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Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter --

Generation 6:
I am seeking information on BRADY MAYFIELD, who was likely the father of WILLIAM CARSON MAYFIELD in my line. Brady has been especially difficult to trace. Nothing definite is known about his wife, but I now suspect that she was the NANCY MAYFIELD who appears in the 1840 Blount Co., TN census. Given the family traditions of Cherokee descent which appear in some branches off this line, it makes one wonder if Brady's wife might have been a Cherokee--as was true of at least three other SC Mayfield [Stephen, Jesse, Isaac] wives of that general period. Here are potential pieces of the puzzle which I've found so far:

----------TIME LINE----------

==1770-1780 Brady Mayfield was born [SC?]
==1780-1784 Brady's wife was born [SC?]

==1790 [April/May] a John Mayfield is chosen to serve on a petit jury for the newly formed Pendleton Co.

==1800 Pendleton District, SC census shows the following Mayfield households: Abraham, John Sr., John Jr., Ambrose, Jacob, Elijah, and Molly. [See Ancestry Section Below]

==1810 PENDLETON DISTRICT, SC CENSUS [roll #61, p. 159] shows a BRADY MAYFIELD family [males: 1 (26-44), 1 (10-15); females: 1 (26-44), 4 (under 10). Other Mayfields in that district's census were: Abraham, Austin, Bryant, Edmond, Samuel, and Shuger [Ezekiel?].
==Pendleton District was previously Cherokee land, and in 1810 it adjoined the last Cherokee land remaining in SC. An old stage road from Augusta, GA to Knoxville, TN ran through Pendleton District. [See Boundary Changes Section Below]

==1820 Brady Mayfield family does not appear in any Federal Census.
==1820 Pendleton District, SC census shows these Mayfield families: Abram, Archibald, Briant, Elijah, Samuel.
==1820 Knox Co., TN census is lost.

==1821-1822 Brady Mayfield appears in County Court records of Knox Co., TN, apparently as the defendant, who is found not guilty by a jury. Plaintiff is ANDREW LEABOTT. Other names are hard to read: LINDSEY WRIGHT, S?ITINY O?NBUY, and JANE L?OND who was allowed to give a deposition in Hawkins Co., TN. [January 5, 1821 and July 1-2, 1822]

==1823 HORMAN MAYFIELD [a son?] held in Knox County jail. [Acts of TN 1796-1830]
==1823 Brady Mayfield [possibly a different one or a son] signed a position, probably in Bedford Co., TN, with REUBEN MAYFIELD regarding the Rutherford and Bedford county line.

==1824 MINERVA MAYFIELD [a daughter?] and CALVIN WOLF were married in Knox Co., TN on September 16.

==1825 Brady Mayfield served as a bondsman for the marriage of MALINDA MAYFIELD [a daughter?] to GEORGE CHEATHAM in Knox Co., TN on April 7.
==1825 MARIA MAYFIELD [a daughter?] and THOMAS PRICE were married in Knox. Co., TN on November 17.

Note: In the 1830 census, the household of Thomas Price [males: 1 (20-30), 1 (5-10), 1 (under 5); females: 1 (20-30)] was enumerated just 20 households away from that of Brady Mayfield--and beside the households of James Price and John Price. This likely was the James Price who was Thomas' father.

==1830 KNOX CO., TN CENSUS [roll #178, p. 315] shows BRADY MAYFIELD family [males: 1 (50-60), 1 (5-10), 1 (under 5); females: 1 (40-50), 1 (20-30), 2 (15-20), 1 (10-15)]. There are no other Mayfields in this county's 1830 census.
==1830 St. Clair Co., IL census shows a BRADY MAYFIELD family [a son?].

==1832 KNOX Co., TN Census shows BRADY MAYFIELD.

==1834 MAHALA MAYFIELD [a daughter?] and JAMES PRICE were married in Knox Co. on March 8. Their bondsman was [Bey?] Ferguson. They named one son WILLIAM C.

Note: In the 1830 census, the household of James Price [males: 1 (70-80), 1 (20-30); females 1 (50-60), l (15-20), 1 (10-15)] was enumerated just 21 households away from that of Brady Mayfield--and beside the households of Thomas Price and John Price. This likely was the James Price who was James' father. The household of John Price included [males: 1 (30-40); females: 1 (20-20), 3 (5-10), 2 (under 5)].

