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Generation 7:
I am seeking information on EZEKIEL CAMPBELL who was born about 1794 in TN. He married JANE MODRELL on 18 March 1816 in Pulaski Co., KY. Jane was the child of GEORGE MODRELL and NANCY PAGE.

Ezekiel and his wife lived in TN, then returned to KY. By 1830/31 Ezekiel was in Owen Co., IN, then by 1840 to McDonough Co., IL, then to Andrew Co., MO where Ezekiel and Jane died on 19 October 1861 and 29 Jan 1869, respectively. They are buried at High Prairie Cemetery, associated with High Prairie Baptist Church, west of Cosby. Ezekiel's gravestone gives his age as 61 yrs. 9 mo. 22 ds.--likely incorrect based on earlier tax and census records. Ezekiel Campbell and son Andrew H. Campbell are listed as early settlers of Rochester and Monroe Townships of Andrew Co., MO.

-------TIME LINE---------

==1816 [18 Mar] Ezekiel Campbell married Jenny Modrell in Pulaski Co., KY. George Modrell listed as her father. John Modrell was the bondsman.

==1817 Pulaski Co., KY Tax List shows Ezekiel Campbell [21 years old or older]. He does not appear on any other Pulaski Co., KY tax list from 1815-1819.

==1820 Federal Census in Eastern TN states is lost. A different Ezekiel Campbell [age 45+] appears in the 1820 census for Adair Co., KY [p. 12].

==1820-1825 Ezekiel's daughter Hannah Retta Campbell may have been born.

==1821/1824 Ezekiel's son George W. Campbell may have been born.

==1825 Ezekiel's daughter Susan Campbell may have been born.

==1830 census of Owen Co., IN shows:
EZECHAL CAMEL p. 164--Males: 1 (20+under30), 1 (15+under20), 1 (5+under10), 1 (under 5); Females: 1 (30+under40), 2 (5+under10)
If this is Ezekiel, his age is registered incorrectly.
==1830 census of Schuyler Co., IL [the section that became McDonough Co.] shows:
DANIEL CAMPBELL in 5N 4W [Tennessee Twp]: Males: 1 (30+under40), 1 (20+under30), 1 (10+under15), 1 (5+under10), 2 (under 5) Females: 1 (20+under30), 1 (5+under10)

==1831 [6 Aug] Ezekiel Campbell bought several items at the estate sale of Nancy Modrel [widow of Robert Modrel, Jr.] in Owen Co., IN. Andrew Modrell was the administrator. Andrew was guardian of her children.

==1831 [7 Nov] Robert M. Campbell, son of Ezekiel and Jane was born in IN.

==1833 [About] Jane Campbell, daughter of Ezekiel and Jane may have been born in IN [1850 Andrew Co., MO census].

==1834 [curious] The first death in Scotland Twp [SW qr 34], McDonough Co., IL was Rev. Ezekiel Campbell.

==1835 [10 Jun] DANIEL CAMPBELL purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[W2SE--Sec. 03, Twp 05N, Range 04W] 80 acres, $100, Tennessee Twp.
==1835 [10 Jun] DAVID CAMPBELL purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[NWNW--Sec. 10, Twp 05N, Range 04W] 40 acres, $50, Tennessee Twp.
==1835 [17 Jun] JAMES W. CAMPBELL purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[S2NE--Sec. 09, Twp 05n, Range 03W] 80 acres, $100, Tennessee Twp.
==1835 [30 Jun] DANIEL CAMPBELL purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[SWSW--Sec. 02, Twp 05N, Range 04W] 40 acres, $50, Tennessee Twp.

==1836 [19 Mar] NICHOLAS CAMPBELL purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[N2NW--Sec. 10, Twp 05N, Range 04W] 80 acres, $100, Tennessee Twp.
==1836 [20 May] ALEXANDER CAMPBELL purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[Sec. 16, Twp 07N, 02W] 40 acres each, $120 and $175, Lots 3 & 4.
==1836 [20 May] JOHN S. CAMPBELL purchased in McDonough Co., IL land.
[Sec. 16, Twp 07N, 02W] 80 acres each, $152.80 and $112, Lots 6 & 5.
==1836 [16 Jul] JAMES M. CAMPBELL likely was NOT of the TN Campbell family, but this day he purchased 5 plots of land totalling 387.46 acres in Tennessee Twp of McDonough Co., IL.

