PA; Allegany Co., MD; Columbia Co. OH; McDonough Co., IL

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Researchers believe that JOHN HENDRICKSON [b. bef 1729-abt Jul 1787, Nelson Co., KY] and his wife EVE [b. abt 1729] were the parents of SIMEON (SIMON) HENDRICKSON who appears below. Other children of John and Eve are believed to have been: ISAAC [b. bef 1749], LEONARD [b. bef 1751], WILLIAM [b. 1763-65], BARBARA [b. 1772, KY], ELIZABETH [b. abt 1774, PA], SAMUEL, [b. bef 1775], MARY, and an unknown child.

SIMEON (SIMON) HENDRICKSON [?23 Oct 1749, Allegany Co.,MD-?10 Apr 1822, Harrison Co., OH] and his wife FRANCES (FANNY) [abt 1753. Allegany Co., MD-abt 15 Jun 1828] are believed to be the parents of the following children:

1. MARY (POLLY) HENDRICKSON [?1773,VA-aft 1850, Harrison Co.,OH] who married ADAM LITTLE [abt 1780-by 1827, Harrison Co., OH].

2. BARBARA HENDRICKSON Barbara is said to be [b: abt 1775, PA; d: Coshocton Co., OH abt 1843]--m: Philip Firebaugh [b: 1752, {then} Bucks Co., PA; d: 1809] in 1795 in Somerset Co., PA. She was his second wife. It is possible that he was her second husband, and that she had been married to a Hendricks before. Philip's first wife was Magdalena Kieffer. He is said to have been the eighth child of Heinrich and Catharine Marie Feuerbach. They are said to have immigrated from Germany on the ship "Friendship" on 3 Nov 1744, arriving in the port of Philadelphia.

3. ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON [b: 28 Dec 1778; d: 29 Dec 1847]--m: William Dobbins [b: abt 1765; d: 4 Feb 1855], presumably in PA or MD?? This couple is said to have lived in Rock Twp, Harrison Co., OH, which became Carroll Co., OH. Elizabeth said to have been a child of Sim[e]on [b: 23 Oct 1749] and Nancy Hendrickson [b: abt 1753]. This family is mentioned in Genealogy of the Lee and France Families by Walter Scott Lee, 1964. Elizabeth and William are said to have had child:
----Julia Ann Dobbins [b: 3 Feb 1805 in PA; d: 25 May 1880 of heart disease; bur: Green Hill Cemetery, Carroll Co., OH--m: David Lee [b: 6 Sep 1801, Somerset Co., PA] on 8 Apr 1827 in Carroll [Columbiana] Co., OH.] It is said that Julia Ann Dobbins came to Lee Twp, Carroll [Columbiana] Co., OH in 1817 from Fayette Co., PA.
----Alfred Dobbins [likely, in part because Julia Ann named a child Alfred D. Lee.]
Nancy Ann Hendrickson, likely sibling of Solomon, is said to have named one of her children Alfred Dobbins Latta, and another child Ephraim Yarrington Latta supposedly after her brother-in-law.,

4. SOLOMON HENDRICKSON [b: 28 Feb 1782, PA; d: 25 June 1857; bur: Scott's Cemetery, Bethel Twp, McDonough Co., IL]

5. LEVI HENDRICKSON [likely] [d: 1819, Milton Twp, Somerset Co., PA]--m: Mrs. Hannah (Frazee) Liston. [Information about Dr. Levi, and possibly his family, is said to be noted [I myself have not yet seen it] on p. 139 of the book, The Hoyes of Maryland by Captain Charles E. Hoye, 1942.]

6. DAVID HENDRICKSON [possibly] [b: bef 1791]--m: Ruth Nelson in Feb 1817 in Allegany Co., MD.

7. JESSE HENDRICKSON [b: Aug 1790/93{another source says: 11 Apr 1874}, Allegany Co., MD; d: 10 Nov 1851/6 Nov 1854, McDonough Co., IL; bur: Scott's Cemetery, Bethel Twp, McDonough Co., IL]--m: Ruth Maxwell on 9 May 1819 in Columbiana Co., OH.

8. FRANCES HENDRICKSON [b: 27 Sep 1800, PA; bur: Scott's Cemeter, Bethel Twp, McDonough Co., IL]--m: John J. Foster Oon 14 Feb 1822 in Harrison Co., OH.

9. ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON [likely, though it is not clear why two daughters would bear the same name] [b: 24 Jan 1802; d: 31 Dec 1857]--m: Ephraim Yarrington on 9 Aug 1821 in Columbiana Co., OH.

10. NANCY ANN HENDRICKSON [likely] [b: 2 Jan 1804, Baltimore, MD; d: 19 Dec 1893, Perry Co., OH]--m: Edward Latta in Columbiana Co., OH on 10 Sept 1822.

The parents of these siblings were in Fayette Co., PA at about the time of Solomon's birth in 1782. Given Pennsylvania's proximity to Allegany Co., they may have traveled back and forth between states. In 1800, both their daughters Mary Little and Elizabeth Firebaugh and their husbands were living near each other in Sandy Creek in Allegany Co., MD. These Hendricksons were said to be of Swedish descent. Here is a time line of information I have gathered thus far.

A QUESTION: Who was RACHEL HENDRICKSON [b: abt 1790; d: 1842]--m: John McCarty [b: abt 1788], both being of Somerset Co., PA? John's father was William McCarty. Was this Rachel a sister of Levi Hendrickson, and also of the other Hendrickson siblings? There's a possibility she could also have been a daughter of Levi. He is said to have named a child, Rachel. Frances (Hendrickson) Foster named her first child: Rachel Agnes Foster. Also, there could be connections with the following names of Rachel and John's children, as found on the LDS web site:
----Charlotte Ellen McCarty [b: 18 Jun 1814, Somerset Co., PA; d: 12 Jan 1896, Magnolia, Putnam, IL]--m: Thomas Philson on 1 Sept 1835, Somerset Co., PA. The children of Thomas and Charlotte are said to have been: Mary, Alizanna, Isabelle, Jown W., Alexander Hayse, and Lydia Jane, all born in Canal Dover, Tuscarawas Co., OH.
----Alizanna McCarty [b: abt 1816] of Somerset Co., PA.
----Abi McCarty [b: abt 1818, Berlin, Somerset Co., PA; d: 1903, Webster City, IA]
----Mary McCarty [b: abt 1820] of Somerset Co., PA.
----Jane McCarty [b: abt 1822] of Somerset Co., PA.
----John McCarty [b: 23 Mar 1822, Berlin, Somerset Co., PA; d: 16 Mar 1897]
----Ann McCarty [b: abt 1824] of Berlin, Somerset Co., PA.
----Joseph Hendrickson McCarty [b: 20 Sep 1830, Berlin, Somerset Co., PA; d: 30 Mar 1897]

A family record says:
Part of the Hendrickson family were Quakers, though they were not that originally. Most likely the branch divided in southern Pennsylvania where there were Quakers and Presbyterians. By 1775 a group of Methodists organized in that area. Some of the Hendricksons were Lutherans. Quaker Genealogist Hinshaw found a Solomon leaving North Carolina for Redstone Monthly Meeting in Washington Co., PA. By the time the Hendrickson family reached Ohio, they seemed to have embraced the Methodist faith.

------Time Line------

==1748 [23 Oct] Simeon Hendrickson born [d: 10 Apr 1822]. His wife is said to have been Frances --?-- [b: 1753; d: 14 Jun 1828].

==1753 Frances --?-- wife of Simeon Hendrickson was born.

==1773 [Abt] MARY (POLLY) HENDRICKSON was born in VA.

==1775 [Abt] BARBARA HENDRICKSON was born in PA. She may have been a sibling. It's said she was in Elk Lick Twp, Somerset Co., PA in 1790. In 1795 she married Philip Firebaugh in Somerset Co., PA., MD. Philip had previously been married to Magadalena Kieffer who died. In 1800 Barbara and Philip were in Allegany Co, MD [the section now Garret Co.]. Sometime after Philip's death in 1809, Barbara, her children and step children, moved to Harrison Co., OH. Later, they moved to Coshocton Co., OH where she died. See her will in 1843.

==1778 ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON born. She was said to have been a daughter of Simeon Hendrickson. She married William Dobbins.
[It's not clear why two of Simeon's children would be known as Elizabeth--this one and the one born in 1802, noted above--unless one daughter had the middle name Elizabeth, and went by it. This needs further investigation.]


==1786 Simeon Hendrickson, John Hendrickson, and William Hendrickson appeared on the Fayette Co., PA tax list.

==1790/93 JESSE HENDRICKSON born in Allegany Co., MD.

