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--William Mitchusson & Descendants--

[??]Generation 10
JOHN MITCHISON of Prince Georges Co., MD--living there in 1717. Could this be William's father[??]

Generation 9
WILLIAM MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1730] married LUCRETIA --?-- [b: abt 1730]. William died abt 1761 in Craven Co., SC.

Generation 8
The children of William Mitchusson and Lucretia are said to have been:

1. EDWARD MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1752, SC; d: 22 Dec 1827-18 Feb 1828, Caldwell Co., KY]--m: (1) ALSA HAMPTON [d: by 1801/1809], daughter of William S. Hampton [b: 18 Feb 1805] of Richardson Co. {District of Camden}, SC, and (2) FRANCES (Fanny) ---?--- [b: 1780-1790] who appears in 1830 census. William Hampton's father was said to be Richard Hampton [d: 1803] William's wife was Naomi Vaughn [d: 16 Jul 1819], daughter of Vincent Vaughan [d: 1847] and Frances Waddell. Edward and Alsa are said to have had the following children:

--LUCRETIA MITCHUSSON --m: Thomas Kevil on 17 Nov 1807. Thomas' father may have been Ben Kevil who d: 1813.

--WILLIAM HAMPTON MITCHUSSON --m: Patience Clark on 8 Jul 1816 in Caldwell Co., KY.

--NANCY MITCHUSSON --m: Lewis Martin in 1813 in Caldwell Co. KY. Nancy and Lewis had a child:
----------Edward Mitchusson Martin --m: Rhoda Harris in 1834. Edward and Rhoda had a child:
---------------------William Hampton Martin --m: Lucinda Hyde

--PAMELIA T./F.? MITCHUSSON --m: Jacob Pennington [d: 1821/1825] on 22 Aug 1812. Jacob's second wife may have been Jane Johnson whom he married 26 July 1813.

--POLLY (Mary?) B. MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1797] --m: Edward C. Bearden [b: abt 1793] on 1 Apr 1818 in Caldwell Co., KY. Edward was the son of John and Caty Bearden.


--SARAH (Sally) MITCHUSSON --m: William McCarty on 21 Oct 1824. They are said to have a child:
----------Mildred McCarty.

--ELIJAH S. MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1814?, Caldwell Co., KY; d: 23 Mar 1863, Caldwell Co., KY] --m: Mildred (I.?) ------- abt 1833. He served in the KY House of Representatives for Caldwell Co. in 1851-53. Elijah and Mildred had a child:
----------T. K. Mitchusson [b: abt 1844, Caldwell Co., KY; d: 25 Jun 1854, Caldwell Co., KY]

--CLARINDA S. MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1815?, KY] --m: Drury C. Mitchusson on 6 April 1831 in Caldwell Co., KY. Drury was the son of Col. William, Clorinda's uncle. Clorinda and William are said to have had children:
----------W. E. Mitchusson --m: Sarah Sasseen, granddaughter of Lewis and Sally Phelps Sasseen.
----------Drury C. [Chew?] Mitchusson [b: abt 1833/41?, Caldwell Co., KY; d: 21 Oct 1881 {Typhoid Fever}, Lyon Co., KY] --m: Ann E. (Rowland) Barrett [b: 26 Mar 1846, Lyon Co., KY] on 28 Aug 1878 in Saratoga Church, Lyon Co., KY. Ann previously had been married to T. J. Barrett who died 21/23? March 1874, and with whom she had two sons, one being named, Frank M. Barrett. Drury was a farmer. He was described as: 6 ft tall, light complected, hazel eyes, light hair. He enlisted Oct/Nov 1861 or Jan 10/1862 in Co. B. 3rd Rev., KY Cavalry. He was a Second Lieutenant. He was discharged 5 Jul 1865. Ann moved to Weakly Co., TN about 1886. She is found in: (1890) Obion, Weakly Co., TN and Fulton, Fulton Co., KY; (1906) Weakly Co., TN; (1917) Sharon, TN. Drury and Ann are said to have had the following children:
--------------------Eddie Mitchusson [b: 20 Nov 1879] --m: before 1906
--------------------Drury C. [Chew?] Mitchusson [b: 27 Feb 1882] He still lived with his mother in 1906.