==1840 Knox Co., TN census shows no Mayfields.

==1840 BLOUNT CO., TN CENSUS [adjacent to Knox Co.] shows the household of NANCY MAYFIELD [males: 1 (15-19), 1 (10-14), 1 (5-9), 1 (under 5); females 1 (60-69), 1 (50-59), 2 (20-29)]. Nancy may have been Brady Mayfield's widow.
Note: At this time, Brady's wife would have been about 56-60 years old--if it was the same individual in the 1810 and 1830 censuses. If this was the household of Brady's family after his death, it seems that one of the two older females in it may have been someone other than either Brady's wife or one of his children. In 1840, two of Brady's likely daughters had not married, namely Nancy and Mathursa/Mathinsa. Also, there was one daughter who appeared under age 10 in the 1810 Pendleton District census, but whose identity is not known. Also, one wonders who the two young male children are in this household: 1 (5-9), 1 (under 5). Could they have been grandchildren of Nancy?

==1841 NANCY MAYFIELD [a daughter?] and JAMES POE were married in Blount Co., TN on 25 Mar.

==1847 JAMES MAYFIELD [a son?] and MARY HOOD were married in Blount Co., TN on 11 Feb.

==1849 [3 Dec] MALINDA MAYFIELD CHEATHAM died. Her body was buried in the East Hill Avenue Methodist Church's cemetery in Knoxville, TN. But, her grave, along with others from that cemetery, was relocated in 1963 to Section L of the Woodlawn Cemetery in South Knoxville, TN.

==1850 Knox Co. TN census shows no Mayfields.
==1850 Blount Co., TN census [adjacent to Knox Co.] shows a WILLIAM MAYFIELD (age 24) living in a household with ARTHUR KENNEDY (age 24), his wife SARAH KENNEDY (age 21) and their daughter HESTER KENNEDY (age 1). [Was this William C. and the son of Brady? So far I've found no family connection between any Mayfields and the Kennedy couple in this household.]
==1850 Blount Co., TN census shows a JAMES MAYFIELD (age 28, b. TN) and MARY MAYFIELD (age 28, b. TN).

==1851 MATHURSA [Mathinsa?] MAYFIELD [a daughter?] married GEORGE CHEATHAM in Knox Co. Mathursa was George's second wife. His first wife was Malinda Mayfield.

==1854 WILLIAM MAYFIELD married MARGARET COURTNEY in Knox Co., TN on January 4. The bondsman was George Cheatham. [This appears to be the first marriage of William Carson Mayfield who married Sarah Cruze. I think it is likely that Margaret died not long after her marriage to William.]

==1860 Knox Co., TN census shows no Mayfields.
==1860 Blount Co., TN census shows JAMES and MARY MAYFIELD and their daughter SARAH, age 17. One wonders: where was Sarah in the 1850 census? Also, she apparently was born before her parents' marriage. Her age here appears to be confirmed in the 1880 Blount Co. census. [See below.]

==1870 Knox Co., TN census shows William Carson Mayfield and his family in District 15, plus a J M Mayfield (age 36, b. VA), apparent family group of 8 Mayfields living in Ward 6.

==1880 Knox Co. TN census shows William Carson Mayfield and his family.

==1880 Blount Co., TN census shows JAMES and MARY MAYFIELD, both age 58.

According to the 1810 SC & 1830 TN censuses:

b. SC/1 male b: 1795-1800 [HORMAN ?]
b. SC/1 female b: 1800-1810 [MINERVA?--b: 1805, m: 1824, in OH by 1827]
b. SC/1 female b: 1800-1810 [MALINDA?--m: 1825, deceased by 1837?]
b. SC/1 female b: 1800-1810 [MARIA?--b: abt 1809, m: 1825]
b. SC/1 female b: 1800-1810 [?] This child, who appears as one of the four young females in the 1810 census, is currently unknown. Perhaps she died young?
b. SC/1 female b: 1810-1815 [MAHALA?--b: 1813/1814, m: 1834]
b. SC/1 female b: 1810-1815 [NANCY b: abt 1815? m: 1841]
b. SC or TN/1 female b: 1815-1820 [MATHURSA/MATHINSA? m: 1851] [??late marriage, at age 31-36]
b. TN/1 male b: 1820-1825 [JAMES ?]
b. TN/1 male b: 1825-1830 [WILLIAM CARSON ?]
In 1830 Brady would have been 50-60 years old, and his wife abt 46-50, assuming Brady's wife is the same individual in both 1810 and 1830 censuses. In the 1840 census, Brady's wife would have been abt 56-60.