==1793 It is said that Simeon Hendrickson sued someone for a debt in Allegany Co., MD, and that he was also in Monogalia Co., VA [later W. VA] in this period.

==1794 Simeon Hendrickson said to have operated a tavern in Uniontown, Fayette Co., PA.
One source indicated the following: "By 1787 the Redstone area centering around Uniontown, PA was a major [Methodist Episcopal] propaganda station."


==1800 Somerset Co., PA census shows:
ANDREW HENDRICKS [p. 552] 10110-10100-00
JOHN HENDRICKS [p. 552] 31201-11001-00
==1800 Allegany Co., MD census shows:
[It is said that Spencer Hendrickson [b: 1772, PA: d: 30 Aug 1856, St. Mary's, Pleasant Co., WV] married Catherine Biser [b: 27 Aug 1782, Middletown, Frederick Co., MD; d: 30 Aug 1856]. He appeared on the 1795 Bedford Co., PA tax roll. This couple had a daughter, named Mary, who married Elijah Rinker. Catherine's parents are said to have been John Jacob Biser and Maria Elizabern Darner who married about 1781.]

==1803 [24 Jul] Ruth Maxwell said to have been born.
==1803 A Simon Hendrickson and a David Hendrickson appear on the tax list of what became Preston Co., West Virginia. From the personal list by Alexander Brandon, whose district "covered all of Monongalia east of cheat."

==1804 [2 Jan] NANCY ANN HENDRICKSON born in Baltimore, MD.

==1807 [10 Mar] Solomon Hendrickson married ELIZABETH WALLACE [place unknown]. A John Wallace, possibly Elizabeth's father, lived near the Solomon Hendrickson family in Columbiana Co., OH. Family tradition says that Elizabeth was "a full blooded scotch woman, coming to this country directly from Scotland"--but that comment about her immigration may not be correct.

==1808 [3 Dec] Andrew Hendricks from Allegany Co., MD began making land purchases in Harrison Co., OH.

==1809 [Sept]John Hendricks and Joseph Hendricks of Somerset Co., PA began making land purchases in Harrison Co., OH.

==1810 Somerset Co., PA census shows:
Dr. LEVI HENTRICKS Milford Twp [p. 414] He is said to have had a son Jesse who went to OH, KS, OK.

Consider the following article posted by Miriam Reyburn-Steele on the GenForum Hendrickson Surname web site:
I found this article many years ago at the Somerset County Historical Society. Maybe it will be helpful! It was written by Nellie Mae Newland Lovell.
I am not a native of Somerset County (PA), nor have I lived there - except for two nostalgic days in 1976 when my husband and I were there to discover what we could of Grandfather George Washington Hendrickson's birthplace. I saw Somerset County in October. It was such a symphony of color I wondered why the family left there for the plains of Kansas. George's father, Jesse Hendrickson, was son of Dr. Levi and Hannah (Frazee) Liston Hendrickson of Milford Township. Dr Levi died there in 1819 but I could not locate his grave. I was thrilled to find Hannah's gravestone on a shady plot in quaint old Ankeny Square Courtyard. Dr. Levi's parents, Simeon and Frances Hendrickson (said to be "Holland Dutch"), bought land in Milford township also in 1811 but apparently stayed only a few years. Hannah was a widow with a son, Tommie Liston, when she married Dr. Levi. Was her husband of the Liston's of Listonburg? Quite likely. Dr. Levi's children were: Joseph, Levi, Jesse, and Rachel. Tommie Liston, half-brother, Joseph and Jesse Hendrickson worked together in Addison and Lower Turkeyfoot Townships, judging from land records in county courthouses. I quote from an account written several years later by Jesse's daughter: My father's trade was that of a woolen manufacturer. He owned a small factory located on the banks of a small stream of clear water. How well I remember the old wheel with the water continually pouring over it. It was for me a never ending source of delight to sit on the banks of the stream beneath the branches of an old chestnut tree, when it was cool and shady, and from there watch the wheel whirl round and round, while I listened to the musical rhythm of falling water. My father owned a tannery in the village. He bought one thousand acres of heavily wooded land lying adjacent to the town (Listonburg or Drakestown). He paid only fifty cents an acre for it. He purchased it on purpose to get the bark to use tanning hides. As the land was of no account with the timber on it a great deal of labor was required to clear a piece of land in that country and get it ready for farming purposes. We had nine acres (cleared) and it was known far and near as the "Big Field"'. Jesse Hendrickson married Mary Ann Teter in Ross County, Ohio, in 1843. There Mary Jane and Thomas were born, They returned to Somerset County where George, Rachel, Josephine and Hortense were born. The family left for the West in 1857. Tommie Liston, Joseph, and Rachel (married to Henry Rishelberger of Addison) remained in Somerset County. Levi became a missionary to Cuba, dying of cholera in Havana in 1850. Jesse and his descendants belong largely to the history of Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and California, but I wonder if any descendants of Simeon and Frances Hendrickson who remained in Pennsylvania are still in Somerset County.