==1837 [2 Feb] Ezekiel M. Campbell [NOT my Ezekiel] began at this time to purchase many plots of land in Polk, Dade, and Morgan counties of MO from the U.S. Land Office in Springfield, MO. Ezekiel Madison Campbell [b: 21 Jul 1802, Mecklenburg, NC; d: 22 Sept 1874] is said to have been a son of John Campbell [b: abt 1766, Tryon, NC] and Matilda Golden Polk [b: 5 Dec 1770, likely Tryon, NC; d: 20 Sep 1853 in Springfield, Greene Co., MO].

==1840 McDonough Co., IL census shows the following families:
EZEKIEL CAMPBELL p. 223--Males: 1 (40-50), 3 (20-30), 1 (15-20), 1 (10-15), 3 (5-10); Females: 1 (40-50), 2 (15-20), 1 (5-10). He is located north of Colchester and south of Blandinsville, Twp.
NANCY PEMBERTON p. 223--Females: 1 (40-50), 2 (15-20), 1 (5-10), 1 (under 5); Males: 1 (30-40),
This Nancy Pemberton family is next door to Ezekiel. She was the widow of Stephen Pemberton and mother of Martha Pemberton who married Ezekiel's oldest son, James Marion Campbell, in 1841.
JAMES M. CAMPBELL--Males: 1 (30-40), 2 (20-30), 1 (under 5); Females: 1 (50-60), 1 (20-30), 1 (15-20), 1 (10-15), 1 (5-10), 2 (under 5). He is located in the Macomb Twp area. [Likely James Morrison Campbell, wife Mary McDaniel, likely not connected to the TN Campbell family.]
DAVID CAMPBELL--With several small children, located in the Lamoine-Bethel area.
ALEX CAMPBELL--Located in the Walnut Grove Twp area.
JAMES H. CAMPBELL p. 212--Males: 1 (30-40), 1 (20-30); Females: 2 (20-30). He is located in the Colchester Twp area.
SANDERS CAMPBELL--With many small children, located south of Macomb Twp.

==1841 [25 Mar] James M. Campbell [Jr. on license] married Martha Pemberton in McDonough Co., IL. License #39-327, conducted by Josiah Harrison, J.P.

==1847 [28 Dec] Shadrick Campbell married Elizabeth Rice in McDonough Co., IL.

==1849 [29 Mar] Shadrack Campbell purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[Sec. 16, Twp 04N, Range 04W] 40 acres, $40, Lot 15 SWSE.

==1850 Andrew Co., MO census shows the following families:
EZEKIEL CAMPBELL: Ezekiel 56, TN; Jane 55, TN; Andrew 23, KY; Nicholas 20, KY; Robert 17, IN; Jane 15, IN.
NANCY PEMBERTON: Nancy 50, TN, Nancy 16, KY; Mary E. 13, IL.
[Nancy about 11 households away from Ezekiel in this census listing.]

==1853 [27 Jan] Shadrack Campbell married Sarah Ann Watts in McDonough Co., IL.
==1853 [19 Oct] Daniel W. Campbell purchased McDonough Co., IL land.
[SWSE--Sec. 31, Twp 05N, Range 03W] 40 acres, $50, Tennessee Twp.

==1855 [4 June] David W. Campbell purchased McDonough Co., Il land.
[SWSE--Sec. 23, Twp 04N, Range 03W] 40 acres, $30.

==1860 Andrew Co., MO census shows:
==GEORGE CAMMEL [#398]: George 36, TN; Mary 35, TN; Elizabeth 12, MO; Hannah 9, MO; Mary 1, MO.
==EZEKIEL CAMMEL [#401]: Ezekiel 66, TN; J[u]ne 65, TN; Mary 24, IN.
==ROBERT CAMMEL [#402]: Robert 28, IL; Angeline 28, VA; Jno 5, MO; Mary 3, M0; Martha 8/12, MO.

==1861 [19 Oct] Ezekiel Campbell died, likely in Andrew Co., MO where he was buried.

==1869 [29 Jan] Jane (Modrell) Campbell died, likely in Andrew Co., MO where she was buried.