2. [Col.] WILLIAM M. MITCHUSSON [b: 19? Nov 1755; d: 1? Nov 1819] --m: PERMELIA (Milly) FORD [b: 13 May 1761/4; d: 16 Dec 1814, likely in KY] on 19 Jun 1777. As a Lieutenant Colonel, William commanded the KY Detached Militia in the War of 1812, but then resigned [following the death of his wife, as I recall] He may have been promoted to Col. William and Permelia are said to have had the following children:

--MARY (Polly) C. (CALHOUN?) MITCHUSSON [b: 6 Sept 1778; d: 21 Nov 1843] --m: James Satterfield [d: 1823] in Sept 1793 in Caldwell Co., KY. It is said their children included:
----------Lucretia C. Satterfield --m: John W. Ford. Lucretia and John had a child:
--------------------James Satterfield Ford --m. Harriet Jane Miles
----------Elizabeth Satterfield [b: abt? 1800, KY] --m: Alexander Dunn on 18 Sep 1816. Elizabeth and Alexander are said to have had a child:
--------------------James Dunn [b: abt 1828, Caldwell Co., KY] --m: Sarah Williamson on 11 May 1855, Caldwell Co., KY. James and Sarah had a child:
--------------------------------Nancy E. Dunn [b: May 1860, Caldwell Co., KY] --m: Benjamin J. Crowell on 24 Feb 1876 in Caldwell Co., KY. Nancy and Benjamin had a child:
-------------------------------------------Sarah Florence Crowell [b: 9 Oct 1877, KY] --m: Wilkie Worthington White in 1898 in KY.

--JOHN (DRURY?) MITCHUSSON [b: 28 Jan 1780, SC; d: 1824-25] --m: [?] Rachel Thompson on 23 Oct 1800 in Livingston Co., KY.

--LUCRETIA MITCHUSSON [b: 20 Apr 1782; d: 27 Nov 1795/98?]

--EDWARD MITCHUSSON [JR.] [b: 23 Sept 1784, SC; d: 31 Aug 1821/4, Caldwell Co., KY] --m: NANCY REYNOLDS [b: bef 1785, SC; d: 1832, Trigg Co., KY] on 30 Sep 1806 in Smithland, Livingston, KY. Nancy was the daughter of Edward Reynolds [d: 1809, Caldwell Co., KY?] and his wife, possibly a Nancy Anderson. The Reynolds are said to have come to KY from Chesrterfield Co., SC. Edward and Nancy are said to have had the following children:
----------Zadock E. [Edward?] F. [Ford?] Mitchusson [b: 1807-09] --m: Nancy M. Johnson on 19 Mar 1833 in Trigg Co., KY. My line is traced through this couple.
See next web page: Zadock E. F. Mitchusson & Family

----------Irena Mitchusson [b: abt 1810] --m: Joel Vickers [b: 1800, SC] on 16 Apr 1830, Trigg Co., KY. Their children are said to have been:
--------------------Mary Ann Vickers [b: abt 1832, Calloway Co., KY; d: 13 Apr 1853, KY] --m: John T. Clark on 24 Nov 1852.
--------------------Cassandra Vickers [b: abt 1833, KY]
--------------------William D. Vickers [b: abt 1837, KY]
--------------------Joel Vickers [b: abt 1840, KY] --m: (1) Caroline Coulson on 12 Sept 1859, (2) B. A. Gardner on 21 Jul 1867.
--------------------Sarah E. Vickers [b: abt 1845, KY] --m: Benton A. Gardner on 22 Dec 1866.
--------------------Mildred Vickers [b: abt 1845, KY]
----------Cassandra F. [Ford?] Mitchusson [b: 1810, KY] --m: Elisha D. Shepherd on 14 Mar 1836 in Trigg Co., KY [his second marriage]. Elisha's first marriage was to Mourning Melton on 14 Dec 1835 in Trigg Co., KY.
----------Mary Evalin[e/a?] Mitchusson
----------Elcy Osborn Mitchusson --m: [?]John B. Shepherd on 2 Nov 1836 in Trigg Co., KY. [?]Otherwise, married to an Osborn?
----------[??]A daughter [b: abt 1817, TN] married a Johnson?

