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Genealogy of Dr. Edward F. Mitchusson

It has been said that Edward was the child of JOHN DRURY MITCHUSSON and LUCRETIA ROBERTS. Edward's siblings were:

--LUCRETIA KEVIL MITCHUSSON born 25 June 1810 and died February 5, 1896 in Rockdale, Texas. On 16 September 1830 she married Drury Mitchusson Kevil who was born 25 December 1808 and died 18 October 1898 in Rockdale, Texas. Their children are said to have been:
------William Kevil [d: Eddyville, KY]
------Uriah L. Kevil [b: 9 Mar 1839; d: 28 Jul 1923]--m: America A. Gore [b: 18 Oct 1848; 10 May 1923]. Both Uriah and America were buried at Norton, Texas.
------Jessie P. Kevil [b: 22 Feb 1847; d: Dec 1938]--m: Sarah Jane George Davis [b: 12 Oct 1858, TN; d: 1941. She was the widow of Dr. V. Davis.
------Mary Kevil
------Millie Kevil

--JACOB ROBERT MITCHUSSON born 4 January 1814 and died in 1849. He married Elizabeth (Betsy) Connell, born 1814 in Alabama. Jacob was considered an heir of his brother by the state of Texas. Jacob was a merchant in Lockhart, Texas. On a trip to New Orleans to buy merchandise he contracted cholera in a house he stayed in, then inadvertently brought it home to his wife. Nine days after his return, Jacob died. Nine days after his death, his wife Elizabeth died of it. They are said to be buried in Lockhart. They left children William Edward Mitchusson, age 7, and Mary Elizabeth Mitchusson, age 5, who were then raised by their mother's younger sister, Mary Ann Connell Wills (Mrs. Wilson Wills).
------William Edward Mitchusson was born 12 November 1842. He died 20 April 1917 and was buried at Bartlett, Texas. On 9 January 1870 he married Margaret Ivy Conoley in Milam County. She was born 7 April 1851. At the age of 19 William enlisted as a volunteer, serving 4 years in the Confederate Army, and he was wounded in a skirmish. William served as Sheriff of Milam County. About 1900 William and his wife moved to Bartlett. Margaret was born in the frame building which housed the First Texas Legislature in West Columbia in 1846. She was the daughter of Rev. Malcolm Campbell Conoley, a Presbyterian minister and teacher. The minister and his family embarked for Texas on a sailing vessel from Wilmington, NC.
------Mary Elizabeth Mitchusson was born 24 February 1844 and died 4 November 1909. She was buried at El Paso, Texas. Her husband was Henry Bishop Elliott who was born 6 March 1840 and died 21 November 1875. He was buried at Camp Bowie, Arizona.

Elizabeth Connell and her sister Mary Ann were children of Sampson Connell Sr. who was born 1783 in TN and died 28 July 1847 in Washington Co., Texas. Sampson married Millie Cook who was born 1783 in TN and died 14 August 1834 in Bastrop Co., Texas. Sampson moved to Alabama from TN. He lived 6 years in Memphis. He moved to Texas in March 1818 and settled at Independence, Washington Co., Texas. Sampson was the Wagon Master at the Battle of San Jacinto on 21 April 1836. He was issue a head right certificate by Bastrop Colunty Board on 14 September 1838 for his service and was given 640 acres of land. His son, Sampson Connell Jr., was appointed Administrator of his estate in 1847. Sampson Sr. lived at Lochart, Texas at the time of his death and is buried there. Other children were: William, David Cook, James, George.