Generation 6:
The children of Ezekiel Campbell and Jane Modrell married 18 Mar 1816 were:

[From 1840 McDonough Co., IL census and 1862 Administration of Ezekiel's estate:]
--3 males b: 1810-20: James Marion Campbell [1817], [2 males d: by 1862, no descendants]
--2 females b: 1820-25: Hannah Campbell, Susan Campbell [abt 1825]
--1 male b: 1820-25: George W. Campbell [abt 1821]
--1 male b: 1825-30: Andrew H. Campbell [abt 1828]
--3 males b: 1830-35: Nicholas Campbell [abt 1830], Robert M. Campbell [abt 1831],
[1 male d: by 1862, no descendants]
--1 female b: 1830-35: Jane Campbell [abt 1833]

--JAMES MARION CAMPBELL [b: 1817, Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY]--m: MARTHA PEMBERTON 25 March 1841 in McDonough Co., IL. [My line is traced through this couple, SEE BELOW]

--HANNAH RETTA CAMPBELL-- [b: abt 1820-1825] m: Oakley Harris on 1 April 1843 in Andrew Co., MO by Reuben Claypool, Minister of the Gospel. The wife of Ezekiel Inman [b. 1730, Frederick Co., MD] was Hannah Retta Hardin [b. 1727, Rockbridge, VA].

--GEORGE W. CAMPBELL [b: abt 1821/1824, TN]--m: Mary Ann Elmore [b: abt 1825, TN] on 26 Feb 1846 in Andrew Co., MO. They resided in DeKalb Co., MO. Their known children were:
--Elizabeth Campbell [b: abt 1848, MO]
--Hannah Campbell [b: abt 1851, MO]
--Jane Campbell [b: abt 1858?, MO]--does not appear in 1860 census in George's houshold; perhaps she was born sometime after the census.
--Mary Campbell [b: 1860, MO]
--James M. Campbell [b: abt 1862, MO]
--George W. Campbell [b: abt 1864, MO]

--SUSAN CAMPBELL [b: abt 1825, TN]--m: Davis Duncan on 2 Nov 1847 in Andrew Co., MO. They resided in Shoal Twp., Clinton Co., MO. Their known children were:
--Ezekiel Duncan [b: abt 1854, MO]
--Lucinda Duncan [b: abt 1858, MO]
--Robert Duncan [b: abt 1860, MO]
--Elizabeth Duncan [b: abt 1863, MO]
--Frank Duncan [b: abt 1872, MO]