Generation 5:
The children of Brady and his wife may include:


--MINERVA MAYFIELD [b: 28 Nov 1805 in NC/SC?]--m: Calvin Wolf on 16 Sept 1824 in Knox Co. 1850 Jasper Co., IA census indicates Minerva was born in SC. Minerva died in 1856, probably in Jasper Co., IA. Their children were:
--Catherine Matilda [Malinda?] Wolfe [b: 15 Aug 1825 in Knoxville, Knox Co., TN]. She died 23 Dec 1874 in Peru, Madison Co., IA.
--Nancy Emaline [Emeline?] Wolfe [b: 20 June 1827 in OH]--m: Charles C. Thorpe on 11 Nov 1847 in Jasper Co., IA.
--Rebecca Wolfe [b: 2 Sept 1829 in OH]--m: Stephen J. Sparks, 26 December 1863 in Jasper Co., IA.
--Eli W. Wolfe [b: 14 Oct 1831 in Preble Co., OH]--m: Harriet Pees, 14 July 1853 in Jasper Co., IA.
--Theresa [Thurza?] M. Wolfe [b: 1 June 1834 in Jefferson Twp., Preble Co., OH]--m: Andrew Jackson Sedoris on 20 Nov 1858 in Jasper Co., IA. She was called "Aunt Thurza." She died 1 Jan 1916.
--George W. Wolfe [b: 29 Jan 1838, Warren Co., IN]--m: Rebecca Gile on 17 March 1859 in Jasper Co., IA. He died 24 March 1863 in Paducah, McCracken Co., KY.
--Charles Meeker Wolfe [b: 26 July 1842, IN]--m: (1) Sarah Ellen Wheeler on 15 Feb 1863 in Jasper Co., IA who died before Oct 1865 and (2) Johanna Wheeler on 14 Oct 1865 and (3) Lecretia [Lucinda?] Zook 9 Feb 1890 in Brownville, NE.
--Minerva Isrelda Wolfe [b: 13 Mar 1848 in Newton, Jasper Co, IA]--m: William Thomas Zook on 06 November 1864. William and Charles Wolfe's wife Lecretia were siblings, the children of William Harrison Zook and Cinthia Mullis. Minerva died 26 May 1929 in Grand Island, Hall Co., NE.

--MALINDA MAYFIELD--m: George Cheatham on 7 April 1825 in Knox Co. After Malinda's death in 1849, George married MATHURSA MAYFIELD on 11 Jan 1851 in Knox Co. George may have changed his surname from "Chittum." Family traditions indicate that George or Malinda may, to some degree, have been of Cherokee descent. Malinda and George had two known children:
--William Cheatham
--Frances (Ann/Mae?) Cheatham--m: Isaac Householder on 4 Mar 1853 in Knox Co., TN.
[Contact Carol Clendening for this line.]

--MARIA MAYFIELD [b: abt 1809, SC; d: likely by 19 July 1860 census]--m: Thomas Price [b: abt 1796, TN] on 17 Nov 1825 in Knox Co. Thomas was a brother to James C. Price, who married Mahala Mayfield. The parents of Thomas and James were James Price [b: 1760] and Esther. Thomas and Maria appear in the 1850 Knox County TN census, where he is listed as a farmer and owning $200 of real estate value. This census lists Nancy Cheatham [b: abt 1827, TN] as living in the Price household. The family without Maria, Washington, and John appears in 1860 Knox Co. census. In that census Jane Tomison [age 40, b: TN] is listed as "serving." The children of Thomas and Maria were:
--Washington Price [b: abt 1824, TN]
--John Price [b: abt 1830, TN]
--Leonidas Price [b: 1834-1836, TN]
--Mary Ann M. Price [b: 1839-41, TN]
--Carter Price [b: 1842-1844, TN]
--James Price [b: abt 1846, TN]

