Harford Co., MD, PA, OH, McDonough Co., IL

Rev. Dr. Doug Showalter --

Generation 6:
JOHN J. FOSTER was born in MD on 12 Sept in 1798 [1850 census], 1799 [1860 census], or 1793 [his tombstone]. His brother, FREDERICK LEVI FOSTER, was born abt 1792 in MD.

Note: It is not clear that JOHN FOSTER and CATHERINE SWANN of Harford Co., MD were parents of John J. Foster and Frederick Levi Foster, or that SAMUEL FOSTER was their grandfather. Some information on that Samuel and John are given in the time line below, but it remains to be seen how relevant it is to my particular Foster line. More research is needed on the identity of the parents of John J. and Frederick Levi.

John J. Foster married FRANCES HENDRICKSON [b: abt 1800, PA] on 14 February 1822 in Harrison Co., OH. She was born 27 September 1800 in PA. SOLOMON HENDRICKSON and JESSE HENDRICKSON, last of McDonough Co., IL were her brothers. John served in Andrew Jackson's Army during the War of 1812, and later in the Blackhawk War. On January 1, 1836, he purchased 40 acres of land in Bethel Twp, McDonough Co., IL. John died 8 October 1861 and Frances died 21 Jan 1858. Both were buried in Scott's Methodist Church Cemetery in Bethel. He owned Pleasant Valley Mill, which is a very pretty spot just north of Colchester along the Lamoine River--was called Crooked Creek back then.

----TIME LINE----

==1730-1740 Samuel Foster was born.

==1773 Harford Co., MD established as a separate county from Baltimore Co., MD.

==1776 [27 Jan] Samuel Foster from Harford Co. MD served as a Private in the Harford Co. Militia, in Capt. Charles Baker's Co., No. 15. [as recorded in the muster roll by Josias Hitchcock, Jr.]
==1776 Samuel Foster from Eden Hundred in Harford Co. was a signer of the Association of Freemen.

==1778 Harford Co., MD tax list shows:
--Samuel Foster, Deer Creek Upper Hundred [Early Harford Countians, p. 144]
--Thomas Foster, Deer Creek Middle Hundred
--Fidellis Foster, Broad Creek Hundred.
Fidelis is said to have been born about 1734. He moved to York Co., PA 1779-83, then moved to Monongalia Co., WV where he died in 1800. His children are said to have been: Rebecca, Elizabeth, Margaret, Catherine, John, and Fidelius.
--Joshua Fouster, Gunpowder Upper Creek Hundred
==1778 Samuel Foster of Harford Co., MD was a signer of the Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance to Maryland.
==1778 Benedict Foster of Baltimore Town and Baltimore County, MD was a Non-Juror to Oath of Allegiance.

==1783 Harford Co., MD tax list shows:
--Samuel Foster, 7 whites, Deer Creek Upper Hundred
--Jesse Foster, Deer Creek Upper Hundred [taken from another list, no. not shown]
--Thomas Foster, 2 whites, Deer Creek Middle Hundred [?Aribia Patrea, pt, 174 acres HA?]
--Barnett Foster, Deer Creek Middle Hundred [taken from another list, no. not shown]
--Benedict Foster, 3 whites, Bush River Upper and Eden Hundred
--Francis Foster, 6 whites, Susquehanna Hundred

==1790 Census shows:
--Samuel Foster, head of household of 4 people
--John Foster, head of household of 3 people

==1792 [Abt] Frederick Levi Foster born in MD.

==1793/98/99 [12 Sept] John J. Foster born in MD.
==1793 Will of Samuel Foster in Harford Co., MD [AJ2 210] Aron Foster is the executor of the estate.

==1794 Will Book entry for Margaret Foster in Harford Co., MD [AJ2 212]
The entry is a certification of Margaret's will by three witnesses, including a Catherine Foster [likely Catharine Swann, John Foster's wife] who names Margaret as her mother-in-law. Margaret leaves everything to her son Aaron.