--ANDREW HAYES CAMPBELL [b: 7 Mar 1827, KY/IL; d: May 1876, Andrew Co., MO]--m: Luzena Kelly [b: 16/26 Sept 1837, Lexington, NC; d: 21 Feb, 1926, Fort Scott, KS] on 22 Jan 1863 in Andrew Co., MO. She was the daughter of Andrew Kelly and Ann Byrd. She came to Andrew Co. at 6 months of age. At 16 years of age she became a member of High Prairie Baptist Church and continued that membership through life. Louzena is buried in High Prairie Cemetery, Andrew Co., MO. Andrew was killed by lightning in 1876. [SEE THE SAD ACCOUNT IN THE BOX BELOW]. The known children of Andrew and Louzena were:
--Ezekiel William (Zeke) Campbell [b: 2 Apr 1864; d: 28 Apr 1944/46]--m: Ida A. Hayes [b: Jan 1868, Andrew Co., MO; d: bef 1940] on 2 Feb 1888 in Andrew Co., MO. She was the daughter of Edward Hayes and Amanda Ruby. Ezekiel and his life Ida are buried in Fairmont Cemetery in Denver, CO. Ezekiel's obituary reads, in part:
Respected Cosby Pioneer, E.W. Campbell, Dies: When a young man, he united with the High Prairie Baptist church. He remained a faithful Chritian until the end and has gone to that house prepared for him. He was a loving father and a highly respected man among his friends and neighbors. He lived on the farm on which he was born until 1909, when he moved to Denver, Colo., where he resided thirty years. Four years ago, he returned to the farm on which he was born and spent his last days there. Funeral services were held Sunday afternoon, April 30, at the Meierhoffer Chapel in St. Joseph. The children of Ezekiel and Ida were:
--------Ethel Campbell [b: Jan 1889, Andrew Co., MO]--m: George W. Bostwick. They lived in Cosby in 1944. Her father Ezekiel passed away at her home.
--------Edith Campbell [b: Jul 1890, Andrew Co., MO]--m: William H. Bird. They lived in Fillmore in 1944.
--------Opal Campbell [b: Dec 1891, Andrew Co., MO] She died some time before her father's death 28 April 1944 [obituary].
--------Flora Campbell [b: Sept 1893, Andrew Co., MO]--m: Frank Dunn. They lived in Denver, CO in 1944.
--------Lottie Campell [b: Oct 1897, Andrew Co., MO]--m: Andrew Jackson. They lived in Loomis, NE in 1944.
--------Lloyd Campbell [b: Jan 1901, Andrew Co., MO] He lived in Denver, CO in 1944.
--------[son] Campbell. He died some time before his father's death 28 April 1944 [obituary].
--Martha L. Campbell [b: 25 Sept 1866, MO; d: 11 Apr 1952]--m: James W. Fox [b: 12 Dec 1864, Andrew Co., MO; d: 17 Jan 1934] on 8 Jan 1885 in Andrew Co., MO. Martha and James lived in St. Joseph in 1926. Martha lived in Savannah in 1944. They are buried in Long Branch Cemetery in Andrew Co., MO. Their children were:
--------Vesta Fox--m: Charles Kapp. Vesta lived in St. Joseph, MO in 1952.
--------Pearl B. Fox [b: 1886, Andrew Co., MO; d: 1890]. She is buried in Long Branch Cemetery, Andrew Co., MO.
--------Roy E. Fox [b: 1889, Andrew Co., MO; d: 1971]. He is buried in Long Branch Cemetery, Andrew Co., MO.
--------Amy L. Fox [b: 1894, Andrew Co.,, MO; d: 19 Mar 1983]--m: J. Audra Maughmer [b: 1893; d: 1964]. Amy and her husband are buried at Savannah Cemetery, Andrew Co., MO.
--------Tommy A. Fox [b: 1898; d: 28 Feb 1902]. He is buried in Long Branch Cemetery in Andrew Co., MO.
--G/Cokly Campbell [b: 1870, Andrew Co., MO]. This person is not mentioned as being alive in the 1926 obituary of his mother.
--Laura Bell Campbell [b: 18 May/July 1874, Andrew Co., MO]--m: James E. Rose [b: Nov 1871, MO] abt 1897. He was the son of Andrew Rose. They appear in the 1910 Andrew Co., MO census. They lived in Fort Scott, KS in 1944. They had these children:
--------Audra M. Rose [b: Jul 1898, Andrew Co., MO]
--------Andrew Rose [b: abt 1902, MO]
--------Mildred Bernice Rose [b: 1908, MO]
--Andrew Earl Campbell [b: 24 Sept 1875, Cosby, Andrew Co., MO; d: 6 Aug 1951, Chino, San Bernadino Co., CA]-- m: Carrie Mae Arnold on 10 April 1900 in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., MO. LDS Ancestral File says Andrew was born 25 Sept 1876. He lived in Denver, CO in 1926, and in Chini, CA in 1944.

--NICHOLAS CAMPBELL [b: abt 1830, KY] Deceased by 1862.

--ROBERT M. CAMPBELL [b: 7 Nov 1831, Owen Co., IN; d: 7 May 1911, Camden Twp., DeKalb Co., MO]--m: T[heresa?] Angela Wood [b: 1833, VA: d: 1918] on 26 Jan 1854 in Andrew Co. MO. They resided in DeKalb Co., MO and are buried at Winslow Cemetery in that county. Robert's death certificate [MO 17371] gives his birth information, and that he died of Tuberculosis of the lungs. Their known children were:
--John A. Campbell [b: 1855, MO]
--Mary (Jennie?) Campbell [b: abt 1857, MO]
--Martha S. Campbell [b: abt 1860, MO]
--William Campbell [b: 1864, MO; d: 1871] He is buried in Winslow Cemetery, Dekalb Co., MD]
--Hannah (Henrietta?) Campbell [b: abt 1868, MO]
--Frances S. Campbell [b: abt 1869, MO]
--James E. Campbell [b: abt 1872, MO]
--Archie (S.?) Campbell [b: 1876, MO; d: 1948]--m: Myrtle Eggleston [b: 1885; d: 1938]. Both are buried in Fairport Cemetery, DeKalb Co., MO.

--JANE CAMPBELL [b: abt 1833 IN/IL] resided in Andrew Co. and Clinton Co., MO. May not have married.

--MARY CAMPBELL [b: abt 1836 IN/IL] resided in Clinton Co., MO. [She appears in 1860 census in Ezekiel's household, but is not mentioned in 22 April 1862 court list of Ezekiel's heirs.

--[INFANT SON] [d: 16 Apr, possibly 1837]. This child was buried in High Prairie Cemetery in Andrew Co., MO.