--MAHALA MAYFIELD [b: 1813/1814, SC]--m: James C. Price [b: 1806/1807, TN] on 8 Mar 1834 in Knox Co. Samuel White, Justice of the Peace, performed the marriage; bondsman was Benjamin Ferguson. James [b: 1807, Knoxville, Knox Co., TN] was a brother to Thomas Price, who married Maria Mayfield. The parents of James and Thomas were James Price [b: 1760] and Esther. Family tradition indicates that Mahala may, to some degree, have been of Cherokee descent. The children of James and Mahala, who appear in the 1850 and 1860 censuses of Knox Co., TN, were:
--Isabella Price [b: 19 Jun 1841 in Knox Co., TN]--m: David Music on 2 Aug 1851 in Knox Co., TN. Isabella died in Knox Co. and is buried in the Central Baptist Bearden Church Cemetery in Knox Co. TN. 
--Isaac N. Price [b: March 1845 in Knox Co., TN]--m: Araminta Fultner on 5 Jan 1876 in Knox Co., TN. Isaac died 21 December 1914 in Knox Co TN.  He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Knox Co. TN.  Araminta was buried January 1833 beside Isaac.
--James L. [H.?] Price [b: 30 Apr 1839 in Knox Co., TN]--m: Annie Elizabeth Feathers in Knox Co., TN. James died 02 June 1902.
--Elizabeth J. Price [b: 1843/1844 in Knox Co., TN]--m: James Music on 1 Jan 1862 in Knox Co., TN.
--Hester [Esther?] Ann Price [b: 03 Sept 1845/1846 in Knox Co., TN]--m: J. Anderson Tarwater [b: 15 Apr 1841] on 16 November 1873 in Knox Co., TN.  Hester died 9 March 1922 and J. Anderson died 30 June 1916, both in Knox Co., TN.
--William Carter Price [b: 1848-1850 in Knox Co., TN]--m: Martha Poe on 25 Jan 1863 in Knox Co., TN. [Appears in 1880 Anderson Co., TN Census]
[Contact Tina Price for this line.]

--NANCY MAYFIELD [b. abt 1815, SC]--m: James Poe on 25 Mar 1841 in Blount Co., TN. James [36] and Nancy [35] appear in 1850 Knox. Co., TN census with these children:
--Martha A. Poe [b. abt 1843] Note also that Martha married Mahala Mayfield's son William Carter Price in 1863.She is said to have died about 1889 and in the 1880 census lived in Anderson Co., TN..
--Mary Poe [b. abt 1844]
--Sophronia Poe [b. abt 1849]

--MATHURSA [Mathinsa?] MAYFIELD [b. abt 1815-1820, SC or TN?] --m: George Cheatham in 1851 in Knox Co., TN.

--JAMES MAYFIELD [b. abt 1822, TN]--m: Mary Hood on 11 Feb 1847 in Blount Co., TN. Their possible child born before their marriage was:
--Sarah Mayfield [b. abt 1843, TN].

--WILLIAM CARSON MAYFIELD [b: abt 1826, TN] --likely m: (1) Margaret Courtney on 4 Jan 1854 in Knox Co. Michael Davis, Justice of the Peace, performed the marriage; George Cheatham was the bondsman. William did marry (2) SARAH CRUZE on 12 September 1861 in Knox Co. Lewis Anderson, Justice of the Peace, performed the marriage; John D. Newey was the bondsman. William's parents were born in SC. William and Sarah named their first child: Robert Brady Mayfield, presumably using the names of their fathers.

Sarah's parents were ROBERT CRUZE/CREWS and MARY ANN BURNHAM. Sarah was born Jan 1846 in TN to ROBERT CRUZE/CREWS and MARY ANN BURNHAM. Sarah lived in the Vestal section of Knox Co. at the time of her death in 12 Nov 1917, during a flue epidemic. Her funeral and burial took place at Jones Chapel M.E. Church. In the last years of her life lived with son James Harvey Mayfield.