--JAMES FORD MITCHUSSON [b: 28 June 1787; d: bef 16 Aug 1858] --m: Elizabeth Young of KY on 15 March 1810. [Was Elizabeth a sister to: Linia Young b: 21 Oct 1792 who married Thomas Prince [b: 3 Oct 1787] on 28 Feb 181[4?]? The children of James and Elizabeth are said to have been:
----------Sinai Young Mitchusson [b: 11 Dec 1810] --m: Milton H. Carson on 2 Mar 1831 in Caldwell Co., KY. Sinai and Milton are to have had children:
------------------------------Eliza Jane Carson
------------------------------William Carson
----------Mary (Polly) S. Mitchusson [b: 7 Mar 1812; d: 13 Aug 1836]
----------William Young Mitchusson [b: 26 Oct 1813]
----------Permelia-Ann Ford Mitchusson [b: 19 May 1815; d: 5 Aug 1847] --m: John A. Hopson [d: 30 Oct 1854-12 Oct 1855] on 31 Mar 1834. Permelia-Ann and John are said to have had a child:
--------------------Elizabeth Ann Hopson
----------Nancy Young Mitchusson [b: 24 May 1817] --[?]m: Berry Roach on 21 July 1836 in Trigg Co., KY?
----------Abraham Young Mitchusson [b: 24 Mar 1815/19] --m: Sarah E. Pruett on 8 Apr 1858 in Caldwell Co., KY. Abraham and Sarah are said to have a child:
--------------------Sarah E. Mitchusson [b: 1 Aug 1859, Caldwell Co., KY]
----------Elizabeth Ann Mitchusson [b: 13 Jan 1821] --m [1]: George S. Massey on 28 July 1842 in Caldwell Co., KY and m [2]: Col. James Chiles on 7 Oct 1874. The 1860 Grayson County, Texas census lists George and Eliza with their six children. According to An Illustrated History of Grayson County, Texas by Graham Landrum and Allan Smith [published 1967], George S. Massey was one of the wealthiest landowners near Preston Bend on the Red River--an area of Grayson County known for its large plantations before the Civil War. George Massey died sometime after the Civil War. The children of George and Elizabeth are said to have been:
---------------------Henry W. Massey [b: KY]
---------------------Mary E. Massey [b: KY]
---------------------George W. Massey [b: KY]
---------------------James W. Massey [b: TX]
---------------------Robert C. Massey [b: TX]
---------------------Margaret M. Massey [b: TX]
----------Buly Mitchusson [b: 7 Dec 1822; d: 19 Apr 1831]
----------James Ford Mitchusson Jr. [b: 25 Oct 1825; d: 3 Oct 1892, Grayson Co., TX] --m[1]: Caroline A./M.? Mitchell [b: 1828, KY; d: 19 Nov 1866] and m[2] Louisa Jane Adams [b: 1854; d: 1925, Grayson County, TX].
The children of James and Caroline are said to have been:
--------------------William Marcus Mitchusson [b: 28 Dec 1849; d: abt 1900] --m: Minerva Bell Mitchusson [d: Oct 1914]. Their oldest child was:
------------------------------James Ura Mitchusson [b: 19 July 1869, Lyon Co., KY; d: 26 Nov 1951]. --m: Martha Clara Bryan. James came to Grayson Co., TX as a nine year old child with his parents William and Minerva. His grandfather James Ford Mitchusson, Jr. came to Texas sometime between the 1866 and the 1870 census as J.F. Mitchusson a widower is listed on the 1870 Grayson County, Texas census.
--------------------Maria Elizabeth Mitchusson [b: 25 Mar 1852/4, residence: Dry Forks]
--------------------Abraham Young Mitchusson [b: 4 Aug 1854, Caldwell Co., KY; d: Jan. 28 1939, Blanchard, OK; bur: Blanchard Cemetary, OK] --m: Fanny Squires [b: 14 Mar 1859; d: 3 Feb 1936; b: Blanchard Cemetery, OK]. Their children are said to have been:
------------------------------Grover Cleveland Mitchusson [b: 7 Jan 1885, Grayson Co. TX; d: 26 Aug 1974, Blanchard, OK] --m: Minnie --?-- who was a Pentecostal minister in Blanchard, OK, and from whose family Bible some of this information was taken.
------------------------------Clarence Mitchusson [bur: Sperry, OK]
------------------------------Frank Mitchusson [bur: Ada OK]
------------------------------Callie Mitchusson --m: Shockley
------------------------------Vergie Mitchusson --m: Gudgill
------------------------------Ollie Mitchusson --m: Stamps
--------------------James F. Mitchusson [b: abt 1856, Caldwell Co., KY; d: 5 July 1859, Caldwell Co., KY]
--------------------Lowry B./J. Mitchusson [b: 28 Mar 1859, Caldwell Co., KY; d: 1860]
The children of James and Louisa Jane are said to have been:
--------------------John Richard Mitchusson [b: 6 May 1871]
--------------------Harriet Ann Mitchusson [b: 29 Aug 1877, Grayson Co., TX; d: 8 Oct 1964, Grayson Co., TX; bur: Dixie Cemetery, Grayson Co., TX] --m: John Marvin Alexander [b: 21 Dec 1876; d: 20 Jan 1948; bur: Dixie Cemetery, Grayson Co., TX]. Harriet's mother is listed as "Jane" in one record. Harriet and John are said to have had the following children, some of whom may be buried at Dixie Cemetery in Grayson Co., TX:
------------------------------Jessie Jane Alexander --m: [Bewley?]
------------------------------Archie Smith Alexander
------------------------------Alva James Alexander
------------------------------Luther Marvin Alexander
------------------------------Eula Lois Alexander
--------------------Thomas Ford Mitchusson [b: 10 Jul 1880]
--------------------Emily Mitchusson [b: 28 Apr 1882]
--------------------Jesse Loving Mitchusson [b: 23 July 23 1884]
--------------------Arthur Roe Mitchusson [b: 21 July 1887].
----------Johnie Horrace Mitchusson [b: 13 Feb 1828; d: 17 Feb 1828]
----------Emily (Caroline?) Mitchusson [b: 1 Apr 1829, Caldwell Co., KY; d: 7 Feb 1863] --m: William P. A. Chambers on 2 Jan 1849.
----------Ninian E. [Edwards?] Mitchuson [b: 29 Aug 1832, Princeton, KY] --m: Maria A. Rudy in 1861 in Lyon Co., KY. She was the daughter of William Rudy of Lyon Co., granddaughter of James Alves, greatgranddaughter of Walter Alves, a partner in the original Henderson KY grant. Ninian was known as "Ning," his biography appears in the History of Henderson Co., KY by Edward L. Starling, 1887, on pages 694-695 wherein followed is stated: Ning was educated at Cumberland College. He settled in Henderson Co., KY in 1862. He was baptized a Baptist, affiliated with the Blue Spring Church of Caldwell Co., KY, and was a loyal Democrat.
Ning and Maria are said to have had the following children, all living, as of 1887:
------------------------------Charles Mitchuson [b: 27 May 1863, Princeton, Caldwell Co., KY] --m: Laura Barnett of Henderson Co., KY on 24 Nov 1886. Charles was in the "merchant tailoring" business.
------------------------------Mary Alves Mitchuson
------------------------------Bessie Mitchuson
------------------------------Maggie Ruddy Mitchuson
----------[??]Celia Mitchusson
----------[??]Fanny Mitchusson