==1800 Maryland census shows the following Foster households with 2 male children under 10 years of age, or in Harford Co.:
--JESSE FOSTER, Harford Co., p. 136--Males: 1 (under 10), 2 (16-25), 2 (45and+); Females: 1 (under 10), 1 (10-16), 3 (16-25), 1 (45and+).
--BENEDICT FOSTER, Harford Co., p. 116--Males: 1 (25-45), 2 (45and+); Females: 1 (16-25), 1 (45and+). [Fourth District]
--JOHN FOSTER, Harford Co., p. 126--Males: 2 (under 10), 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45); Females: 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45).
--MOSES FOSTER, Harford Co., p. 132--Males: 2 (under 10), 1 (10-16), 1 (26-45); Females: 2 (under 10), 1 (16-26), 1 (26-45).
--HARMAN FOSTER, Cecil Co., p. 48--Males: 2 (under 10), 1 (26-45), Females: 1 (26-45).
--WIDOW FOSTER, Washington Co., p. 102--Males: 2 (under 10); Females: 2 (under 10), 1 (16-26).
--ELIZABETH FOSTER, Talbot Co., p. 71--Males: 4 (under 10); Females: 1 (26-45).
--EVE FOSTER, Talbot Co., p. 74--Males: 3 (under 10), 1 (45and+); Females: 1 (10-16), 1 (16-26), 1 (45and+).

==1810 Maryland census shows the following households of the above names in the 1800 MD census:
--JESSE FOSTER, Harford Co., p. 113.
--MOSES FOSTER, Harford Co., p. 127.
--BENNADICK FOSTER, Pipe Creek, Baltimore Co., p. 601.
--JOHN FOSTER [5]--Cecil Co. [pp. 46, 54, 69]; Baltimore Co., p. 617; Allegany Co., p. 14.

==1813 A Samuel Foster arrived in Athens Twp, Harrison Co., OH in 1813 from Allegheny Co., PA. He purchased land in Harrison Co. through Steubenville. He was from Allegheny Co., PA.

==1814 [18 July] Jesse Foster Estate Docket in Harford Co., MD. [File No. 1238] Administrator: John Foster

==1815 Samuel Foster married Sarah Young in Harrison Co., OH.

==1816 Harrison Co., OH Tax Records:
Alex Foster, Green Twp
Benjamin Foster, Cadiz Twp
William Foster, ShortCreek Twp.

==1817 [16 Dec] Oliver Foster received 160 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL through a War of 1812 Land Warrant.
[26 05N 04W]--No. 566900

==1818 [6 Feb] John Foster received 160 acres of land in Schuyler Co., IL through a War of 1812 Land Warrant. He was a Private in Neals Company of the 40th Regiment of Infantry:
[SE 34/ 3-N 1-W N]--No. 5361
==1818 [19 Mar] David Foster received 160 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL through a War of 1812 Land Warrant.
[27 04n 01W]--No. 566888
==1818 [29 Apr] Benjamin Hendrickson received 160 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL through a War of 1812 Land Warrant. He was a Private in Mill's Company of the 44th Regiment of Infantry:
[NW 36/ 6-N 1-W N]--No. 15675
==1818 Will of John Foster in Harford Co., MD [SR1 153].
==1818 [25 Oct] John Foster Estate Docket in Harford Co. [File No. 1453] Administrator: James Hammitt. This likely is a different John. He leaves his estate to his sister Sarah and names John Forwood and Richard Kenly as executors.

==1820 OH census for Harrison Co.:
Alexander Foster (Green, p. 59)
Benjamin Foster (Cadiz, p. 20)
Samuel Foster (Cadiz, p. 20)
==1820 OH census for Belmont Co. [S. of Harrison Co., W. of Wheeling, W. VA]
Levi Foster (Pease, p. 240) [Age 45and+, living alone, not my Levi]
Mary Foster (Meads, p. 194) [Females: 1(45and+), 2(16-26); Males: 2(10-16)]
Thomas Foster (Smith, p. 185) [Males: 1(26-45), 1(16-26), 1(16-18), 2(10-16), 1(under10); Females: 1(26-45)]
==1820 OH census for Jefferson Co. [E. of Harrison Co., N. of Belmont Co., and where Steubenville Land Office was located.]
Christian Foster (Smithfield, p. 215)
James Foster (Springfield, p. 251)
John Foster (Cross Creek, p. 234)
Joseph Foster (Steubenville, p. 265)
Richard Foster (Steubenville, p. 265)
==1820 OH census for Tuscarawas Co. [W. of Harrison Co. and Carrol Co. above Harrison.]
Benjamin Foster (One Leg, p. 169)
Jesse Foster (One Leg, p. 169)
Samuel Foster (One Leg, p. 169)
Henry Foster (Dohannan, p. 176)
==1820 PA Census for Philadelphia Co.:
Frederick Foster (Northern, p. 50).