Dr. Edward F. Mitchusson's Parents & Grandparents
South Carolina records in Teal

Edward F. Mitchusson's mother, LUCRETIA ROBERTS [also known as Clarissa/Clarissey??], appears to have been the daughter of a noteworthy Baptist minister, named REV. JACOB ROBERTS. Dr. Edward's father appears to have been JOHN DRURY MITCHUSSON, a son of William and Lucretia Mitchusson, and brother to Col. William and Edward Mitchusson. Here's what I have found:

==1781 JACOB ROBERTS organized a Baptist church in Laurens County, four or five miles south of the present Fountin Inn. This church was often referred to by the pastor's name, though actually it was named "Durbin Creek." There was dissension from other Baptist churches over the way Roberts handled an excommunication in his church. In 1794 this church had 124 members. In 1803 it had 72 members.
[A History of South Carolina Baptists, Joe M. King, The General Board of the S.C. Baptist Assoc., 1964, p. 113,114]

Jacob Roberts was an early Baptist minister in old 96 Distict. He shows in Laurens County in the 1790 Census where he was pastor of several Baptist Churches including Durbin Creek Church...Old Friendship Baptist Church on Tyger River in Spartanburg County was first known as The Jacob Roberts Church for he was the pastor there before and until after the Revolution...Jacob Roberts was excommunicated from the Baptist Church but that did not keep him from continuing to preach and act as pastor...However, the churches that called him were dismissed from the Association."
[Baptists in S.C. to 1806, by Leah Townsend]

==1785 [26 Jan] James Gibson wheelright of Roan Co, NC sold to Jacob Roberts a plantation for shillings (Lease), 50 acres on North Fork of Durbins Creek bordering land of James Moore. Wit: Alexr. Harper, Joseph Barton, Wm Mitchusson, J.P. [November 27, 1806]
[Laurens County Deed Book H, p. 175.]
Same time, and same to same for shillings (Lease), 100 acres adj. above on N. Fk. Durbin's Cr. bordering on Alexr Harper & Ezekiel Griffith. Same Wit., Probate, and page in Deed book.
Abstracts of Early Records of Laurens Co., SC 1785-1820, Sara M. Nash, p. 267]

==1787 S.C. Land Grant to JOHN MITCHESON 066, Vol. 19 LG1787.
[NOTE: The John Mitchusson who was the son of Col. William Mitchusson would have been 7 years old at this time. This likely is a brother to Col. William and his brother Edward.]

==1790 I did not find John Mitchusson in 1790 Federal Census of Laurens Co., SC--or elsewhere.

==1792 [27 April] William Mitchusson bought land bounded by John Mitchusson's land. Grants:
--50 Acres surveyed 21 Aug 1794, in Ninety-six District on Peter's Creek of Enoree River, bounded by lands of Isaac [?Towers], Akines, John Mitchuson.
[SC State Grants, Vol., 41, p. 53; SC Plats, Vol., 33, p. 20.]
--21 Acres surveyed 22 Aug 1794, in Ninety-six District on Gilder's Creek of Enoree River, bounded by lands of John Mitchuson, John Peeks, Wiliam Mitchuson.
[SC State Grants, Vol., 41, p. 55; SC Plats, Vol., 33, p. 22.]

==1800, said, likely mistakenly, that JACOB ROBERTS died before this year, when his church eased its opposition to the local association of Bapotist churches from which it had been severed in 1791, due to Roberts' excommunication of certain members.
[A History of South Carolina Baptists, Joe M. King, The General Board of the S.C. Baptist Assoc., 1964, p. 113,114]

==1800 [23 Oct] William Mitchusson's second son, John Mitchusson, born in 1780, likely married Rachel Thompson in Livingston Co., KY.

===1802 John Mitcherson from Livingston Co., KY sells 150 acres in Greenville Co., S.C.
Greenville Co., S.C. Deed Books Index, 1787-1802, Expanded edition, Robertalee Lent, p. 86.]
[NOTE: This appears to be the John who was brother to Col. William and Edward.]