--WILLIAM MITCHUSSON JR. [b: 31 Mar 1789; 31 Mar 1842] --m: Sally Phelps [d: 1842] who had previously been married to Lewis Sasseen. Alexander Sasseen and his younger brother Francis Green Sasseen were children of Sally and Lewis. William deeded some land to Alexander in 1840/1.

--CASSANDER MITCHUSSON [b: 19 Mar 1791; d: 30 May 1791]

--AILSEY (Alsey?) HAMPTON Mitchusson [b: 2 June 1792]

--DRURY CHEW MITCHUSSON [b: 2 Dec 1795, TN] --m: Clorinda S. Mitchusson on 6 Apr 1831. Clorinda was the daughter of Drury's uncle Edward. [See above for children of this couple.]

--ZADOCK REECE MITCHUSSON [b: 15 Mar 1799; d: 9 Apr 1813]

--NINIAN EDWARDS MITCHUSSON [b: 11 Mar 1802] --m: Caroline [A.?] Jones on 13 Nov 1827 in Shelby Co., KY. Ninian attended the 1825-26 session of the medical school at Transylvania University in Lexington, KY.

The Caldwell Co, KY, USGenWeb site has a transcribed letter of a father to his son who is away fighting in the Mexican War. The letter is from William Mercer of Princeton, KY, to his son, John Edwin Mercer, stationed near Vera Cruz, Mexico. The letter mentions the recently published, scandalous news that Dr. Ninian Mitchusson had fled, after the discovery that he was attempting to poison his lover's husband [Guthrie], and also Ninian's own wife. Does anyone know more about this story, and what happened to Ninian?

