Hendrickson Given Names
Clues to Hendrickson Ancestors?

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In the past, children were often named for parents and other relatives, and sometimes for honored friends and famous people. Sometimes a traditional naming pattern was used. Perhaps by studying Hendrickson descendant names, we will be able to find important clues to the ancestors of this family. It has not yet been proven that Barbara, Elizabeth, David, Nancy Ann and Dr. Levi were all siblings of Solomon, Jesse, and Frances, but there is a strong possibility that most, if not all of them were--thus, likely children of SIMEON and NANCY or FRANCES HENDRICKSON.

fm=(father's mother)          mf=(mother's father)         nOH=(neighbor in Ohio)
fb=(father's brother)        mbw=(mother's brother's wife)         us=(U.S. President)

[Second Row shows given names of Hendrickson's spouse's parents, if known.]

Barbara Hendrickson
Philip Firebaugh
Elizabeth Hendrickson
William Dobbins
Solomon Hendrickson
Elizabeth Wallace
Dr. Levi Hendrickson
Hannah Frazee (Liston)
David Hendrickson
Ruth Nelson
Jesse Hendrickson
Ruth Maxwell
Frances Hendrickson
John J.
Elizabeth Hendrickson
Ephraim Yarrington[Jr.?]
Nancy Ann Hendrickson
Edward Latta
Heinrich &
John &
Robert &
John &
Ephraim?George &
AdamJulia AnnMaryJosephRebeccaRachel AgnesMary "Polly"George
Nancy Ann
Mary Ann
Robert Maxwell
RachelEvelineNewmanJamesEliza Jane
Fanny [Frances?] Jane
Fanny [Frances?] Jane
AmosOtis PlimptonSolomon A. (mb)TheodoreAlfred Dobbins [cousin?]
AmosWilliam LamdenaElizabeth
Rebecca D.Mathilda
CatherineSarah JaneMordecaiJosiah (Jessie)
John Neisley
David H.
Margaret Emmeline
Mary AnnElizabeth
Jesse Townsend
Ephraim Yarrington
Benjamin Libern
William Jasper

Some Thoughts About the Above Given Names:

--Based on the given names of BARBARA HENDRICKS(ON)'S children, there does NOT seem to be a connection between her and the other Hendrickson families.

--The name FRANCES ["Fanny"] appears in three of the above six families and in two instances is connected with the name Jane. Were these children named after Simeon's wife Frances? Was her middle name Jane? It is also possible that Simeon's wife was named Nancy.

--The name SIMEON does not appear here, or among any of the currently known grandchildren of these couples. However, that does not necessarily mean he was not the father of these early Hendricksons.

--Was SOLOMON HENDRICKSON's middle initial "A."? A nephew and grandnephew named Solomon have those middle initials.

--The name DAVID is seen twice in the above listing. Was that a sibling of these Hendricksons?--possibly the David Hendrickson who married Ruth Nelson in Allegany Co., MD in Feb 1817?

--The surname PLIMPTON seems, in the early/mid 1800's, to be found primary in New England and New York.

--It's possible that ALFRED DOBBINS was a child of Elizabeth Hendrickson [b: 28 Dec 1778; d: 29 Dec 1847] who married William Dobbins [b: abt 1765; d: 4 Feb 1855], presumably in PA or MD? This couple is said to have lived in Rock Twp, Harrison Co., OH, which became Carroll Co., OH. This Elizabeth has been said to be a child of Sim[e]on [b: 23 Oct 1749] and Nancy Hendrickson [b: abt 1753]. This family is mentioned in Genealogy of the Lee and France Families by Walter Scott Lee, 1964. [It is not clear at present, why two daughters in this family would go by the name Elizabeth, as seems to be the case]. I found a William Dobbins in the 1810 census records for Saltlick Twp, Fayette Co., PA, in the same area Simeon Hendrickson had once been. In the 1830 census, a William Dobbins appears in Belmont Co., OH, and an Alfred Dobbins appears in Jefferson Co., OH. In the 1840 and 1850 censuses, William Dobbins [two individuals by that name in 1850] appears in Carroll Co., OH. Elizabeth and William are said to have had a child:
----Julia Ann Dobbins [b: 3 Feb 1805 in PA; d: 25 May 1880 of heart disease; bur: Green Hill Cemetery, Carroll Co., OH--m: David Lee [b: 6 Sep 1801, Somerset Co., PA] on 8 Apr 1827 in Carroll [Columbiana] Co., OH.]
----Alfred Dobbins [not proved yet, but it seems very likely they had a son by this name, in part because Julia Ann named one of her children Alfred D.].
Nancy Ann Hendrickson, likely sibling of Solomon, is said to have named one of her children Alfred Dobbins Latta, and another child Ephraim Yarrington Latta supposedly after her brother-in-law.,
--The surname LAMDENA does not appear in a single LDS online record for the U.S., at present. Was this a surname?