Generation 6:
--JAMES MARION CAMPBELL [b: 1817, Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY]--m: MARTHA PEMBERTON in 1841 in McDonough Co., IL. Most of their lives they resided in Centre Twp., Buchanan Co., MO. Martha was the daughter of STEPHEN PEMBERTON and NANCY WATSON. James died on 8 November 1896. The following day, his obituary in the "St. Joseph News" stated:

"One of the oldest residents of this county...he had lived here since 1841, and was one of the pioneers. He saw the country grow from a wilderness to civilization, and was an honored member of the society in which he lived."

Generation 5:
The children of James Marion and Martha Campbell were:
--JOHN HENRY CAMPBELL [b: 5/15 December 1841, Andrew Co., MO]--m: Mrs. JANE (FOSTER) RHODES [widowed, her second marriage] on 25 December 1864 in McDonough Co., IL. [My line is traced through this couple. SEE BELOW]
--Ezekiel Marion Campbell [b: 25 Nov 1844 in Agency Ford, Buchanan Co., MO; d: 10 July 1865, buried in Buchanan Co., MO]
--William Findley Campbell [b: 18 Nov 1847 in Buchanan Co., MO; died 27 May 1932 in Agency Twp, Buchanan Co., MO]--m: Mary Elizabeth Jeffers on 21 Nov 1872 near Highland, Doniphan Co., KS.
--Mary Campbell [b: abt 1850 in Centre Twp, Buchanan Co., MO] Died before 1860.
--Nancy Jane Campbell [b: 2 Oct 1850, Centre Twp., Buchanan Co., MO; d: 12 Jan 1940, buried in Thurman, IA]--m: William Samuels on 6 Jan 1869 in Buchanan Co., MO.
--James Andrew Campbell [b: 25 Mar 1853, Centre Twp., Buchanan Co., MO; 11 Aug 1918, Agency Twp, Buchanan Co., MO]--m: Caroline (Carrie) A. Sneter on 5 Dec 1872 in Buchanan Co., MO.
--George Henry Campbell [b: 17 Feb 1858, Centre Twp., Buchanan Co., MO; 4 Mar 1943, buried in DeKalb Co.]--m: Ruth Deatheridge on 5 April 1888, Buchanan Co., MO.
--Stephen Albert Campbell [b: 23 Nov 1861, Centre Twp., Buchanan Co., MO; 26 Dec 1896, buried in Clinton Co., MO]
--Robert Lee Campbell [b: 2 Oct 1864, Centre Twp., Buchanan Co., MO; d: 1 Sept 1903, buried in Buchanan Co., MO]--m: Mary E. Poteet on 20 Mar 1889, Buchanan Co., MO.

Generation 5:
JOHN HENRY CAMPBELL [b: 5/15 December 1841, Andrew Co., MO]--m: Mrs. JANE (FOSTER) RHODES [widowed, her second marriage] on 25 December 1864 in McDonough Co., IL. [See my John J. Foster family web page.]

Generation 4:
The known children of John Henry and Jane were:
--Charles Bernard Campbell [b: 14 Jan 1866, Buchanan Co., MO]--m: Sorelda Ann Potter on 10 Oct 1888. He was a Methodist Episcopal minister. They had a daughter Zulah, and they spent their final years in Cameron, Clinton Co., MO.
--James Marion Campbell [b: 8 May 1867, Buchanan Co., MO; d: 1946]--m: (1) Carrie Seaton on 10 Feb 1897 and (2) [unknown].
--William F. Campbell [b: 15 June 1869, DeKalb Co., MO. d: March 4, 1942 in Nyssa, Malheur Co., Oregon]--m: Annie R. Mow on March 13, 1892 in Cameron, Clinton Co., MO. She was born May 18, 1873 in IL and may have died in CA in 1960.
--JOHN MORGAN CAMPBELL [b: 8 March 1871, Clinton Co., MO]--m: LABERNIA ISABEL HINMAN on 11 December 1895 in McDonough Co., IL. [They were my greatgrandparents.]
--Thomas F. Campbell [b: 25 Nov 1872, Clinton Co., MO] Died in childhood.
--Francis Newton Campbell [b: 12 Oct 1874, Clinton Co., MO]--m: (1) Lucy J. Cox and (2) Maud Lindsy. At one time he was minister of a Methodist church in Turney, Clinton Co.
--Jessie R. Campbell [b: 29 Sept 1876, Clinton Co., MO]--m: Lola Gott.
--Homer D. Campbell [b: 4 Mar 1878, Clinton Co., MO]--m: Pearl ?
--Etta Lee Campbell [b: 3 May 1880, Clinton Co., MO]--m: Albert C. Murrell