==1803 [12 Feb] John Mitchusson commissioned Captain of Cavalry, 55th Regiment, Livingston Co., Kentucky "Corn Stalk" Militia.
The "Corn Stalk" Militia of Kentucky 1792-1811, Livingston Co. Regiments, Glenn Clift, p. 115]

==1806 [15 Apr] JACOB ROBERTS deceased. Will proved by Daniel Right and Ezekiel Griffith. John Meador and wife Marey Roberts named as executors. The will mentions Jacob's children, including Clearcy [probably Clarissey] Roberts.
[See box below for full transcription of this will.]
[Laurens Co., Will Book C-1, p. 217]

NOTE: Jacob Roberts' 1804 Will explicitly refers to his daughter as Clarrisey Roberts. However, by 1816/1817 additional legal dealings with the estate explicitly refer to John D. Mitcheson as Clarrisey's husband. Apparently John and Clarrisey were married sometime between 1804-1816/1817. This raises a question. Given John's likely age, was Clarrisey his second wife? If so, who was his first wife, and what happened to her? Was her name Lucretia? One source I have maintains that Edward F. Mitchusson was born 23 Feb 1812, and that Jacob Robert Mitchusson was born 4 Jan 1814.

QUESTION: From this point on, there is some confusion as to which references to John Mitchusson are to the brother of Col. William and Edward, and which are to the son of Col. William, born 1780? Unless I am mistaken, it seems that all the references to John D. Mitchusson are to the brother--and presumed father of Edward F. Mitchusson.

==1809 John Mitchuson appears in First Tax List of Caldwell County, Kentucky.
==1809 [May] John Mitchusson sworn in as deputy to County Sheriff John Bearden, Caldwell Co., KY.
==1809 [May] John Mitchusson and John Bearden, securities for William Anderson, administrator of will of Nancy Reynolds deceased--wife of Edward Reynolds.
==1809 [June] Survey of road from southeast corner of John Mitchusson's property in Caldwell Co., KY to Christian Co., KY line on a direction to Palmyra. William Mitchusson Esq. appointed to allot the hands to work on said road.
==1809 [6 June] John Mitchusson and Col. Mitchusson named in accounts of settlement of Edward Reynolds estate in Caldwell Co., KY [pp. 6-7]
==1809 [31 July] John D. Mitchusson to Cassandra Ford, widow of Zadock Ford deceased of Spartanburg Dist for $600, a negro man Ben, 35. Wit: Wm. Shackelford, Thos. Parks, Thomas Parks, J.P.
[Laurens Co., SC Deed Book J, p. 118]
==1809 [31 July] Cassandra Ford to John D. Mitcheson exoneration of any claim should the said Ben be taken on account of supposed charges against him in Livingston Co., KY (of breaking open a chest and stealing money from a certain Wm. Bond, also of burning a barn crib with corn of said Bond) as I have bought him knowing said accusations. Same wit & probate as above.
[Laurens Co., SC Deed Book J, p. 118]

NOTE: It appears that John D. Mitchusson traveled back and forth between KY and SC at this time, having dealings in both states, including the settlement of his father-in-law Jacob Roberts' estate. It's worth noting that a Caldwell Co. Court Inventory of this period says that it was about a 26 day, 500 mile round trip between Caldwell Co., KY and Laurens Dist., SC.

==1809 [Sept] Darlin Reynolds, age 16, son of Edwards Reynolds, made choice of Edward Mitchusson Jr. as guardian. Edward Mitchusson Jr. with John Mitchusson his security entered into a bond.
==1809 [24 Oct] Legatees of JACOB ROBERTS decd (Frances Brown of Rutherford Co., NC, John Meadows, John Gilbert, John Roberts, Josiah Dean, Isaac Roberts, Jacob Roberts, Thos Roberts, JOHN D. MITCHUSSON) to Mrs. Mary Roberts widow of said J.R. decd for $100, 179 acres on North Fork of Durbins Creek. 1) 100 acres original grant to Wm. Gibson 2) adjacent 79 acres original grant to Ezekiel Griffith, both conv to J. R. decd. Wit: Micajah & Caleb Hughes, T. Parks, J. P. [June 4, 1810]
[Laurens County Deed Book J., p. 153]
==1809 [4 Dec] Isaac Roberts to John Pugh for $578.27, mortgage on negro woman Rose & child Susannah, also all goods & chattels coming to me from estate of J.R. decd. Wit: Wm. Gilbert, JOHN D. MITCHUSSON, Thomas Parks, J. P.
[Laurens County Deed Book J., p. 155]

==1810 [May] On motion of Nancy Reynolds, John Mitchusson appointed guardian for Rebecca Reynolds, 5 years old on 3 Dec. 1809 of Polly Reynolds. John's security is Edward Mitchusson.
==1810 [10 May] Tax List for 1810 in Caldwell Co., KY shows:
JOHN MITCHUSSON --1 wh/male over 21; 2 horses; 267 acres of land; 4 slaves over 16; 5 slaves total.