==1810 Allegany Co., MD census shows:
SOLOMON HENDRICKSON [p. 47] Males: 1 (26-44), 1 (under 10); Females: 1 (26-44), 1 (under 10).

==1812 Solomon Hendrickson [same person?] and DAVID HENDRICKSON witnessed a deed of trust between SIMEON HENDRICKSON and his son DR. LEVI HENDRICKSON in Somerset Co., PA--close to Allegany Co., MD. Thereafter, Simeon moved to Harrison Co., Ohio--adjacent to Columbiana Co. and where Frances married.
==1812 Andrew Hendricks came to Harrison Co., OH from Allegany Co., MD. [Book: Historical Collections for Harrison Co., OH]

==1813 John Hendricks and Joseph Hendricks came to Harrison Co., OH from Somerset, PA.

==1814 Jesse Hendrickson said to have had a conversion experience at a camp meeting in Southern Valley, PA. Was this the Redstone area in Fayette Co., PA? He subsequently joined the Methodist Episcopal Church which he remained in his entire life.
==1814 Jesse Hendrickson said to have immigrated to Ohio in the fall of this year.
==1814 Jacob Hendricks from Harrison Co. made a land purchase in that county, with Andrew Hendricks.

1815 [1 Feb] Solomon Hendrickson purchased land [certificate # 5463] in Columbiana Co., OH [later, Carrol Co., Fox Twp] at the Steubenville, Ohio land office.
1815 [21 Sept] Matthias Hendricks and James Hendricks both made land purchases in Harrison Co., OH,

1817 [Feb] David Hendrickson married RUTH NELSON in Allegany Co., MD. He witnessed Simeon's deed wtih Solomon Hendrickson in 1812.

==1818 Jesse Hendrickson was licensed by Rev. J. B. Finley to preach. He was subsequently re-licensed each year [presumably as a lay preacher], until 1843 when he received his license to preach the Gospel [as an ordained minister].
[This likely was Rev. James B. Finley, a Methodist Circuit rider, who lived in New Market Twp, Highland Co., OH, and appears to have had a biography written about him. He married his wife, Hannah Strane, in 1801.]
==1818 [29 Apr] Benjamin Hendrickson received 160 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL through a War of 1812 Land Warrant. He was a Private in Mill's Company of the 44th Regiment of Infantry:
[NW 36/ 6-N 1-W N]--No. 15675
==1818 [29 May] Will of John Hendricks of Archer Twp, Harrison Co., OH. Date of probate: 4 Aug 1818. Wife: Margaret; Children: Peter, Andrew, John, Jacob, Joseph, Mary Picaly, Eve Gailliger, Sarah Leiser; Execs: Margaret Hendricks, Peter Hendricks; Wits: John Forsuth, Abraham Kail.

==1819 [9 May] Jesse Hendrickson married RUTH MAXWELL in Columbiana Co, OH.
==1819 Dr. Levi Hendrickson died in Somerset Co., PA.

Other Harrison Co., OH marriages of the period:
Susan Hendricks and David Ferrier, 23 Nov 1820 by Robert Maxwell, J.P. [father of Jesse's wife Ruth?] She was a daughter of Andrew Hendrick.
Maria Hendricks and William Beatty, 13 Nov 1823 by Michael Conoway
Sarah Hendricks and George Webster, 16 Mar 1826 by J.R. Kirkpatrick, J.B.
Mary Hendricks and Levi Springer, 11 Dec 1828 by Robert Orr, J.P.