==1822 [14 Feb] John Foster married Fanny Hendrickson in Harrison Co., OH by Joseph Fry, J.P. Other Foster marriages in Harrison Co. & Columbiana Co. 5 years before & after John's were:
H--1819 [14 Mar] Moses Foster and Hannah Randels.
C--1823 [12 Jun] Rachel Foster and Paul Beck.
H--1823 [25 Dec] Abraham Foster and Lucinda Coleman.
C--1825 [16 Dec] William Foster and Mary Wade.
H--1824 [18 Mar] Samuel Foster and Mary Moore.
C--1826 [13 Jul] Nancy Foster and Leander Randall.

==1825 [3 Mar] John Foster bought 79.75 acres of land in Carroll Co., OH:
[W1/2SE 10/ 14-N 5-W N]--No. 899.

==1829 [2 Apr] John Foster bought 79.62 acres of land in Carroll Co., OH:
[W1/2SW 21/ 14-N 5-W N]--No. 2102.

1830 Ohio Census:
Harrison Co.: Benjamin Foster (Athens, p. 147), George Foster (North, p. 210), Samuel Foster (Athens, p. 143), Thomas Foster (Green, p. 125).
Columbiana Co.: Frederick Foster (Washington, p. 536), John Foster (Washington, p. 533), Thomas Foster (New Lis.., p. 456), Widow Foster (Washington, p. 533).
Who was this "Widow"? Was she the mother of John and Frederick?

==1830 Possible Frederick L. Foster land purchase in McDonough Co.--see 1851.

==1831 [12 Sept] John Foster leases to Frederick Foster, both of Washington Twp, Columbiana Co., OH, the S1/2 of land in Carroll Co., OH, described as E1/2 of SW quarter 25/ Twp-17 R-7, not less than 5 acres or more than 25. Witnessed by George Hewit and George Abrahims. [Carroll Co., OH V-1, p. 180]
==1831 [6 Dec] Frederick Foster bought 74.59 acres of land in Carroll Co., OH:
[E1/2NE 6/ 16-N 7-W N]--No. 2966.

==1836 Possible John J. Foster land purchases--see 1840.

==1838 [17 May] Frederick Foster married (2) Millie Mason [b: abt 1812, Cocke Co., TN] in McDonough Co., IL.

==1840 McDonough Co., IL census:
[p. 205] JOHN FOSTER--Males: 1 (40+50), 1 (15+under20), 1 (under 5); Females: 1 (40+under50), 1 (15+under20), 2 (5+under10), 1 (under 5).
[p. 203] MOSES FOSTER household. Moses [b: 21 Apr 1811, Venice, IN; d: 8 Feb 1887, Foster's Point, IN] is said to have come to McDonough Co. 1831 from PA.
[p. 203] H. J. FOSTER household. This could be Arthur J. Foster who married Sarah Kelso, both were from SC originally. They came to McDonough Co. sometime after 1831, and settled at Foster's Point. Arthur's will in McDonough Co. is dated 3 Sept 1843.
==1840 Schuyler Co., IL census:
[p. 90] FREDERICK L. FOSTER household.
[p. 118] EDWARD M. FOSTER household.
==1840 [3 Nov] John J. Foster bought 40 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL:
[NWNE 17/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 5678. Another list says he purchased this land 5 Jan 1836.
==1840 [3 Nov] John J. Foster bought 40 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL:
[SESW 20/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 9547. Another list says he purchased this land on 5 Aug 1836.

==1842 [or somewhat later] [Frederick] Levi Foster helped to build Scott's Methodist Church near Bethel Twp in McDonough Co., IL.

==1843 [10 Mar] Solomon Hendrickson bought 95.76 acres of land in Schuyler Co., IL--adjacent to McDonough Co.
[W1/2NW 6/ 3-N 3-W N]--No. 16500.
==1843 [10 Mar] John Hendrickson bought 90.07 acres of land in Schuyler Co., IL--adjacent to McDonough Co.
[N1/2NE 2/ 3-N 4-W N]--No. 16441.
==1843 [10 Mar] Solomon Hendrickson bought 3 plots of land totaling 288.12 acres in McDonough Co., IL.
[W1/2SW 28/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16153.
[SWSW 17/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16154.
[SW 31/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16160.
==1843 [10 Mar] John Hendrickson bought 80 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL.
[E1/2SE 29/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 16084.