--The name JOHN NEISLEY appears in an OH census, not far from where the Hendricksons lived.

--LDS records show that a JESSE TOWNSEND married Jane Maxwell [likely Ruth Maxwell's sister] on 15 Apr 1830 in Fairfield Twp, Carroll Co., OH. Thus, it appears that Jesse Townsend Maxwell was likely named for an uncle-in-law. At this point, I don't know the parents of that Jesse Townsend. But I find the following intriguing: There was a JESSE TOWNSEND who was born 27 Jul 1767 in Concord Mm, Chester Co., PA, son of Benjamin Townsend [10 Dec 1742, Upper Chichester, Chester Co., PA; d: Westland, Washington Co. PA] and Edith Evans [b: abt 1745, of Chester Co., PA. Jesse was a Quaker, whose marriage to Edith --?-- in 1793, is noted in Hinshaw's, Quaker Records Abstracts, Vol IV for Ohio, pg 63 Westland MM, Washington Co, PA. It also mentions that in 1805 this couple transferred to the Quaker's Redstone Meeting in Fayette Co, PA--where Simeon Hendrickson lived. Jesse's father Benjamin apparently moved on to Columbiana Co., OH. His probate records there [1822-1826] mention Jesse Townsend as an heir, living in Fayette Co., PA. The records for the birth of Jesse Townsend and his siblings are found on p. 40, Church Records, Vol. 2, Concord MM births and deaths of Peden & Launey, Delaware Co., PA. Other siblings of Jesse mentioned there are: Esther [b: 1769], Benjamin [b: 1773], Sarah [b: 1777], Lydia [b: 1779], Mary [b: 1782]. In the will of Jesse Hendrickson's father-in-law Robert Maxwell [probated 1853, Perry Co., OH], he mentions his daughter, Jane Townsend, which was likely her married name.

--The Latta family organization web site notes that EPHRAIM YARRINGTON was a brother-in-law of Nancy Ann (Hendrickson) Latta. A possible source for this was a 1930 note which Ephraim Yarrington Latta himself [the individual named for Ephraim] contributed to.

--The surname LIBERN was not common in the early U.S., and may be of German/Swiss origin. However, it may be significant that in his Oct 1853 will, Robert Maxwell, father of Ruth who married Jessie Hendrickson, mentions a son by the name of "LYBRAND."

--The identify of WILLIAM JASPER is unknown at present.

--Are the people named RACHEL above, named after RACHEL HENDRICKSON [b: abt 1790; d: 1842]--m: John McCarty [b: abt 1788], both being of Somerset Co., PA? Was this Rachel a sister of Levi Hendrickson, and of the other Hendrickson siblings? There's a possibility she could also have been the daughter of Levi noted above. Also, there could be connections with the names of the children of Rachel and John, as found on the LDS web site:
----Charlotte Ellen McCarty [b: 18 Jun 1814, Somerset Co., PA; d: 12 Jan 1896, Magnolia, Putnam, IL]--m: Thomas Philson on 1 Sept 1835, Somerset Co., PA. The children of Thomas and Charlotte are said to have been: Mary, Alizanna, Isabelle, Jown W., Alexander Hayse, and Lydia Jane, all born in Canal Dover, Tuscarawas Co., OH.
----Alizanna McCarty [b: abt 1816] of Somerset Co., PA.
----Abi McCarty [b: abt 1818, Berlin, Somerset Co., PA; d: 1903, Webster City, IA]
----Mary McCarty [b: abt 1820] of Somerset Co., PA.
----Jane McCarty [b: abt 1822] of Somerset Co., PA.
----John McCarty [b: 23 Mar 1822, Berlin, Somerset Co., PA; d: 16 Mar 1897]
----Ann McCarty [b: abt 1824] of Berlin, Somerset Co., PA.
----Joseph Hendrickson McCarty [b: 20 Sep 1830, Berlin, Somerset Co., PA; d: 30 Mar 1897]