==1820 Columbiana Co., OH census shows:
JESSE HENDRIX, Washington Twp [p. 40A]
WILLIAM HENDRIX, Fairfield Twp [p. 60]
==1820 Harrison Co., OH census shows:
SIMEON HENDRICKSON, Rock Twp [p. 127] Changed to Loudon Twp in Carroll Co. in 1883.
PETER HENDRICKS, Arch Twp [p. 102]
JACOB HENDRICKS, Nor.. Twp [p. 112]
JOHN HENDRICKS, Nor.. Twp [p. 112]
JAMES HENDRICKS, Nor.. Twp [p.114]
JOSEPH HENDRICKS, Nor.. Twp [p. 114].
==1820 Somerset Co., PA census shows:
HANNAH HENDRICKSON, Milford Twp [p. 190] [Widow or other relative of Dr. Levi Hendrickson?]

==1820 [abt] It is said that S. Hendrickson was involved in a Harrison Co., OH lawsuit regarding rent payments made from 1815-1820. The other person involved may have been a stepmother to Ephraim Yarrington [Jr.?]

==1820 [Exact year not yet established], but Jesse Hendrickson was credited with being one of the early founders of the Herrington Bethel M. E. Church in Augusta Twp, Carroll Co., OH. The original church was built of logs which burned by 1843. Then it was replaced with a stone structure. Jesse's mother-in-law, Mary/Sara (Alexander) Maxwell is said to be buried inthat church's cemetery.

==1821 [9 Aug] ELIZABETH HENDRICKS[ON] married EPHRAIM YARRINGTON [Jr.?] in Columbiana Co., OH. His name was given to a child of Nancy Ann Hendrickson and Edward Latta.

==1822 [14 Feb] FRANCES HENDRICKSON married JOHN J. FOSTER in Harrison Co., OH.
==1822 [10 Apr] Simeon Hendrickson died.
==1822 [10 Sept] NANCY ANN HENDRICKSON married EDWARD LATTA in Columbiana Co., OH. This likely is a sister.

==1828 [14 Jun] Nancy, possible wife of Simeon Hendrickson, died.

==1830 Columbiana Co., OH census shows:
==1830 [May 17] Solomon Hendrickson bought land [SW quarter, section 27, township 13, range 4] in Columbiana Co., OH from John Pontious Jr. and his wife Mary Ann for $325.

1833 Columbiana Co., OH, Fox Twp tax list shows:
Solomon Hendrixson owner: 4r/t13/s34, sawmill; personal property: 2h/3c
Jesse Hendrickson personal property: 2h/2c
Robert Maxwell personal property: 1h/2c
James Toland owner: 4r/t13/s22, 4r/t13/s28; personal property: 2h/2c
William Toland personal property: 1h/1c
Wm. Twaddle personal property: 1h/1c
John Wallace personal property: 3h/3c [other Wallaces too]

==1835 [25 Feb] Andrew Hendrick's Will in Harrison Co., OH. Date of probate: 20 Mar 1835. Wife: Elizabeth; Children: Andrew, John, Jacob, James, George, Margaret Sickels, Susanna Ferrier, Mary Spangar, Rachel Hendricks; Exec.: Elizbeth Hendricks, David G. Meguire; Witnesses: George Roush, Richard Lyons.

==1837 [14 Aug] Solomon Hendrickson bore witness in a Carroll Co., OH court, during naturalization proceedings, that John Scott had resided in the U.S. for the past five years one of which was in the state of Ohio, and that he was a person of good moral character. Earlier, in 1834 [Aug 18] in the same court, a Charles Scott had been a witness for John Scott, saying that he had lived in the U.S. since 18 June 1812, and that for at least the past five years, Scott had resided in Ohio. Presumably this John Scott was the husband of Solomon's oldest child, Mary Hendrickson.

==1839 [Sept] Solomon and Elizabeth Hendrickson sold land [SW quarter, section 27, township 13, range 4] in Carroll Co., OH to Benjamin Robertson for $1900. This transaction witnessed by John Boice and B. Boice, JP on Sep 1830, recroded 6 Dec 1851 [Deed Records, Carroll Co., OH, Vol 12, p. 514].
This appears to be the same land they bought in 1830.

One family source indicates the following:
When many of the families of Eastern Ohio learned of the fertile prairies in Illinois, they made the journey to that area. The Hendricksons, the Hootens, and the Twaddles left Steubenville, Ohio, by raft, or flat-boat, and some by piroques, which were canoe-like boats made by hollowing out huge logs. Down the Ohio River they went, up the Mississippi to the Illinois, and up the Illinois to Frederick or Beardstown; by ox team and wagon they made the trek over Schuyler County to McDonough County to the area around Industry, Illinois.