==1850 McDonough Co., IL census shows on p. 296, 3 Oct 1850:
[#918] JOHN [T.?] FOSTER 52, farmer, $2000, MD; Fanny 50, PA; Mariah 19, IL; Ellen 18, IL; Numan 15, IL; Jane 13, IL; Solomon 9, IL; Elizabeth 7, IL.
[#919] AARON FOSTER 26, farmer, $400, OH; Sarah 20, IN; James H. 1, IL. [Aaron and Sarah were not married in McDonough Co., IL.]
[#1018] FREDERICK L. FOSTER 58, carpenter, $200, MD; Millie 38, TN; May A. 14, IL; Sarah E. 9, IL; James H. 7, IL; Brumel L. 4, IL.

==1851 [1 Aug] Frederick L. Foster bought 40 acres of land in McDonough Co., IL:
[SENE 30/ 4-N 3-W N]--No. 5678. [Another source say this land purchase was made 10 July 1830.]

==1851-54 Frederick L. Foster likely died.

==1856 John J. Foster purchased the Pleasant Valley Mill near Colchester, at which time John's family moved from Bethel to Colchester. [Macomb Daily Journal--Wed 4 Jan 1911]

==1860 McDonough Co., IL census for Tennessee Twp, P.O. Colchester, 30 June 1860, shows:
[#2234-2175] JOHN FOSTER 60, miller, $4600 $500, MD; Ellen 28, com. s. teach., IL; Newman 24, miller, IL; Jane 22, [IL]; Solomon 21, [IL]; Elizabeth 16, [IL].

==1861 [23 Oct] Newman Foster was appointed Administrator of John Foster's estate. And the inventory was done 18 Dec 1861.
==1861 [16 Nov] Sale of John J. Foster's property. D. W. Campbell bought a hammer for 25 cents. Jane Rhodes [before she married John Henry Campbell] bought 5 Windsor chairs for $2.50. The total for the sale was $536.82. [Book A, p. 30]

==1870 McDonough Co., IL census for Tennessee Twp shows:
[#58-58] N. FOSTER 34, miller, IL; Maria 27, England; Mary E. 6, IL; Frances 4, IL; Margaret 1, IL.
[#387-387] SOLOMON FOSTER 30, laborer; Margaret 23, OH; Clara 5, IL; William 2, IL. [Living in neighborhood of coal miners.]


Generation 5:
John J. and Frances' children were named:

--RACHEL AGNES FOSTER [b: before 1824]--m: Henry Madison Garrett [b: 24 Jan 1820, Buckingham Co., VA; d: 1 Jan 1873] on 9 Nov 1843 in McDonough Co., IL. Consent given by John J. Foster. Henry's parents are said to have been Spilsbury C. Garrett and Obediance Hackett. Apparently Rachel and Henry and family were in Florida from about 1846 [or earlier] to 1858.

This family appears in the 1860 Bastrop Co., TX Census:
[#169/142] HENRY M. GARRETT 40 M Farmer b: VA; Rachel Garrett 38 F b: OH; Philsbury C. 14 M b: FL; John 12 M b: FL; Silas 6 M b: FL; William H. 2 M b: FL. (just out of Bastrop town) Other Garretts appear in the 1850 Bastrop Co. census, including William H., who likely was a brother of Henry.