Generation 4:

William and Sarah's children were:

--ROBERT BRADY MAYFIELD [b: Apr 1862, Knoxville, Knox Co., TN]--m: MAGNOLIA DAVIS of Blount Co., TN, in Knox Co. on 30 Nov 1886. G. W. Brewer, Minister of the Gospel, performed the marriage; W. H. Cruze was bondsman. Robert Brady was reared in South Knoxville. He was employed by the Southern Railway for a long time, working in Knoxville and Cincinnati. He returned to Knoxville to resume his old job as yard brakeman and inspector. In helping to switch cars in the Lonsdale rail yards, near where he lived, Robert Brady fell under the train's wheels and was killed on 27 Sept 1907. He was buried in the cemetery at Jones M.E. Chapel, Knoxville. According to his obituary, "He was highly respected--by all who knew him. He leaves a large relationship." [My line is traced through this couple.] [See my web page on Magnolia and her Davis Family.]

--MARY L. J. MAYFIELD [b: abt 1864]--m: WESLEY SANDS in Knox Co., on 13 Aug 1892.

--LUCINDA J. MAYFIELD [b: abt 1867]--m: WILLIAM D. ROCHESTER in Knoxville, Knox Co. on 10 Mar 1889. William presumably died before 1900.

--JAMES HARVEY MAYFIELD [b: 30 September 1870, Knox Co., TN]--m: MARY LEONA MARANVILLE on 16 Mar 1893 in Knox Co., TN. R. M. Johnson, Justice of the Peace, performed the service; bondsman was J. H. Surratt. James was reared on a farm in Tarklin Valley in South Knox County. He worked for Southern Railway. The couple's home bordered on the cemetery at Jones' Chapel in Knoxville [now Vestal United Methodist Church], and has since been torn down. James died on 24 Nov 1939. Mary was born 15 Oct 1873/79 and died 30 Dec 1954. Both James and Mary were buried at Mount Olive Cemetery in Knoxville.

--NANCY MAYFIELD [b: August 1870, Knox Co. TN]--m: WILLIAM R. MILLIGAN in Knox Co. on 24 Dec 1890. W. L. Cottrell, Baptist Minister of the Gospel, performed the marriage; W. D. Rochester was the bondsman.

--JOHN LAMAR(?) MAYFIELD [b: 16 September 1872, Knoxville, Knox Co., TN]--m: (1) ANNIE MARONEY in Martinez, Contra Costa Co., CA on 27 Feb 1896 and (2) GALENA H. WILCOX. Annie was buried in Benicia Catholic Cemetery (Old) on 9 Jan 1897--Lot 37 in Row 4. John served in the Spanish-American War 16 July 1897 to15 July 1900, achieving the rank of Corporal, 6th Infantry. By occupation he was a decorator [house painter]. He last resided in Mill VAlley, CA. John died on 27 Mar 1948 at Fort Miley Veteran's Hospital in San Francisco, San Francisco, CA and is buried at Golden Gate National Cemetery in San Francisco.

--WILLIAM A. MAYFIELD [b: July 1875, Knox Co., TN]--m: LOTTIE OWENS in Knox Co. on 24 Dec 1896. W. R. Dawson, Minister of the Gospel, performed the marriage; bondsman was Wright Maranaville. William died after 27 Mar 1948. William and Lottie are said to have been buried at Vestal United Methodist Church.


--SARAH E. MAYFIELD [b: August 1880--m: ____ TUNNEL. She is said to have lived in Kodiak, Churchill, and Rogersville [where she is buried], TN.



Given his known presence in Pendleton District, SC in 1810, Brady Mayfield [b: 1770-1780] might have been a son in one of the following families who appear in the 1800 census for that district [though this might not be the case, as Brady is listed in 1810 as already having a son age 10-15]:
==Abraham Mayfield: 1 male (45+up), 1 male (16-26), 1 male (10-16), 2 males (under 10), 1 female (26-45), 1 female (10-16), 1 female (under 10)
==John Mayfield Sr.: 1 male (45+up), 3 males (16-26), 3 males (10-16), 1 female (45+up), 1 female (26-45), 1 female (10-16), 2 females (under 10)
==Ambrose Mayfield: 1 male (45+up), 2 males (16-26), 2 males (10-6), 3 males (under 10), 1 female (26-45), 2 females (10-16), 2 females (under 10)
==Molly Mayfield: 1 male (45+up), 2 males (16-26), 2 males (under 10), 1 female (45+up), 1 female (16-26)

