golden Pond, Trigg Co., KY; d: 21 Feb 1971] --m: Nellie Colston. Emeline's child William born after Zedric died, his father not known for certain.

--Records Not Connected to Families Yet--

--ZANRY Mitcheson m: Sary F. Mitchel in Dallas Co., Alabama on 18 Jul 1820.
--Margaret Rudy, daughter of James Alves and Maria Davis, of Shelby Co., KY married Dr. Hodge, having child Emma Hodge. After his death, she then married "Mr. Mitchusson, by whom she had one son, W.W. Mitchusson." [Which Mitchusson?] She was a sister to Maria Rudy who married Ninian Edwards Mitchusson.
--WILLIAM Mitchusson m: Harriet B. Jones on 13 Jun 1834 in Shelby Co., KY.
--MANEY Mitcherson m: Berry Roach on 21 Jul 1836 in Trigg Co., KY.
--Mrs. HARRIET B. Mitchusson departed this life 20 Feb 1839 in the 28th year of her age.--Shelbyville's Second Cemetery, Shelby Co., KY.
--WILLIAM A./E.? MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1838, KY] --m: Sarah [b: abt 1842, KY] Their children may have been: Georgie D. Mitchusson [b: KY] and Lizzie D. Mitchusson [b: KY]
--CAROLINE S. Mitcherson m: Tiner W. Corbit on 4 Jan 1843 in Trigg Co., KY.
--JACOB C. Micheson m: Sophronia Smith on 15 Jul 1847 at Peoria Co., IL. Sophronia was the child of Ichabod Smith and Anna Harkness.
--ELLEN Mitchusson b: 1 Mar 1853, Caldwell Co., KY.
--CHARLES Mitchusson b: 10 Oct 1853, Caldwell Co., KY.
--DRURY C. Mitchusson m: Catherine B. Mitchell on 19 Oct 1853 in Trigg Co., KY.
--M. F. Mitchusson m: H. G. Early on 29 Feb 1855 in Caldwell Co., KY.
--ANN Mitchusson b: 27 Apr 1859 at Caldwell Co., KY.
--MILDRED Mitchusson b: 5 Jun 1859 at Caldwell Co., KY.
--N.E. Mitchusson b: Aug 1859 at Caldwell Co., KY.
--Unnamed Mitchusson female child born on 5 Dec 1856 in Trigg Co., KY to D.C. Mitchuson and Sarah Mitchell [note says: Unmarried lady]
--JOHN Mitcheson m: Eliza N. McCraw on 6 Oct 1875 in Trigg Co., KY.
--B. N. Mitchuson m: Nannie Calhoon on 29 Jan 1880 in Trigg Co., KY.
--Mrs. SALLY Mitchesson m: John J. Moseley on 24 Dec 1883 in Trigg Co., KY.

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these MITCHUSSON families:
Kathy Rogers line of Edward Mitchusson
Mary K. Kevil Wyrick line of Lucretia (Mitchusson) Kevil
Betty Ravenholt line of Lucretia Calhoun, granddaughter of William Mitchusson?
Scotty Mitchusson line of Abraham Young Mitchusson
George Trampe line of Sinai Y. Mitchusson
Michael James Mitchusson line of James Ford Mitchusson
Dolly Sandor line of A.E.C. (Mitchusson) Bloodworth

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