Family tradition says that likely Rachel is buried in Bastrop Co. One son is said to have been Rev. C.B. Garret, a Methodist minister and presiding elder of the Greenville, Texas church district at his death. In turn, he is said to have had a son, C.C. Garrett, a practicing physician in the Fort Worth, TX area. I note that a Henry M. Garrett was farmer about 12 or 14 miles south of Bastrop, but still in Bastrop Co., TX. A Henry M. served in the Confederate Army in Capt. Ranson's Co. from Bastrop. C.C. apparently stood for Clyde C. This couple is said to have had the following children:
--John C. Garrett [b: abt 1841, IL; d: 1917, Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX] [1860 census--b: abt 1848, FL]
--William Garrett [b: abt 1844, IL] [1860 census--b: abt 1858, FL]
--Silas Garrett [b: abt 1848, IL] [1860 census--b: abt 1854, FL]
--Henry Madison Garrett [b: abt 1846, IL]
--------Eddie Garrett
--------May Garrett
--------Della Garrett
--------Lois Garrett
--Spilsbury C. Garrett [b: 4 Aug 1842/4, Colchester, McDonough Co., IL; d: 14 Jun 1895, Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX] [1860 census--b: abt 1844, FL]--m: Catherine Cole [b: 8 Jul 1854, Beaumont, Orange Co., TX; d: 12 Apr 1914, Beaumont, Orange Co., TX] in Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX. Their children were said to have been:
--------Pinkie Garret [b: Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX; d: Beaumont, Orange Co., TX]
--------Mattie Garrett [b: Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX; d: 1894, Bastrop Co., TX]
--------Edna Garrett [b: Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX; d: Bryan, Brazos Co., TX]
--------Thomas Jefferson Garrett
--------William Henry Garrett
--------Earl Garrett
--------Minnie Lee Garrett [b: 16 Sept 1884, Bastrop, Bastrop Co., TX]--m: V.P. Giddings, Sr. [b: 26 Aug 1880, Brenham, Washington Co., TX] on 2 May 1906 in Kansas City, Jackson Co., MO. V.P.'s father was George Albert Giddings; his mother was Mary Presler. Minnie and V.P. are said to have had the following child:
----------------V.P. Garrett, Jr. [b: 21 Sept 1907, Beaumont, Orange Co., TX]
[The above Garrett families and their lineage back to 16th century England may be found at the site: Sir Knight William Garrett developed by Christine J. Phelps.]

--AARON FOSTER [b: abt 1824, OH]--m: Sarah Ann Beebe on 7 Sept 1848 in McDonough Co., IL. Aaron died near Ft. Scott, KS and is buried in Walnut Grove, KS. [It may significant that Frederick Levi Foster also named his first son, Aaron.]
This family appears in the 1870 Linn Co., KS Census:
[#84] AARON FOSTER 45 M Farmer b: OH; Sarah Foster 41 b: IN; John Foster 19 b: IL; Irwin Foster 17 b: IL; Lucy Foster 6 b: KS; Margaret Foster 4 b: KS; Cora? 1 b: KS. [This suggests that this family moved to KS about 1853-1864.]
[See Box Below for Aaron Foster Letter]

There are several Foster families in the above county census. One which could be a relative, though there's no evidence for it, is the following:
[#196] SAMUEL FOSTER 43 M Farmer b: OH; Mary A Foster 39 b: PA; Laura Foster 15 b: IL; Oscar Foster 12 b: IL; Lisa K Foster 40 b: IL; Mary Foster 8 b: IL; Merin? L Foster 5 b: IL; David G Foster 2 b: KS; Samuel 5/12 b: KS.

--MARIAH FOSTER [b: 5 July 1831, Morgan Co., IL: d: 4 Jan 1921, McDonough Co., IL]--m: David Scott on 20 Nov 1853 in McDonough Co., IL. Maria lived in LaMoine Twp at the time of her brother Solomon's obituary--5 Jan 1911. J. Arthur Scott provided information for Maria's death certificate. He indicated that she was a retired domestic, and assumed that her father John J. Foster was born in St. Louis, MO and that her mother, Frances Hendrickson, was born in OH. Maria is buried in Scott Cemetery, McDonough Co., IL.

--ELLEN FOSTER [b: abt 1832, IL]--m: John Scott on 28 Dec 1866 in McDonough Co., IL. Ellen lived in Oklahoma City [Oklahoma Co., OK], according to her brother Solomon's obituary on 5 Jan 1911.

--NEWMAN FOSTER [b: 15 Aug 1835, McDonough Co., IL; d: 1908]--m: Maria Pearson [b: 1844; d: 1829] on 20 Dec 1862 in McDonough Co., IL [She was underage]. Newman was a grain miller. Newman and Mariah are buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Colchester Twp, McDonough Co., IL. Also buried there are their sons and one daughter-in-law:
--Oliver C. Foster [b: 1873; d: 1886]
--Solomon A. Foster [b: 7 Jan 1844; d: 4 Jan 1911] and his wife Margaret Jane (Bell) Foster [b: 1845; d: 1886]. Solomon was a Corporal in Co., D., 28th IL Infantry.

--JANE FOSTER [b: 3 May 1828, IL]--m: (1) Andrew Jackson Rhodes on 10 April 1861 in McDonough Co. and (2) John Henry Campbell in McDonough Co., IL. Her first husband, Andrew, was the son of Abraham Rhodes. Andrew died at the grain mill of Jane's father. Andrew fell off the mill dam while fishing and disabled himself such that he was unable to swim. Jane and one child survived, but no later record of this child has been found. Jane died 8 Sep 1905 at Albany, MO, and is buried in DeKalb Cemetery, Agency Twp, Buchanan Co., MO.