2 June 1876 Newspaper Account Dear1862 Andrew Co., MO Estate of Ezekiel Campbell

Daniel Van Buskirk, Clerk of Andrew County, MO

George W. Campbell testified that the following were heirs of Ezekiel Campbell: Jane Campbell, James M. Campbell, Hannah Harris, George W. Campbell, Susan Duncan, Andrew H. Campbell, Robert M. Campbell, and Jane Campbell.
George also testified that Ezekiel died without a will, and that he would serve as Administrator of the estate. The administrators bond of $1,000 was put up by George W. Campbell, Robert M. Campbell [his signed with a mark], and Andrew H. Campbell. [Probate--Administration, Vo. A-1, Page 28A&B]
APPRAISEMENT BILL -- 28 April 1862
James F. Shock, Justice of the Peace
Appraisers: J.B. King, William J. Davis, John Wagenblast

1 Cow and Calf--12.00 // 1 Cow--10.00 // 1 Cow--10.00
1 2 year old steer--8.00 // 1 2 year old heifer--6.00
1 Mar--15.00; 1 Colt--25.00 // 1 waggon and Harnnes--25.00
1 Plow and [?]trees--5.00 // 1 Plow--2.00 // 1 Plow--1.50
1 Plow gears--2.00 // 12 head of sheep--15.00
TOTAL: $136.50 [Book B, p. 41]
[On this day Andrew Kelly and Johnson King gathered "at the mansion house of said deceased" and aided George W. Campbell in surveying papers and making an inventory.]
SALE BILL -- 3 May 1862
George W. Campbell, Administrator

1 Shovel plow, A Camel, 1.25 // 1 dimond plow, Strock, .50
Harnefs, A Camel, 1.75 // 1 dimond plow, A. Camel, 4.00
1 mare, A. Camel, 30.00 // 1 Colt, A. Camel, 50.00
1 Brindle Cow, Jane Camel, 12.00 // 1 Red Cow, A. Camel, 8.00
[Do?], A. Camel, 10.00 // Red heifer, G. W. Camel, 6.50
1 Steer, Thomas Fox, 12.25 // 1 lot of sheep, A. Camel, 11.75
2nd lot, A. Camel, 9.00 // wagon, A. Camel, 20.00
[Final papers of the estate were signed on 5 June 1862--Book B, pp. 26-27]

2 June 1876 Newspaper Account
Particulars of Mr. A. H. Campbell's Death by Lightning

In last week's REPORTER [29 May 1876] was a brief notice of Mr. Andrew H. Campbell, of Monroe township, being struck by lightning. We have since learned the following particulars:

It seems Mr. Campbell had been to his brother's farm in the northeast part of the country, to get a load of corn, and had started on his return; his little daughter [Martha L. Campbell], aged about 10 years, accompanying him. Not being near any house when overtaken by the storm, Mr. Campbell halted his team, took off his coat, which he gave to the little girl for protection against the rain, and was standing near his team beneath an umbrella at the time of the accident. So heavy was the bolt that descended that Mr. Campbell and the horse standing nearest to him, and the little girl standing at the rear end of the wagon, fell at the same instant. The little girl, however, soon came to her senses and went immediately to her father, turned him over and found that he yet breathed. She started to run to the nearest house, about three-fourths of a mile distant, but thinking the team would not be safe, she returned and placed her hand upon her father's heart and found that it had ceased to beat. By this time the injured horse had regained its feet. The little girl immediately summoned the nearest neighbors and the body of Mr. Campbell was taken to his home. The shock to the unfortunate wife and family at home, occasioned by this sad news, can neither be described nor imagined.

Mr. Campbell was a highly respected member of Castle Grange, No. 722, and the members of that grange turned out en masse and conducted the burial ceremonies in a manner that showed the respect due the deceased. In the death of Mr. Campbell is lost the love of a good husband, the protection of a kind father, and the citizenship of an honored neighbor. The family are left with means for their support, but in their sad affliction they have the sympathy of the entire community.

With special thanks to Co-Researchers of these CAMPBELL families:
Lorine Lea -- Louzena (Kelly) Campbell & Susan (Campbell) Duncan lines

Rev. Dr. Douglas K. Showalter

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