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Generation 7:
THOMAS DOLES [b: 1775-1794]. His parents and place of birth are unknown.

1820 Trigg Co., KY census shows the household of Thomas Doles containing: 1 male (26-45); 2 males (under 10); 1 female (26-45); 2 females (20-16); 2 females (under 10)
Thomas apparently died in 1823. In Trigg Co. court records his wife POLLY [MARY] qualified as Administrator of his estate [October 20, 1823, p. 122, Order Book A]. Her securities were Whitmill Holland and William Hogan. Court records indicate that Thomas' estate was inventoried [December 15, 1823, p. 126].

Mary apparently remarried. As court records further note [July 19, 1824], on petition Whitmill Holland summoned POLLY DAVIS, formerly Polly Doles and Daniel Davis, adm. of estate of Thomas Doles. They failed to appear. Subsequently, Whitmill Holland was released from administration and security of the estate [September 20, 1824]. Mary's father was likely EPHRAIM RHODES, an early settler in Caldwell Co./Christian Co. KY from Bertie Co., NC--or one of his brothers. [Mary's daughter Elizabeth J. Doles married Thomas Rhodes, whose grandfather was likely the same Ephraim Rhodes. Both are my lines.]

Later, in the court of Caldwell Co., KY [October term, 1827, p.325, Order Book D], it was:

"Ordered that James F. Mitchusson be and he is hereby appointed guardian to JOSEPH JOHN DOLES, EPHRAIM RODY DOLES, NANCY DOLES, BARBARY DOLES, JANE DOLES, & ELIZABETH DOLES, being [said?] infants of THOMAS DOLES, decd. Upon giving bond with security according to the law: and thereupon he together with William Mitchusson his security entered into and acknowledged a bond payable to the Commonwealth of KY in the penalty of $700 conditioned according to law." [The Mitchussons, another line of mine, lived in Caldwell Co. at this time.]

Note: Another piece of the puzzle is that a MARY DOLES married John P. Thompson on 10 Aug 1825 in Trigg Co., KY.

Generation 6
Thomas and Mary's children were:

--JOHN J. DOLES [b: abt 1815?]--m: Ruthey Barret on September 2, 1833 in Trigg Co.

1850 Trigg Co. census shows: John Doles, farmer (b: KY); Ruth 32 (b: SC); Mary 14 (b: KY); Margaret 12 (b: KY); Martha 10 (b: KY); John 8 (b: KY); Elizabeth 6 (b: KY); Ephraim 1 (b: KY)

--EPHRAIM RODY DOLES [b: 1818?]--m: Ann Boatwright. They are said to have had daughter Jane Doles on 23 May 1853 in Trigg Co., KY. Rody was likely a nickname for Rhodes, thus likely he was named for his mother's father.

1850 Trigg Co. census shows: Ephraim Doles, watchman, 32 (b: KY); Ann P. 18 (b: KY); Mary Barnes 55 (b: NC); Martha Pennager 14 (b: KY); Fildred [Mildred?] E. Thompson 9 (b: KY). Who are these two additional women in the household? Could Mary have been Ephraim's mother, remarried again? Mary Doles married John P. Thompson in 1825. Could Fildred be their daughter?

--NANCY DOLES [b: 1817-1820]--m: William W. Cook on June 6, 1835 in Trigg Co., KY. William was born in 1820 in Trigg Co., KY. He appears in the 1840 Clay Co., IL census [p. 120]. His father may have been James Cook who appears in that same census. Nancy likely died between 1860-70, as William appears with a new wife [Mary 42, likely her second marriage] in the 1870 Hopkins Co., KY census [p. 170].

1850 Trigg Co. census [p. 370] shows: William W. Cook 32, School Teacher (b: KY); Nancy Cook 33 (b: KY); Mary J. Cook 14 (b: KY); Clarinda A. Cook 12 (b: KY) [m: Wiley R. Rhodes 21 Aug 1853, son of Robert Wiley Rhodes, but appears again with her family in 1860 census]; William E. Cook 9 (b: KY); Elizabeth Cook 7 (b: KY); Josiah E. Cook 5 (b: KY)
1860 McLean Co., KY census [p. 121] shows: William W. Cook 41, Minister; Nancy M. Cook 40; Clarinda A. 20; Pamelia E. [Elizabeth] 16; Josiah 14

--BARBARA DOLES [b: abt 1823/4]--m: James Harvey Huggins.

1850 Trigg Co. census shows: James Huggins 35, farmer, (b: KY); Barbara 26 (b: KY); Lucinda 14 (b: KY); Jane 9 (b: KY); Martha 7 (b: KY); John T. 1 (b: KY)


--ELIZABETH J. DOLES [b: abt 1823]--m: (1) THOMAS RHODES on May 21, 1845 in Trigg Co., KY and possibly he m: (2) Elizabeth Bryant. Elizabeth died in Trigg Co. on February 15, 1853. She is buried in ______ cemetery. Death records for Lyon Co. indicate that she died of Typhoid Fever at age 25 (?), that her mother was Mary Doles, and that she was born in Trigg Co., KY. [p. 307, Statistical Handbook to Trigg Co. KY].

1850 Trigg Co. census shows: Thomas Rhodes 28, (b: KY); Elizabeth 27 (b: KY); Martha S. 3 (b: KY)
1860 Trigg Co. census shows Thomas Rhodes with his second wife: Thomas Rhodes, farmhand, 38 (b: KY); Eliza. J. 26 (b: KY); Martha 13 (b: KY)
1870 Trigg Co. census shows: Thomas Rhodes, farmer, 51 (b: KY); Eliz. J. 35 (b: KY); John S. 1 (b: KY)

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of this DOLES family:
Alice Nicholson --Barbara (Doles) Huggins line
Pat Berry --Nancy (Doles) Cook line

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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