--SOLOMON A. FOSTER [b: 7 Jan 1841, Bethel, McDonough Co., IL]--m: (1) Margaret Jane Smith [d: 29 Aug 1880] in Mar 1864 and (2) Mary Bell Turnbull [Scott] on 20 Oct 1887. The latter had a son, John Scott. Solomon enlisted 10 Aug 1861 in Co., D. 28th Illinois Infantry (Union). He was discharged as a Corporal from the service 28 May 1862 with a disability. He died 4 Jan 1911 in Colchester, McDonough Co., and was buried at Mt. Auburn Cemetery, Colchester Twp, McDonough Co., IL. Solomon and Mary had seven children, including those still living as of 5 Jan 1911:
--Clara Johnson
--Albert L. Foster
--Mary J. Waggoner

--ELIZABETH FOSTER [b: abt 1843]--m: Edward Slater on 24 Feb 1862 in McDonough Co., IL.


Frederick Levi Foster and his first wife [unknown] are said to have had the following children:
--AARON FOSTER--m: Fanny Ann --?--. Aaron is thought to have lived in WI and Michigan during the 1840's and 1850's. An Aaron Foster bought 160 acres of land in Pepin Co. or Pierce Co. WI on 19 April 1855 [Land Management Bureau--Wisconsin].
--MARGARET C. FOSTER [b: 1822; d: 1892, Industry, McDonough Co., IL]--m: Jeremiah Sullivan on 4 May 1843 in McDonough Co., IL. Margaret is buried in Canp Creek Cemetery in McDonough Co., IL.
--MARY ANN FOSTER [b: 1832; d: 1868 McDonough Co., IL]--m: Abraham Purdum on 6 Oct 1853 in McDonough Co., IL. Mary is buried in Scott's Cemetery in McDonough Co., IL.

Frederick Levi Foster and his second wife Millie Mason are said to have had the following children:
--SARAH ELLEN FOSTER [b: 3 Apr 1841, Schuyler Co., IL; d: 20 Jan 1917, Macomb, McDonough Co., IL]--m: James Purdum on 18 Feb 1860 in Schuyler Co., IL. Sarah is buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Macomb, McDonough Co., IL.
--JAMES FOSTER [b: abt 1843, IL]
--BURROW FOSTER [b: 20 Sept 1848, IL; d: Nov 1919]--m: Mary Fugate on 22 Oct 1865 in McDonough Co., IL. Burrow and his wife are buried in Scott's Cemetery in McDonough Co., IL. Their tombstone indicates that both were born in 1845, and both died in 1920.
--THOMAS H. FOSTER [b: 4 Apr 1853, McDonough Co., IL; d: 1897, McDonough Co., IL]--m: Ellen Jane Wormley on 23 Dec 1875 in IL.

Letter from Aaron Foster to brother [Newman?] Foster
Desember 5, 1863 -- [Time of Settling Father's Estate]
Possibly Sent from Linn Co., KS? to McDonough, Co., IL
Moste affectionate Brother it is with pleasure that imbraise the presant oportunity to wright to you to let you now that i am well At this time & hope those few lynges may find you awl well iresivd a fu lines from you the 3 of Desember & found 5 dolars and 5 cts in closed in the saime as Being the amount dew me from said as stait and if the es state is nott worth more than $40 & 40 cts it is not Worth seeing ouf and i think you hav a hard Bargin So it wil nott pay to wrigh Receips and sine them so i send you Back the 5 dolrs & 5 cts for if i dont git more than that sum i dont want the Naime of swindling the airs out of thare geste rits now. i want you to right if father maid a will and if he did send me a copy of it and it will save me of som truble now i hav som Bisiness to setl up with John T[we?]dweel and i wil Cum in some time and se you awl once more. So no more at this time right as soon at this cums tohand. From Aaron Foster to N Foster
[page 2]In Refference to John M. [V/W?]ilson i heard from him 3 weeks a go and he is stil living in Jasper and is nott able to move for he is a foot having awl of his property taken from him. John P. Bebee is living In Kansas in Jonson Co Laines Field is his post office a dress. James Venable is Ded he got kiled in arkinssaw By the indians and they scelped Him

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these FOSTER families:
Lisa A. Castlebury

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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