The chart below [not yet complete, and possibly with some mistakes until I have time to check it more carefully] shows the given names of the known grandchildren of the Hendrickson couples listed in the above chart. Names in bold are those which appear in the same family in the above chart. The number in parenthesis indicates how many times grandchildren were given a specific name.

Elizabeth Hendrickson
William Dobbins
Solomon Hendrickson
Elizabeth Wallace
Dr. Levi Hendrickson
Hannah Frazee (Liston)
David Hendrickson
Ruth Nelson
Jesse Hendrickson
Ruth Maxwell
Frances Hendrickson
John J.
Elizabeth Hendrickson
Ephraim Yarrington[Jr.?]
Nancy Ann Hendrickson
Edward Latta
JonathanSolomon (4)Mary Jane-Rebecca
-Rebecca Iola
-Mattie Rebecca
John C.
Thomas JeffersonLeannah
William D.David (3)Thomas J.NancyWilliamJohn NewtonNancy (2)
-Nancy Estella
Martha-James (2)
-James Randolph
-Robert Maxwell (2)
-Thomas Maxwell
-Robert Clarence
SilasUseba AnnEdward
-Edward Theodore
Alfred D.Elizabeth (2)Rachel
-Alice Eveline
Henry MadisonSolomon HendrickFrances
DavidJohn (2)Josephine-Fanny Jane
-Minerva Jane
Spilsbury C.Francis MarionMatilda
GideonWilliam (2)Hortense-Otis Plimpton
-Isaac Plimpton
-Marsena Plimpton
Oliver C.TheodoreJoseph
Elizabeth AnnKatherine (2)Jesse-William Lamdena
-William Benjamin
-William Lawson
-Perry Lawson
Solomon A.Mary ElizabethDavid
-David Newton
Caroline Jane-Eliza Jane
-Eliza A.
Edwin R.Sarah JaneIrwinGeorge WashingtonHannah
Julia AnnMargaret J.Mary B.John NeisleyLucyWilliam S.George (2)
AmosJohn P.Mary AnnMargaretEphraimMary Jane
-Mary Ann
Joshua H.
[form of Jesse Hendrickson?]
-Lydia/Eliza Ann
CoraJames William
-William Orley
Joseph H. [Hendrickson?]-Jesse Hendrickson (2)
-Jesse Townsend
-Jessie Libern
-Jessie Canfield
-Jessie Harmon
Ann (2)Benjamin LibernAlbert L.Charles Fredericks
-Charles Bradshaw
Mary AnnJames OliverMary J.Bert E.
Nancy A.MillardEmily
James MadisonGeorgeLizzie
Thomas JeffersonJohn WesleyLeonore
RebeccaJanna MayJohn
CharlesNellie CoralGranville
IsabellaEdmund RandalIda Temperance
Richard Kate PerninaLydia A.
Isaac F.Edith ElvinHenry Brough
-Clarrissa Ann
Thomas Worthington
[early OH Governor]
Albert Parker
Lillian Maude
Jessie Grace
-Jessie Lewis
Minnie Blanche
Kemper Wesley
Merchant Leslie
Zeena Richmal
Dora Belle
Stanley Selman
Delmer Birkey
Nettie Edith

Some Thoughts About the Above Given Names:
[to be completed]

The Gin Ridge Clans by Arthur Kent Hall, 1998, published by Anundsen Publishing Co. in Decorah, IA is a helpful compilation of information on this Hendrickson family. This book gathers up and presents basic information on this family which is available from a variety of sources [including some of my own research done years ago] and also adds much new information, particularly regarding descendants and some of the McDonough County families they married into.

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these HENDRICKSON families:
Lisa A. Castlebury

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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