Other Mayfields listed in the 1800 census for Pendleton District were:
==John Mayfield Jr.: 1 male (26-45), 2 males (under 10), 1 female (16-26)
==Jacob Mayfield: 1 male (16-26), 1 female (16-26), 2 females (under 10)
==Elijah Mayfield: 1 male (26-45), 2 males (under 10), 1 female (26-45), 3 females (10-16), 5 females (under 10)

A researcher has suggested that the above 1800 Pendleton Co. Mayfields [possibly excluding Abraham] were related to nearby Greenville Co. Mayfields, including Abraham Mayfield who lived there and likely was a son named in the 1778 will of Abraham Mayfield in Granville Co., NC. Apparently Rev. Henry Wood [b: 1 Dec 1756, Bertie Co., NC] applied for a Revolutionary War pension in 1833 in Spartanburg Co. SC. As part of that application, Abraham Mayfield of Greenville Co. attested that he had known Henry for 55 years. Henry's father Pennell Wood had lived in Granville Co., NC before moving to Spartanburg District. Reuben Mayfield was an executor of Pennell Wood's estate in 1810 in Spartanburg. Also, there were several Wood-Mayfield marriages.

With the possible exception of Abraham Mayfield [if it is the same Abraham], none of the above Mayfields in the 1800 Pendleton District census seem to appear in the 1810 Pendleton census or in ANY SC census for 1810! The 1810 Rutherford Co., TN census shows the following Mayfields: Ambrose, James, John, John, Thomas, William--so, possibly that is where many members of that family moved. [This is intriguing because, as noted above, a Brady Mayfield signed a petition with Reuben Mayfield in 1823 regarding the boundary between Rutherford and Bedford counties in TN.]

1810 Pendleton District, SC census shows the following Mayfield families in addition to Brady Mayfield's family:
Abraham, Austin, Bryant, Edmond, Samuel [likely in 1800 Union District, SC census], Shugar [likely in 1800 Fairfield District, SC census].

1820 Pendleton District, SC census shows the following Mayfields, and no Brady Mayfield:
Abram (45+up), Archibald (26+under 45), Briant (26+under 45), Elijah (16+under 25), Samuel (45+up)

Although unsubstantiated thus far, one Mayfield researcher thought it very likely, based on Brady's 1810 SC location, that he was the grandson of ROBERT MAYFIELD [wife: SARAH] who was born about 1732 in Spottsylvania Co., VA and died about 1817 in Chester District SC.

Robert is said to have had children: Elisha, Abraham, Edmond, Ezekiel [Sugar], Allen, Obediah, Stephen, Samuel, and Jonathan. The researcher noted that about the time Brady was born, some of Robert's children, such as Edmond, had sons whose names are unknown.

Robert himself is said to be the son of ABRAHAM MAYFIELD [wife: ELIZABETH] who was born about 1681 in Essex Co., VA and died 1778 in Granville Co., NC. In turn, Abraham is said to have been the son of ROBERT MAYFIELD [wife: SARAH] who was born about 1635/45 possibly in Gloucester Co., VA, and died 3 December 1714 in Essex Co., VA. Most say this Mayfield line came from England; others have suggested Germany.



Pendleton District was in the upper, western-most corner of SC, with the exception of a slice of land on its far western flank which was set off as Cherokee lands from 1777-1819. Here's an approximate timeline of changes to the land covered in the 1810 census of Pendleton District:
--1766 the land was all Cherokee land set off by a boundary.
--1785 the land was added to the adjoining District of 96, and deeds were registered in the adjoining counties [roughly south to north] of Abbeville, Laurens, and Spartanburg. A smaller slice of this land at the western-most flank continued to be Cherokee land until 1819.
--1789 the land was divided into two counties: Greenville Co. to the east and the much larger Pendleton Co. [containing Pickensville] to the west.
--1791 the land containing the two counties was designated as Washington District.
--1798 the land of Pendleton Co. became Pendleton District.
--1817 the last section of Cherokee land, the slice to the west, was absorbed into Pendleton District.
--1826 Pendleton District disappears as it is divided into two new counties: Pickens Co. to the north; Anderson Co. to the south.
--1860 the western part of Pickens Co. becomes Oconee Co.

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these MAYFIELD families:

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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