==1811 [4 Feb] John Mitchusson produced commission from KY Governor, appointing him Sheriff of Caldwell Co., for residue of term of John Bearden, resigned. Entered into bond with William Mitchusson Jr., William Mitchusson Sr., and John Bearden. John Mitchusson also moves that William Mitchusson be his deputy.
==1811 [4 Feb] Fidelio G. Sharp against John Mitchusson, $40 claim in levy of 1807(?1809). Defendent confessed, paid with interest.
==1811 [May] William Mitchusson Sr. appointed Sheriff of Caldwell Co. John Mitchusson was one of his securities. John Mitchusson was made one of his deputies.
==1811 [June] William M. Mitchusson Esq., Sheriff, in open court entered his protest against the present jail as being insufficient to hold public debtors or criminals.
==1811 [Nov] Many claims against John Mitchusson filed in Caldwell Co., court.

==1812 [Feb] William Mitchusson Sr. had resigned position as Sheriff of Caldwell Co., KY.
==1812 [22 Aug] John Mitchusson was a buyer at James Kuykendall estate sale.
==1812 [Nov] In a court action against John G. Clayton, John Mitchusson recovered $227.27.

NOTE: There are a few other mentions of John Mitchusson in Caldwell Co. Court records in the years after 1812. However, I have not listed them here, as likely they are not significant.

==1816 or 1817 [25 Dec] JACOB ROBERTS decd. Return of estate: each legatee's part, debts due for Isaac & John Roberts, amounts paid A. Young, Henry Thrailkill, James Ford, John Pugh, John Meadors. To Mrs. Marey Roberts the widow having recd the old plantation not entitled to any other part. Paid Walter Austin, husband of Matilda Gilbert; John Akin husband of Lucinda Gilbert; Isaac Roberts his share; Josiah Deen husband of Polley, JOHN D. MITCHESON, husband of Clarifsey; Thomas Roberts his share; Jacob Roberts his sh; John Roberts his share; paid Fielder Brown ad of Ellender Brown decd; paid John Gilbert husband of Sarah; paid Marey R. widow of Jacob Roberts her share; retained my own as husband of Elizabeth. Each share $555.39. Ex: John Medor.
[Laurens Co., Will Book D-1, p. 355.]

==1816 [2 Dec]-1817 [25 Jan] Sarah Burton to Edwd Burton and John Lausin (of LD) and Seborn Lomax of Abbeville Dist D.R. on 1/3 of above tr owned by Robt Burton decd. B. by Henry Brockman, Edwd Pugh, Danl McKie, JOHN D. MITCHERSON, Jacob Roberts.
Wit: Thos Taylor, James Bond. Pr: B. Arnold [JP?]
==1816 [2 Dec]-1817 [25 Jan] Seborn Lomax of AD, John Lausin and Edwd Burton (of LD) to John Gravy above third of 120 a. from Sarah widow of Robert Burton decd. On n side of Durbin Cr., b. on Edwd Pugh, Henry Frockman, Danl McKie, J D MITCHERSON, Jacob Roberts. By our rights as legatees Lomas as husband of Dolly, dau of Robt & Sarah Burton, Lawson as husband of Milly Burton, likewise Edwd son of Robt & Sarah B.
Wit: Arch Young, Saml Parks. Pr: Thos Parks, JP.
[Laurens Co., SC, Deed Book K, p. 157.]