[Ninian Edwards likely was named after the famous Kentucky Jurist who later became the first Governor of Illinois and father of Ninian Wirt Edwards, who introduced his wife's sister, Mary Todd, to Abraham Lincoln, and who road with her and her sons on Lincoln's funeral train.]
Caroline's father said to have been: Lowry Jones. Ninian and Caroline are said to have had children:
----------[Infant son] [bur: Mitchusson-Mitchell Cemetery, Shelby Co., KY]
----------Lucy Edwards Mitchusson [b: 12 Feb 1838; d: as infant; bur: Public Burying Ground, Shelbyville, Shelby Co., KY]
----------Elizabeth S. Mitchusson [b: 5 Aug 9 1843; d: after 6 hours; bur: Mitchusson-Mitchell Cemetery, Shelby Co., KY]
----------Ninian E. Mitchusson [b: 5 Aug 1844; d: 24 Aug 1845; bur: Mitchusson-Mitchell Cemetery, Shelby Co., KY]

3. [likely] JOHN D. MITCHUSSON

4. [likely a daughter] MITCHUSSON??

NOTE: LUCRETIA CALHOON [b: SC] married John Stevens [b: SC] in Caldwell Co., KY in 1813. Consent was given by her uncle Edward Mitchusson, who said he had raised her from her "infancy." Who was her mother, sister to Edward?? This Lucretia is said to have had two sisters:
--Gracey Calhoon --m: James Thompson in Caldwell Co., KY
--Emeranda Calhoon --m: William Stevens in Caldwell Co., KY, son of Elijah Stevens.

--Records Not Connected to Families Yet--

--ZANRY Mitcheson m: Sary F. Mitchel in Dallas Co., Alabama on 18 Jul 1820.
--Margaret Rudy, daughter of James Alves and Maria Davis, of Shelby Co., KY married Dr. Hodge, having child Emma Hodge. After his death, she then married "Mr. Mitchusson, by whom she had one son, W.W. Mitchusson." [Which Mitchusson?] She was a sister to Maria Rudy who married Ninian Edwards Mitchusson.
--WILLIAM Mitchusson m: Harriet B. Jones on 13 Jun 1834 in Shelby Co., KY.
--MANEY Mitcherson m: Berry Roach on 21 Jul 1836 in Trigg Co., KY.
--Mrs. HARRIET B. Mitchusson departed this life 20 Feb 1839 in the 28th year of her age.--Shelbyville's Second Cemetery, Shelby Co., KY.
--WILLIAM A./E.? MITCHUSSON [b: abt 1838, KY] --m: Sarah [b: abt 1842, KY] Their children may have been: Georgie D. Mitchusson [b: KY] and Lizzie D. Mitchusson [b: KY]
--CAROLINE S. Mitcherson m: Tiner W. Corbit on 4 Jan 1843 in Trigg Co., KY.
--JACOB C. Micheson m: Sophronia Smith on 15 Jul 1847 at Peoria Co., IL. Sophronia was the child of Ichabod Smith and Anna Harkness.
--ELLEN Mitchusson b: 1 Mar 1853, Caldwell Co., KY.
--CHARLES Mitchusson b: 10 Oct 1853, Caldwell Co., KY.
--DRURY C. Mitchusson m: Catherine B. Mitchell on 19 Oct 1853 in Trigg Co., KY.
--M. F. Mitchusson m: H. G. Early on 29 Feb 1855 in Caldwell Co., KY.
--ANN Mitchusson b: 27 Apr 1859 at Caldwell Co., KY.
--MILDRED Mitchusson b: 5 Jun 1859 at Caldwell Co., KY.
--N.E. Mitchusson b: Aug 1859 at Caldwell Co., KY.
--Unnamed Mitchusson female child born on 5 Dec 1856 in Trigg Co., KY to D.C. Mitchuson and Sarah Mitchell [note says: Unmarried lady]
--JOHN Mitcheson m: Eliza N. McCraw on 6 Oct 1875 in Trigg Co., KY.
--B. N. Mitchuson m: Nannie Calhoon on 29 Jan 1880 in Trigg Co., KY.
--Mrs. SALLY Mitchesson m: John J. Moseley on 24 Dec 1883 in Trigg Co., KY.

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these MITCHUSSON families:
Kathy Rogers line of Edward Mitchusson
Mary K. Kevil Wyrick line of Lucretia (Mitchusson) Kevil
Betty Ravenholt line of Lucretia Calhoun, granddaughter of William Mitchusson?
Scotty Mitchusson line of Abraham Young Mitchusson
George Trampe line of Sinai Y. Mitchusson
Michael James Mitchusson line of James Ford Mitchusson
Dolly Sandor line of A.E.C. (Mitchusson) Bloodworth

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