==1840 McDonough Co., IL census shows Solomon Hendrickson. It is said that these Hendricksons likely came to Schuyler Co. and adjacent McDonough Co., IL in 1840. Jesse Hendrickson accompanied this group, or came to OH the following year, in 1841.
SOLOMON HENDRICKSON [#216] Males: 1(50-60), 1 (15-20); Females: 1(50-60), 1(20-30), 1(15-20).

==1841 Jesse Hendrickson became the first minister of Scott's Church near Plymouth, McDonough Co., IL.

==1843 [10 Mar] Solomon Hendrickson bought 95.76 acres of land in Schuyler Co., IL--adjacent to McDonough Co.
[W1/2NW 6/ 3-N 3-W N]--No. 16500.
==1843 [10 Mar] John Hendrickson bought 90.07 acres of land in Schuyler Co., IL--adjacent to McDonough Co.
[N1/2NE 2/ 3-N 4-W N]--No. 16441.
==1843 [10 Mar] Solomon Hendrickson bought 3 plots of land totaling 288.12 acres in McDonough Co., IL.
[W1/2SW 28/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16153.
[SWSW 17/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16154.
[SW 31/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16160.
==1843 [10 Mar] John Hendrickson bought 80 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL.
[E1/2SE 29/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16084.

==1843 Ohio will of Barbara Hendricks Firebaugh [b: 1775, PA] states that for sufficient reasons, she leaves Solomon Hendricks one dollar.

==1850 McDonough Co., IL census shows:
SOLOMON HENDRICKSON [#895] 65, Farmer, b: PA; Elizabeth 65, b: VA; Catherine 26, b: OH; Robert M. 28, b: OH.
JESSE HENDRICKSON [#725] 57, Farmer $240 b: MD; Eliza 19, b: OH; Mary 14, b: OH; Jessie T. 11, b: OH; Benjamin 9, b: OH.

==1851 [10 Nov] Jesse Hendrickson likely died. Other dates given for his death are: Mar 1851 [Scott cemetery listing] and 6 Nov 1854 [another researcher]. The cemetery listing indicates Jesse died at age 60y 6m 25d--thus his birth would have been: 4 Aug 1790. Another researcher indicates that Jesse was born 13 Oct 1793.

==1854 [8 March] is the date of Solomon Hendrickson's will.

==1857 [July] Solomon Hendrickson's will was probated in McDonough Co., IL.
The will mentions Solomon's: wife, grandson David Scott, children of deceased son Amos Hendrickson and deceased daughter, France Little.
Executor was John Scott. Witnesses were Wm. Holton Jr., Wm. H. Hooten, and Anemeth Hooten.
The final estate settlement [McDonough Co., IL, Probate file #468] shows Solomon was survived by his wife and seven heirs: Mrs. William [Mary] Tollan, David, John, Lemmie Little, heirs of Amos, David Scott, and Mrs. John [Mary] Scott. $12 was paid to W. T. Sapp of Birmingham on 8 Aug 1857 for a coffin for Solomon. Shrouding cost an additional $2.25.

==1857 [31 Dec] Elizabeth Hendrickson Yarrington died.

Note: A record transcribed from a family Bible shows eight children to Solomon and Elizabeth.
Another Note: Estate record says that John Hendrickson survived his father. In contrast, the transcript from the family Bible indicates that John Hendrickson died 4 Dec 1856 [likely 1857, then?].

==1860 McDonough Co., IL census shows:
ELIZABETH HENDRICKSON [Solomon's wife] [3689-3403] 76, farming, b: MD.


Census Data

1800 Allegany Co., MD census:
--James Hendrickson [Males: 1 (45+up), 2 (10-16), 2 (under 10); Females: 1 (26-45), 1 (10-16)]
--Spencer Hendrickson [Males: 1 (26-45), 1 (10-16)]
--William Hendrickson [Males: 1 (26-45), 1 (10-16), 1 (under 10); Females: 1 (26-45), 1 (10-16), 2 (under 10)]

1810 Allegany Co., MD census:
--Solomon Hendrickson [Males: 1 (26-45), 1 (under 10); Females: 1 (26-45), 1 (under 10)]
--James Hendrickson

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these HENDRICKSON families:
Lisa A. Castlebury

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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