==1823 [26 Apr] John D. Mitchison listed in estate of William Dandy, a merchant, as having given Dandy a note, along with many other people. In same inventory, "Jno. A. Mitcheson [gone]" is also listed among the many who had "Accounts due to Wm. Dandy alone." [Laurens Co., SC Wills 1784-1840, pp. 151-2]

==1824 [2 Aug] JOHN D. MITCHUSSON has been charged with revenue tax for one dollar more than by law, he is subject to; and with a pole tax for said year, he is ordered to be relased and the same is ordered to be certified.
==1824 [15 Nov] On motion of Edward Mitchusson, he becomes administrator for estate of JOHN D. MITCHUSSON with John Pennington as his security. Appraisers of estate: William Mitchusson, Lewis Martin, Robert Jones. Recorded February 21, 1825.
[Court Records, pp. 140-141, Caldwell Co., KY]

==1825 [15 Aug] JOHN D. MITCHUSSON released from payment revenue tax on one spotted steed horse for year 1824.

From book: Austin Colony Pioneers, by Worth S. Roy, 1949, p. 54

Elizabeth Connell, sister of David C. Connell, married Jacob Mitcheson in Washington County, March 25, 1841. The Mitchesons settled at the town of Bartlett on the line of Williamson and Bell counties. Elizabeth's brother, David C. Connell of Washington County, Texas married Sarah Jane Clark, September 23, 1845. They had daughter Sarah Connell who married Reed.

3 January 1804 Will of Jacob Roberts

In the name of God, Amen. I Jacob Roberts of the District of Laurens and State of South Carolina, being in a declining state of body, but of sound and perfect judgment, do make constitute and ordain this my last will and testament. Revoking all other by me made, that is to say. Toutihing [sp?] the worley goods that it haith been pleased God to bless me with. It is my will that hole of my estate both real and personnalley, remain and continue in the possession of my beloved wife, Marey Roberts for the purpose of raising and educating my youngest children, or during their widowhood. But in case of her intoranmarridge it is my will that hole of my estate, both real and personnalley, be sold at the discration of my Executors, hereafter to be named, giving such timeley credits, as will be eaqualey divided -- My Beloved wife Marah Roberts to have equal [?Maiety] with my children to it-- My daugher Allemon Brown, Elizabeth Meadowes, Sarah Gilbert, and son John Roberts, and Marey Roberts, Isaac Roberts, Joel Roberts, Thomas Roberts, Cleasurey Roberts, and my daughter Cassy Gilbert is dead and has left two children to it Mitildy Gilbert, Susin Clay Gilbert. My will is that they have on they have one childs[?] part to be equally divided between them when they come of age and in case my wife does cause to dispose of any of my personnal estate to any of my children before a division shall take place it is my will that the property so disposed of shall be valued and that the value thereof shall be kept in a book already provided for that purpose and that it shall be as so [?much] of thire eaqual parts agreeable to a eaqual distribution and it is also my will that at any time after my death if my Executor conseves my estate to be in a [?waisting] situation for want of due care that they proseed to the [?sale] of the same in order to secure the same for the purpose mentioned. As and lastly I appoint my well beloved wife Marey Roberts Executor and my friend John Middows and my son Isaac Roberts Executors of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this 3rd day of January, 1804.
Signed in presents of: David Wright, John Roberts, Ezekel Griffey (his -- mark) by Jacob (X) Roberts (his mark).
[Recorded in Will Book C-1, Page 217, Proven date April 15, 1806. Recorded date is not available. David Anderson Ordy. Laurens District. Bundle 63, Package 5.]

From book: Nacogdoches -- Gateway to Texas
by Carolyn Reeves Ericson, 1974, p. 102

MITCHESSEN, EDWARD F. -- arrived 1835; Citizenship Lists; Entrance Certificate 1835; Physician; b. ca 1807 Virginia; died 6 March 1836 at Alamo; came from Missouri and went with the Texas Army to San Antonio.

MITCHESSEN, JACOB -- Initiated into Milam Lodge #2 on 18 June 1838; administrator of estate of Edward F. -- his brother; died 25 June 1849 of cholera.

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